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Lexar Media Starts Distribution of Crucial DDR3-1066 SODIMM Memory Modules

Lexar Media is now the first global memory provider to announce the immediate availability of Crucial DDR3-1066 (PC3-8500) 204-pin SODIMM memory modules. Crucial PC3-8500 SODIMM modules support module bandwidths up to 10.6 GB/s with a data rate of 2,133 MT/s at a respective clock frequency of 1066MHz — effectively doubling the data rate of DDR2 1066MHz memory. In addition, DDR3 supply voltage is 1.5V compared to DDR2's 1.8V, reducing power consumption by up to 30 percent and also generating less heat. The DDR3 modules are able to obtain these advantages by utilizing improved package, pin-outs, and signaling on the components, as well as an improved overall module design. The Crucial SODIMMs are available in 1GB and 2GB densities plus they come with a lifetime warranty.Source: Lexar

Micron Starts Sampling 4GB DDR3 Notebook Modules

Micron Technology today announced that it is sampling 4GB DDR3 modules, designed using 2Gb components, to provide the industry’s highest density DDR3 modules for notebook computers. High-density memory modules are becoming increasingly important for notebook computers as graphic-intensive operating systems and other content heavy applications continue to make their way onto the market. The fast speeds, high-density and low-power of Micron’s portfolio of DDR3 modules – ranging in density from 512MBs to now 4 GBs – allow these systems and applications to perform more effectively and utilize power more efficiently.

OCZ Now Offers Performance DDR2 Lineup for Enthusiast Laptops

OCZ Technology Group today released PC2-6400 2GB SODIMM modules, a high-speed addition to their line of premium laptop upgrade memory. These performance memory modules are built to handle the powerful processors and other high-end components of enthusiast and professional notebooks, as well as mainstream consumers looking to add value and performance to their systems.

OCZ Expands DDR2 Laptop Value Series Lineup with New High-Density 2GB SODIMMs

OCZ Technology Group, today released PC2-5400 2GB SODIMM modules, an addition to their line of premium upgrade laptop memory. Specially targeted at the notebook PCs running Windows Vista, these modules are priced aggressively and offer exceptional quality for its price. The latest line of OCZ SODIMMs will be available in 2GB modules rated to run 667MHz at CL5-5-5-15 with 1.8V default operational voltage. Each module comes backed with industry leading technical support and the OCZ Lifetime Warranty. For more information on the DDR2 PC2-5400 SODIMM, please click here.

Source: OCZ Technology
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