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R600 is "hot"

The latest and greatest number - 200 W - is supposed to be the total heat output for the R600 core. Fudzilla states this number as coming from "reliable" sources - and this time, I am inclined to say that I think they are right.

As we know, there are two versions of the R600 card - the "big gun", measuring in at 12.5 inches, and the "pocket sized" 9.5 inch version. The big card will probably be branded as Radeon X2900XTX and will end up with OEMs only. The bigger cooler should prolong its lifespan, and keep it cooler overall. The shorter card has a massive dual-slot cooler with heatpipes.Source: Fudzilla

GeForce 8800 Ultra to Launch with the 8600 Series

According to several of NVIDIA’s partners, NVIDIA is planning to release their GeForce 8800 Ultra together with the soon to be released GeForce 8600 series. The word in the halls is saying that NVIDIA is planning to release several GPU’s on the same day. The 8300 GS, 8400 GS, 8500 GT, 8600 GT, 8600 GTS and the new ‘monster’, the 8800 Ultra. According to the same sources, the GeForce 8800 Ultra will be an overclocked version of the 8800 GTX aimed to deal with the upcoming threat from ATI’s R600. The exact specification and technical details are still unknown at this stage. It is known that many of NVIDIA’s partners are preparing for a hard launch.Source: NGOHQ

'Googlephone' confirmed by Google

We reported just a few days ago that Google was applying for several patents that indicated a possible 'Googlephone'. Turns out that Google really is planning on making their own phone. Spanish Google representative Isabel Aguilera confirms this 'Googlephone' in an Spanish. If you can read Spanish, you can read the interview here. If you feel like an English translation, you can read the interview here.Source: The Inquirer

CeBIT: R6xx chips still compatible to Rialto AGP-bridge

ATI's Vijay Sharma (Director of ATI's Desktop Discrete Products) was interviewed by PC Games Hardware and he said the whole R600 lineup will be compatible to the PCIe-to-AGP bridge 'Rialto'.
NVIDIA's Product PR Manager Jens Neuschäfer on the other hand told them there will be no future AGP cards made by NVIDIA. At least as long as there isn't an OEM with a sufficient demand.PC Games Hardware 1 and PC Games Hardware 2

XNA talks all about the future of DirectX, including plans for DirectX11

With the release of Windows Vista, DirectX10 almost seems like old news now. XNA techs are acting like it as well. At CeBIT, they discussed their plans for DirectX10.1 and DirectX11. I'll keep it simple for everyone.
  • DirectX10.1 will work on fixing various coding issues, will force compatible hardware to be capable of a certain level of AntiAliasing (4x?), and will accelerate various methods of texture rendering.
  • DirectX11 takes all the issues Microsoft noticed as DirectX10 started making it's way to market, and addresses them. DirectX11's main goal is to change the way textures are rendered, to help bring the cost of developing games down. Microsoft also plans on implementing a feature I think will become very significant for gamers who can't run their games at one specific setting, erm, setting. Basically, DirectX11 will detect when a game goes below a certain framerate, and then turns down settings to help compensate.
Editors note:
I'd like to remind everyone that these are merely plans for future versions of DirectX, which will come out in either several months, or a few years. Don't expect this to be something you'll see hosted on Microsoft's download site say, tomorrow night.Source: The Inquirer

R600 will come in 65nm

Everyone who could attend the HIS press dinner yesterday in the evening was surely disappointed afterwards. HIS had to inform the invited journalists that they won't see the R600 at HIS' booth - not even behind closed doors! - I guess GeCube won't show the chip neither, though they promised to do so! - ATI/AMD then let the press people know they will set up a special Tech-Day until the 31st of March and disclosed some new information. The R600 will be produced in 65nm by TSMC and not using the 80nm process because of difficulties (low yield and high leakage current). Daniel Wenzel from the German K-Hardware adds rumours have it AMD/ATI still got issues with the 512 bit memory subsystem. I nearly forgot to add the newly planned release date: Six weeks from now which reads begin of May.Source: K-Hardware

ATI's R600 mainstream and value-cards spotted

We already have some technical information about the R600 mid and low range up a bit down in our news-section. Today we are bringing you the first pictures. The mysterious German guy 'w0mbat' recently posted them at the VR-Zone forums. He is the same guy who pictured the first Opteron 1220 Engineering Sample a while ago and is responsible for the latest information chart regarding the K10.

Update: I found the real source (wasn't too hard) of these pictures. There are 15 of them alltogether over here: PC Games Hardware.Source: VR-Zone Forums

CeBIT: 108 inch LCD-TV, PS3 Digital-TV mod and other big things

The CeBIT hasn't even started but news websites around the world won't get tired posting about things you will actually see there. This time the Heise Newsticker reports about the world's biggest LCD-TV made by Sharp. 108 inch (2,74 meters) is what you have to beat nowadays and to set you back right away, there is no price tag on it which doesn't mean it's for free.
If you still want to connect your game console to a big display I would advise you to look at the more affordable HD1E- and XL1E Series. You can choose between 52" and 46" and all four devices have a native solution of 1920x1080. The HD1E screens come with four tuners (DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, analog) whereas the XL1Es only support DVB-T and analog TV.

PSP to get smaller

Ray Maguire, the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, confirmed that the current PlayStation Portable will appear in a smaller and lighter version. The overall design will stay the same was told and the price could be lower very likely.
The release date is unknown, a smaller PSP will surely fit nicely in everyone's bags but I hope the display won't get smaller as well.

Update: has more details of the story, they say Sony will not change the size of the screen.Source:
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