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Starcraft 2 to Possibly Arrive Ahead of Schedule

The Vice President of Blizzard, the esteemed creator of such popular games as World of Warcraft and Starcraft, recently divulged some information about Starcraft 2. The already famous sequel to Starcraft has already seen a multiplayer beta at BlizzCon, and has supposedly been in development since Summer 2003. The Vice President divulged in a forum post that Blizzard was putting plenty of focus on the development of Starcraft 2. Considering how long the game has been in development, as well as the amount of attention Starcraft 2 is receiving inside Blizzard, public betas and demos for Starcraft 2 may be "just around the bend".Source: Neoseeker

R680 to Possibly Arrive by End of Year

While AMD is working very hard to ensure the RV670 launch will be a success, we're hearing very little about the alleged "R680" graphics card. According to AMD's partners, R680 is indeed a real AMD graphics card that is currently in development. At this point, it is supposedly a dual-RV670 solution, and we may be seeing it in retail channels before Christmas. We'll keep you posted.Source: Nordic Hardware

Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition Hits 510MHz FSB on AMD RD790 on Air

Regardless of theoretical performance, the upcoming AMD RD790 and Athlon 64 Black Edition line of processors certainly are overclockable and feature-laden. On nothing but air cooling, MSI testers were able to get an RD790 chipset to a remarkable 510MHz FSB speed. Once the RD790 is released with PCI Express 2, CrossFire X, and support for goodies such as Phenom, we will see one seriously good platform.

Source: Nordic Hardware

Microsoft and Toshiba May Create HD-DVD Xbox360

Microsoft recently aspired to steal some of the Nintendo Wii's thunder by creating a low cost counterpart of their console with the Xbox 360 Arcade, and Sony quickly followed suit with the 40GB PS3. However, Microsoft may be working on another version of the Xbox360: one with an HD-DVD player built in. If this is true, and Microsoft does release an HD-DVD Xbox360, then Toshiba will officially be getting paid by two console manufacturers: Sony will pay Toshiba for the Cell, and Microsoft will pay for the HD-DVD player. This rumored HD-DVD Xbox360 may also bring new features to the table, such as a larger hard drive, an HDTV tuner, and a "port for MP3 players".Source: 1Up

Xbox360 'Arcade' Disk May Have Nothing More Than Demos

While the Xbox360 Arcade package was just pictured yesterday, it may not be as fun as initially thought. Rumor had it that there would be five games pre-loaded on that console: Pac-Man Championship, Uno, Boom-Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, and Luxor 2. However, one of the guys that got their hands on the Xbox360 Arcade console got a nasty surprise: there were indeed five games packaged with the game, but they were all just demos. However, this was a version of the Xbox360 that has not even been officially announced by Microsoft yet. Hopefully, Microsoft will put the full versions of the games in the retail version of the Xbox 360 Arcade.Source: 1Up

AMD Prepares 'CrossFire X' Technology

While ATI CrossFire technology was introduced in early 2005, delays and the wide adoption of NVIDIA SLI platforms prevented CrossFire from really catching on. AMD hopes to change that by introducing a little ace-in-the-hole that's currently nicknamed 'CrossFire X'. The CrossFire X initiative aims to increase scalability, performance, reliability, and flexibility of CrossFire platforms with the help of the AMD 790 chipsets, PCI Express 2, and new graphics cards. The most noticeable things CrossFire X will do are listed below.
  • 3/4 way CrossFire
  • Allow for two or more completely different cards to be combined under the same CrossFire Platform
  • CrossFire Overdrive, which allows for the dramatic increase of graphics clocks across a CrossFire platform, regardless of how many cards said platform may consist of.
  • CrossFire Hybrid, which allows for the combination of integrated/onboard graphics and graphics card rendering, disabling the latter when it is not needed to reduce power consumption.
Source: X-Bit Labs

Preliminary Benchmarks Show RV670 Superiority Over G92

According to some "highly ranked sources", the RV670 is beating NVIDIA's G92 in preliminary benchmarks. When the two reference boards are pitted against each other in an epic battle of 3Dmark06, the RV670 earns 11,400 3DMarks, and the G92 earns 10,800 3DMarks. If these benchmarks are even remotely accurate, this would prove that the new mid-range parts from both companies will be worthy competitors to the high-end parts. As comparison, the current 8800Ultra, which retails for about $600USD now, gets 12,500 in 3DMark06. Hopefully, with driver optimizations and finalized retail board designs, we will see a feisty fight for the 3DMark06 crown, and marked performance increases.Source: The Inquirer

Rumor: Bungie Studios to Leave Microsoft?

According to someone who works in Bungie, as of yesterday, Bungie is no longer working for or with Microsoft. Their proof of this lies within Bungie's global address book. If you ask any employee of Bungie to find any Microsoft contacts in that address book, you will find nothing. If this is true, Microsoft will post the press release on October 6th, to avoid affecting quarterly results. Microsoft is also rumored to keep the entire Halo franchise. The same Bungie employee has this to say regarding why Microsoft and Halo may have split:
Apparently MS just wants Bungie to make Halo for the rest of their natural days, and Bungie doesn't like how MS is constantly trying to "handle" everything they do; the way they market their games, the way they interact with their fans (basically the fact that they do appreciate their fans), and how stingie they are with the profits (comparable to the rest of the industry). So as of today they are their own independent entity. They'll probably make Halo 4 for Microsoft, however hey are also free to create new intellectual properties for whatever system they want. (Even though they prefer the xbox platform)
Neither company has confirmed or denied any of this. We will have to wait until October 6th to see anything official.Source: 8BitJoystick

RV670XT Uses 132W, RV670Pro Uses 104W

When gamers heard that the original R600 had a TDP of over 200W, gamers who wanted to play at respectable resolutions and settings went out and bought new power supplies capable of handling such a load, and dealt with the noise that comes with dissipating such a high TDP. Fortunately, these problems are not going to be associated with the RV670, AMD's next high-end graphics card. The RV670XT has a TDP of 132W, and the RV670Pro boasts a modest 104W TDP. Hopefully, these lower heat yields will allow for a quieter cooling solution for these cards. AMD attributes these lower TDPs to a 55nm manufacturing process.Source: Nordic Hardware

MSI K9A2 and AMD RD790 Pictures/Details and QuadFire Rumors Emerge

While Intel is preparing to move on to a 45nm micro-architecture, AMD is preparing true quad-core processors, and working on a quad-graphics card solution. The technology that will allow for four graphics cards to be stuck in one system will be called "QuadFire", and there are no major details out at this time, other than the name and pictures of supporting motherboards. The chipset supporting "QuadFire" is AMD's own RD790, which is pictured below in MSI's K9A2 motherboard. The RD790 is designed to work with a Phenom processor, has six SATA ports, and two E-SATA ports.

Pictures courtesy of OCWorkbench.

Source: The Inquirer

Intel Penryn Micro-architecture to Debut on November 11

Intel's next big thing is 45 nanometer architecture, which it has applied to their new Penryn micro-architecture. On November 11, Intel will release seven Xeon processors containing the new micro architecture. Among the seven processors are the 2.00GHz E5405, the 2.33GHz E5410, the 2.50GHz E5420, the 2.66GHz E5430, the 2.83GHz E5440, the 3.00GHz E5450 and the 3.16GHz X5460. All seven chips operate on a 1333MHz frontside bus. No official prices are available at this time, and we will see more Penryn processors in Q1 2008.Source: Reg Hardware

First PCI Express 3 Rumors Surface

We've heard plenty about how PCI Express 2 is going to start surfacing in motherboards and graphics cards all across the world starting in Q3 2007. The PCI Special Interest Group has begun considering what they're going to do for the next version of PCI Express. Currently, they think that PCI Express 3 will be ready for a finalized version of the specifications by 2009, and we can start seeing products utilizing PCI Express 3 in 2010 (giving PCI Express 2 three years to shine, much like PCI Express 2 gave PCI Express three years to shine).

Regardless of when PCI Express 3 is released, the current rumor has it that we will see transfer speeds of eight gigatransfers per second. A spokesperson for the PCI Special Interest Group claims that by 2009, such incredible speeds will be easily achieved with low cost materials with a negligible impact on performance/compatibility.Source: The Inquirer

Possible World of Warcraft Expansion Unveiled

The wonderful people with a strange abundance of spare time over at 1Up have found a very interesting title in the German game rating system: a request to rate a certain "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (GC-Demo)". The (GC-Demo) part could possibly stand for "Game Convention Demo", which would make perfect sense considering the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention and Blizzcon.

If this is a formal expansion, it will almost surely be announced at Blizzcon this weekend. Wrath of the Lich King is currently rumored to open up the Northrend section of the World of Warcraft, where Arthas and the Lich King were last seen in Warcraft 3.Source: 1Up

Sony Denies PS3 pricecut; Circuit City may still Offer discount

Yesterday, we pointed out that Circuit City might be planning to cut the PS3 price by $100 USD. Unfortunately, if this price cut actually happens, it's only temporary. The president of Sony Corporate Entertainment America (SCEA) has formally/officially announced that Sony plans no world-wide price cut of this sort. While Sony was considering a price cut to help bolster sales, which developers have been calling for for quite some time, Sony is stone-walled on this issue.

The Circuit City advertisement may yet be legitimate. We'll keep you posted as to whether or not the PS3 will really be $500 USD on the week of July 15th at Circuit City.Source: 1Up

PS3 price possibly dropping to $500 USD on July 15th

Ever since the PS3 price of $600 USD was announced, critics have felt that a price drop was all but necessary. There is a pre-release flyer circling the bowels of the internet with an interesting rumor: a $500 PS3 the week of July 15th. At first, Sony merely scoffed at the $500 PS3, putting it down as just another rumor. However, once this "rumor" became pixelated, Sony was caught flat-footed, and did not have any comment on this situation.

Even if this price drop is legitimate, it could just be a simple Circuit City exclusive sale, and will end the following Sunday. The only thing we can really do is wait until July 15th for the $500 PS3. Regardless of whether or not the flyer is legitimate, you can read it below.

Source: 1Up

AMD/ATI, waiting for the right moment to pounce?

It seems that PCMagazine has gotten their hands on a "special" version of the Radeon HD 2900XT in a Crossfire setup which nearly DOUBLES performance across some games and benchmarks over NVIDIA's 8800 GTX SLI.

The systems they used were direct from Falcon Northwest and so the question is... what about the rest of us? The folks over at Dailytech provide their insight into this interesting find in an editorial.

AMD denies all rumors of Phenom being delayed

AMD has recently denied the rumor that Phenom would be delayed. AMD says that they will have Phenom released during Q4 2007, despite motherboard manufacturers saying otherwise.

However, any Phenom launch before Q1 2008, according to AMD, will be a mere paper launch, not unlike the HD 2x00 series. Motherboard manufacturers claim that this delay is give AMD enough time to make enough Phenom processors for a heavy AMD fanbase. This is also a move designed to make Phenom more competitive with Penryn.Source: Reg Hardware

Radeon HD 2600XT 512MB GDDR4 pixelated

Seems like AMD still has some aces up their sleeves. After the lackluster performance of the R600 based cards, a very interesting Radeon HD 2600XT has been spotted. The card features 512MB GDDR4 at 0.7ns which runs at 1430 MHz, which is a large bump when compared to the standard 1100 MHz of a "normal" HD 2600 XT. The core runs at the usual 800 MHz. In addition to this, the card features one DVI and one HDMI port.


Nvidia Licenses new Intel products

Nvidia got a license from Intel to produce 1600MHz FSB products. This is quite logical, since Intel themselves never really made the gaming community happy. With Nvidia making the chipsets Intel makes sure this market stays satisfied. Secondly, just like Intel used ATI chipsets on their boards some time ago Intel will now use Nvidia chipsets in their products.
More surprisingly Nvidia also got a license to use CSI and produce Xeon chipsets. This is quite a major thing since the Xeon chipset market never has been really big. The current platform has some downsides like the memory subsystem and no official SLI/Crossfire support. If the memory issues get fixed by NV (ie dropping FB-DIMMs) is just wishful thinking at the time being, SLI support sounds very obvious though.Source: The Inquirer

Intel P35 chipset to end up faster than P965 and nForce 680i

The new Intel P35 chipset will make its debut soon. Hardspell has tested the performance of the chipset against Intel's own P965 and NVIDIA's 680i. Their findings show that the P35 chipset exhibits a similar level of performance to the P965 chipset. However, when it is paired up with DDR2-1066 modules, the performance is boosted and exceeds the NV-680i in games.Source: HardSpell

Blank ATI HD 2000 Review at VR-Zone

On May 14th, six days from now, the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regarding AMDs HD 2000 graphics card lineup will be lifted and everyone will be informed about it by various websites and print magazines. As this day comes closer and closer more and more bits of information and misinformation get published around the internet. The VR-Zone seems to have a comprehensive article in the works right now, judging on the traces they left on their website. There you will find headlines but no pictures or additional text about HD 2400, HD 2600 and HD 2900 products and even one about mobile graphics solutions called Radeon Mobility 2000 Series. Furthermore there is evidence about DirectX 10 demos, special antialiasing modes, Overclocking and 'UnReal Overclocking' - whatever that means. Interestingly there isn't a chapter dedicated to a HD 2900 XTX yet.
Of course we here at techPowerUp! will have a decent review online by May 14th, but don't expect us to come up with a similar approach like the VR-Zone in the meantime.Source: VR-Zone

Far Cry Movie Shooting Begins next Month

Uwe Boll, known for producing and directing video game movies like Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead, will start filming on the movie Far Cry next month. Contrary to what you would have guessed and what was planned earlier, to start shooting on Hawaii, Boll instead chose Vancouver, Canada as it's primary setting. It's unknown so far if Far Cry the movie will take place in a tropical environment like the game or if Boll chose a completely different plot.Source: Gamerflicks
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