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Toshiba Outs New Hybrid Hard Drives

Toshiba announced the new MQ01ABD series hybrid hard drives for notebooks. Built in the 2.5-inch 9.5 mm-thick form-factor, the drives embed a dual-platter hard drive with 8 GB of SLC NAND flash memory, and 32 MB cache for the hard drive component. The hard drive component has a maximum spindle speed of 5,400 RPM. Available in 750 GB (MQ01ABD075H) and 1 TB (MQ01ABD100H) variants, the drives support SATA 6 Gb/s interface, and Advanced Format. The company did not reveal pricing, as the two drives are being sampled from today.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Apacer Launches Ultra-High Speed Industrial CFast Cards

When it comes to the ever-evolving core technologies of embedded systems, data transmission efficiency and speed are the main targets for improvement. Apacer, one of the world's top ten PC SSD manufacturers, has introduced a new CFast memory card to support the SATA II 3 Gb/s high-speed transmission mode. After winning customers' favor, Apacer has now upgraded the capacity and speed of their industrial CFast memory cards. Additionally, these cards come in MLC solutions and support extended operating temperatures.

Apacer's latest industrial CFast card, features a peak reading speed of 160 MB/s, breaking the speed limits of the CF cards currently used by industrial enterprises. This speed is three times faster than typical industrial CF cards, dramatically promoting file transmission efficiency, making it one of the best storage solutions for high performance computing systems.

MyDigitalSSD Announces SuperSSpeed TweakTown Edition SSD

MyDigitalSSD has teamed up with SuperSSpeeds to offer the fastest and top performing solid state drives on the market today. Utilizing the SandForce SF-2281 controller and SLC NAND flash, the SuperSSpeed boasts incredible speed for advanced gaming, multitasking, and multimedia computing power. Rated at 550MB/s Read and 520MB/s Write, the SuperSSpeed is proof that in this day and age, you get what you pay for, being arguably 20 times better than its nearest MLC rival at only twice the expense including accessories.

As with all MyDigitalSSD drives, the SuperSSpeed runs cool and quiet with no moving parts to create heat. Coupled with being shockproof, meaning that dropping your SSD or notebook no longer means losing your data, the SuperSSpeed it a far more durable and reliable upgrade to a traditional spinning hard drive (HDD).

Mach Xtreme Technology ES USB 3.0 SLC Flash Drives Coming September 20

Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top performance, high reliability and user-friendly designed PC components, today unveiled ES Series USB3.0 SLC flash drives. The MX-ES is the most compact extreme performance SLC USB 3.0 flash drive on the market and will be available in worldwide retail and e-tail starting Thursday, September 20th.

The MX-ES USB3.0 Series utilizes top quality Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND to offer extreme performance and longer endurance over Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND, which is typically used in other USB 3.0 pendrives. Changing the NAND components from MLC to SLC significantly increases the performance and longevity of MX-ES flash drive.

TMS Announces Industry's First Bootable Native PCIe Flash Storage System

Texas Memory Systems, Inc. (TMS), provider of The World's Fastest Storage, today announced that TMS RamSan PCIe storage systems, including RamSan-70 products, are now bootable storage devices. This functionality is provided through a new firmware feature that allows most common servers to load operating systems directly from RamSan PCIe Flash storage systems, without requiring the presence of legacy hard drives or RAID controllers.

Launched in 2011, TMS RamSan-70 products have already been adopted by a broad variety of customers in healthcare, banking, e-commerce, and many other industries. Industry-leading bootability further minimizes complexity in such business-critical systems. Newly bootable RamSan-70 products are available with up to 900 GB of SLC Flash storage capacity and capable of 1.5 million I/Os per second (IOPS), 2.5 GB/s of bandwidth, and 30-60 microsecond latency. Bootability is available with the purchase of all new RamSan-70 PCIe storage systems, or as a firmware update with no hardware replacement necessary for existing RamSan-70 PCIe storage customers.

Apacer Rolls Out SAFD 25A SSD

As cloud computing becomes a mainstream, it is essential for enterprise servers to improve capacities and data transmission speeds. Apacer is taking cloud computing as one of its core areas of development, and has created the Apacer SAFD 25A - a SATA 3.0 SSD that boasts both capacity and performance gains to address the needs of this industry. This is a high-end SSD targeted for cloud-based computing, featuring outstanding efficiency, based on high IOPs, and a large storage capacity of 512GB. It aims to optimize data storage variables in cloud computing centers by providing speed within a stable and power-saving operating environment.

By using the exceptional features of SSDs such as anti-shock, anti-vibration, low-power consumption, and high-speed data transmission, Apacer expects to help enterprise servers to improve their data access constraints and, in doing so, take the place of traditional hard drives. This can all be accomplished in tandem with cutting a large amount of the cooling cost, providing ground-breaking efficiency to create an increasingly reliable operating environment.

Unigen to Introduce Family of High-Performance 6Gb/s mSATA SSD Modules

Unigen Corporation, a leading OEM designer and manufacturer of enterprise-grade flash storage, DRAM, and wireless communication modules, today announced the launch of its 6Gb/s mSATA and mini mSATA solid state drive modules for embedded applications.

The modules are available in three models. The Unigen Model 2202 and 2204 feature high random access performance, while Model 2512 is optimized for incompressible data or multimedia files such as video, image, and audio files. These new SSD modules will be available for shipment in August 2012.

Greenliant Enters e.MMC Market With Full I-temp NANDrive SSD

Greenliant Systems, a leader in energy-efficient, highly secure and reliable solid state storage products, is now sampling its e.MMC NANDrive GLS85VM embedded solid state drive (SSD) product family to select customers. The new NANDrive devices support the JEDEC e.MMC 4.4 standard and are backward compatible with 4.3. While the JEDEC operating temperature range specification is -25 to +85 degrees Celsius, e.MMC NANDrive operates at full industrial temperatures between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius, giving customers data storage that can withstand the most severe conditions.

e.MMC NANDrive combines Greenliant's internally developed NAND controller with NAND flash die for a fully integrated SSD in a multi-chip package. It is available with 2-bits-per-cell (MLC) or 1-bit-per-cell (SLC) NAND to meet varying customer requirements for lifespan, endurance and performance. Measuring 14mm x 18mm, e.MMC NANDrive is offered in a 100 ball grid array (BGA) package, with 1mm ball pitch for increased long-term reliability.

Apacer Rolls Out Compact High-Speed mSATA Industrial SSD for Ultrabooks

SSDs, with their advantages of high performance, compactness and low power consumption, are the perfect adaptation of storage products to the emergence of tablet PCs and Ultrabooks. Indeed, SSDs have become the defacto storage solution for ultra-thin notebooks. Apacer, a leading manufacturer of industrial SSDs, understands the demands for even more compactness and has produced a new mSATA A1 modular SSD that features a SATA 3.0 high-speed transmission interface and complies with JEDEC MO-300 standard codes. Currently, this model supports Intel Rapid Start and Intel Smart Response technologies, enabling users to enjoy an almost immediate start-up within seconds and enjoy a continuous high performance of the computer.

Spansion Unveils SLC NAND Flash Family and Five-Year Roadmap

Spansion Inc., a leading innovator in Flash memory solutions for embedded markets, today announced it has started sampling its first family of single-level cell (SLC) Spansion NAND products using 4x nm floating-gate technology, targeted specifically for data storage in automotive, consumer and networking applications.

Spansion SLC NAND will be offered in densities from 1 Gb to 8 Gb in 3.0V and 1.8V families that feature high performance, extended temperature range, long-term product support and stringent reliability demands, such as 1-bit error correction code (ECC). Additionally, Spansion also unveiled its SLC NAND product roadmap through 2017.

Zalman Readies SLC Series USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Korean company Zalman added a new segment to its expanding lineup, that of USB 3.0 flash drives, with its new "SLC Series". As the name suggests these flash drives incorporate SLC (single-level cell) NAND flash memory. The drives are available in two capacity options, 16 GB (model: U3M16SLC) and 32 GB (model: U3M32SLC). Taking advantage of the USB 3.0 interface, the drives provide transfer rates of up to 155 MB/s reads, with up to 135 MB/s writes. Measuring 78 x 17 x 8.6 mm (WxDxH), the drives are built in conventional capped form-factor. Slated for an early-June release, the U3M16SLC is priced at 5,480 JPY (US $69), while the U3M32SLC goes for 8,980 JPY (US $113).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Green House Unveils New Line of Industrial SDHC Cards

Green House Japan unveiled a new line of industrial SDHC cards that are designed to endure operating temperatures as high as 70°C, and as low as 0°C, which makes them fit to serve as removable storage media in IPCs and outdoor static cameras. The cards further pack ECC logic to prevent data corruption. The cards make use of SLC NAND flash, and come in capacities of 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB. The 256 and 512 MB models provide transfer rates as high as 19 MB/s reads with 7 MB/s writes, while the other models provide speeds as high as 20 MB/s reads with 13 MB/s writes. Green House left pricing to the open markets.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

TDK Launches Series 7 mSATA SSDs

Storage mogul TDK launched its Series 7 mSATA SSD line (model: SMG3B). The drives incorporate TDK's in-house GBDriver RS3 processor, and 1 to 64 GB of SLC NAND flash memory, which makes these drives ideal for Rapid Storage Technology SSD caching. The processor provides cutting-edge 44-bit ECC to weed out caching errors. Another application would be taking advantage of the drive's durable NAND flash memory, and deploying it in sensitive computing devices such as ATM computers, kiosks, payment terminals, ticketing machines, medical equipment, marine navigation equipment, avionics, etc. The drives only take advantage of SATA 3 Gb/s, providing sequential speeds of up to 170 MB/s reads and 70 MB/s writes. Modern SSD features including 128-bit AES data encryption, are provided. Prices vary by the numerous capacity options available.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Apacer launches next-gen SDM4 Middle Profile wide-temp modular SSDs

With many years of experience in the industrial SSD sector, Apacer has been a customized product manufacturer trusted by industrial computer and server corporations in the U.S. and Japan for a long time. To provide customers with a more diverse product range, Apacer has revealed three models of the new-generation of modular SATA SSDs; the SDM4 MP (SATA Disk Module, Middle Profile), with 7-pin SATA connectors available in three orientations of 90°, 180° and 270°, along with a patented built-in power supply design. These are designed to meet user-specific needs for various form factors and industrial designs.

Compared to that of its predecessor, the reading speed of these next-generation SSDs has been boosted to 85MB/sec. In terms of the chip, in addition to SLC storage solutions, MLC chip product lines can also support operating at industry-level extended-temperatures (-40°C ~ 85°C), and are especially suitable for stable operation under rigorous industrial environments.

SuperSSpeed GoldHyper ​​SLC SSDs Tested

While SSDs with single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash are relegated to enterprise segment owing to their high-cost and write endurance (unless they are low-capacity cache SSDs), one company made efforts to bring them to the PC enthusiast market. SupperSSpeed took advantage of the fact that SandForce SF-2281 supports SLC NAND flash, backed it up with Intel-made 25 nm SLC NAND flash memory, and made it available in capacities common in the PC segment: 60 GB and 120 GB. The 120 GB variant packs cutting-edge 128 Gbit SLC NAND flash chips, while the 60 GB variant packs more mature 64 Gbit ones. Thanks to SandForce and its overprovisioning mojo, the drives lack external DRAM caches. Expreview put the two drives through its battery of tests, and concluded that these are the best SSDs in terms of transfer speed yield, and random-access performance, not to mention that by design, these drives have higher write endurance.
More numbers follow.

Intel Officially Launches SSD 313 Series

Intel made its SSD 313 series official, its product page was activated, and ARK pages of its variants maintain the products are already launched. The SSD 313 series succeeds SSD 311 series, it consists of SSDs specifically designed for SSD-caching technologies such as Intel Smart Response Technology, and upcoming technologies that the upcoming "Ivy Bridge" platform brings with it, including "Rapid Start" and "Smart Connect". The SSD 313 Series is introduced in two variants, a 20 GB variant, and a 24 GB variant.

The 20 GB variant offers sequential performance up to 220 MB/s and 100 MB/s (read and write), while the 24 GB variant offers 160 MB/s and 115 MB/s, which might make one wonder about the need for a 24 GB variant, given that it's also slower at 4K random-seek performance 33,000 IOPS / 4,000 IOPS vs. 36,000 IOPS / 3,300 IOPS of the 20 GB. One reason behind the 24 GB variant's existence could be that a combination of different Intel technologies partition the SSD, taking away small amounts of capacity. The extra 4 GB of capacity might more than make up for the slightly lower performance. Both drives use SLC NAND flash chips, which are more durable than MLC NAND flash, and can take more rewrite cycles (something that factors in heavily for caching SSDs). Both drives are available in 2.5" SATA 3 Gb/s and mSATA 3 Gb/s form-factors. The 20 GB variant was earlier put to test.

Intel SSD 313 "Hawley Creek" SSD Stripped Apart, Tested

With 3rd generation Core "Ivy Bridge" processors, and 7-series "Panther Point" chipset, Intel will also release a new line of cache-SSDs to complement its Smart Response Technology (SRT) feature, which provides a decent performance middle-ground between HDDs, and expensive SSDs. The SSD 313 "Hawley Creek" family will replace SSD 310 "Larson Creek" family. It consists of drives that make use of relatively low amounts of SLC NAND flash memory (which have much higher endurance than MLC NAND flash, making them ideal for caching). Built in the 2.5" SATA and mSATA form-factors, the drives will be available in two variants; the 20 GB variant offers 220/100 MB/s (reads/writes), with 36,000 4K random read IOPS, while the 24 GB variant offers 160/115 MB/s (reads/writes), with 33,000 4K random read IOPS. got to test the SSD 313 20 GB variant on a current generation Z68 motherboard (ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z), and post its findings. The Greek tech-site tested its performance in what it's meant to do: SSD caching using Intel SRT. Findings show a healthy boost in performance, with synthetic benchmarks, including synthetic read/write performance, random-access (IOPS), PCMark, and real-world tests such as Windows 7 boot-time, and startup of content-creation applications, but the performance-difference between SRT and plain-HDD narrowed as tests with data-loads grew, which is expected. SSD caching merely places "hot-data" (frequently-accessed data of the HDD on the SSD, for quicker access), and shunts data in and out of the SSD, as "heat" of data on the HDD changes competitively. Find a ton of more test results at the source link.


Spansion and SK Hynix Announce Strategic NAND Alliance

Spansion Inc. and SK Hynix today announced an alliance to deliver Spansion SLC NAND products at the 4x, 3x, and 2x nodes to the embedded market. The first Spansion SLC NAND products resulting from this alliance will be available beginning in the second quarter of 2012. As part of the relationship, the companies will enter into a patent cross-licensing agreement.

Spansion's NAND products complement its NOR offering and complete its product line, which is targeted at embedded applications such as automotive, industrial and telecommunications. Spansion's high performance and high reliability SLC NAND product portfolio will come with Spansion's recognized customer support and commitment for longevity of supply, which is highly valued in the embedded market, where Spansion has established relationships. Spansion will apply its stringent process for qualification, testing, extended temperature support and packaging to its NAND products. The company plans to introduce a family of NAND products over the next few quarters.

LSI Launches Nytro Product Portfolio of Intelligent, Flash-based Solutions

LSI Corporation today introduced the Nytro portfolio, a comprehensive family of solutions that combines PCIe flash technology with intelligent caching and management software to achieve accelerated application performance in datacenters and cloud environments.

The amount of data being stored and accessed worldwide is growing at an exponential rate, outpacing the ability of traditional storage architectures to keep up. This creates bottlenecks, throttling application performance and making it harder for companies to extract the full value from data. Nytro solutions allow datacenters to contend with massive data growth and speed the ability of databases and other applications to access data and provide real-time analytics and reporting.

TDK Unveils eSSD, Powered by GBDriver R3 Logic

Data storage expert TDK corporation unveiled the eSSD, a single-package embedded SSD chip. The chip combines a SATA 3 Gb/s SSD controller, and NAND flash in capacities ranging between 1 GB to 4 GB. The SSD controller logic is based on TDK's new GBDriver R3 controller design, and the NAND flash is of single-layer cell (SLC) type. The eSSD provides sequential transfer rates of 55 MB/s read, and 30 MB/s write, it packs an automatic garbage disposal and wear-leveling logic, along with native 128-bit AES data encryption. The package measures 17 x 17 mm, with a ball-count of 208. The chip can be part of anything, from large logic boards of embedded computing appliances, to tiny half-height mSATA SSDs. TDK is giving the chip in its mSATA board forms as evaluation samples.

Source: PCWatch

InnoDisk SATADOM Qualified by Intel for the New Romley Server Boards

InnoDisk Corporation, a leader in industrial DRAM and Flash storage solutions, announces that its SATADOM storage device has been qualified by Intel for the new Romley Server Boards. InnoDisk SATADOM has been selected as the preferred boot device on the SATA port.

SATADOM has five times the performance of normal USB drive (135 MB/sec and 116 MB/sec Read/Write versus 25 MB/sec and 20 MB/sec for USB). SATADOM's low profile form-factor makes it ideal for 1U and blade server applications. InnoDisk SATADOM, designed with SLC NAND Flash, delivers the highest endurance for performance demanding and mission critical applications.

EMC Selects Hitachi GST Enterprise-Class Solid State Drives

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST), a leading supplier of enterprise-class solid state and hard disk drives, today announced that EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) has qualified and is now shipping Hitachi Ultrastar SSD400S SLC–based (single level cell), 2.5-inch, SAS solid state drives (SSD) in its “all Flash” VNX Unified Storage systems for mission-critical Microsoft and Oracle environments. The Ultrastar SSD400S family is the world’s first jointly develop SAS and FC enterprise-class SSDs, combining Hitachi GST’s proven enterprise HDD strength with Intel’s extensive capabilities developing high-endurance SLC NAND flash memory and advanced SSD technology. All of this powers Hitachi GST’s leading line SSDs with high endurance, reliability and sustained performance for Tier 0, mission-critical server and storage workloads.

Greenliant Now Shipping Industrial Grade SATA NANDrive Embedded SSDs

Greenliant Systems, a leader in energy-efficient, highly secure and reliable solid state storage products, has started mass production of its industrial grade SATA interface NANDrive solid state drives (SSDs). Operating at temperatures between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius, I-grade SATA NANDrive devices keep customer data safe while withstanding extreme environments.

The industrial grade SATA NANDrive is currently available in 2 GByte, 4 GByte and 8 GByte, with higher capacities planned. These products combine Greenliant’s internally developed NAND controller with single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash die for a fully integrated SSD in a multi-chip package. For applications requiring the endurance and speed of solid state storage in very small form factors, SATA NANDrive is one of the smallest SSDs at 14mm x 24mm x 1.95mm. Offered in a 145 ball grid array (BGA), 1mm ball pitch package for easy and firm mounting to a system motherboard, NANDrive is resistant to shock and vibration.

Transcend to Showcase Advanced Industrial Solutions at Embedded World 2012

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, will exhibit at Embedded World 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany on February 28 - March 1, 2012. Throughout the exhibition, Transcend will display a wide range of industrial-grade products from SSDs to memory modules, specifically designed for diverse industrial applications. Transcend`s booth will be located in Hall 1, booth no. 216.

Participating at Embedded World again this year, Transcend is proud to display a more comprehensive and advanced industrial grade product portfolio, including SATA III 6Gb/s SSD, SLC SSD, mSATA and half-slim SSDs, flash modules, flash cards, and memory modules. Transcend will also set up professional on-site demonstrations, such as SSD lifespan monitoring and sudden power-off test, to highlight the ultimate stability and guaranteed reliable data transfer of Transcend SSDs.

Transcend's SSD500 Solid State Drives Go On Sale

Announced last month, the SSD500 solid state drives from Transcend have now started selling in Europe. The SSD500 drives make use of SLC (single-level cell) NAND Flash memory (providing up to 100,000 erase/write cycles), and feature a 2.5-inch form factor, a SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, TRIM support, and read/write speeds of up to 260/230 MB/s.

The 16 GB , 32 GB and 64 GB SSD500 models are backed by a three-year warranty and cost 164.01 Euro, 314.07 Euro and 596.89 Euro, respectively.
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