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New Skype Worm Confirmed

Skype has learned that a computer virus called "w32/Ramex.A" is affecting users of Skype for Windows. Users whose computers are infected with this virus will send a chat message to other Skype users asking them to click on a web link that can infect the computer of the person who receives the message. The worm is also known as "WORM_SKIPI.A (Trend)," and "W32/Pykse.worm.b" (McAfee). When a Skype user receives chat message with an internet link - either from Skype contacts or users not on the contact list - and download the .scr file covered as .jpg picture, the worm will install itself to the system and create several startup keys in the registry. Currently, F-Secure, Kaspersky Lab and Symantec have already updated their antivirus products to detect and remove the worm. Expert users who know what they’re doing can also remove the worm manually, by following this guide.Source: Skype

Skype Worm Jumps to ICQ and MSN

A new variant of the Stration worm, which has been plaguing Windows users for the past year, has made the jump from Skype to the ICQ and MSN Messenger networks. For a computer to be infected, a user must first click on a link and then agree to download an executable file. The malicious link is listed below the instant message: "Check this out. Give me your opinion." Once installed, the worm will gradually start to send out messages to the victim's contacts. Although the worm is considered to be a low-risk infection, be careful what you click on these days.Source: PC World

New Trojan Calls on Skype

Another Trojan horse is spreading through the Internet telephone network of Skype Ltd. The malicious code, known as both Warezov and Stration, is similar to an earlier version detected in February, but with a new URL and a new version of the malicious code, according to an alert posted Thursday by Websense Inc. Websense warns Skype users to watch for the message "Check up this," with a URL containing a hyperlink. When users click on the link, they are redirected to a site that is hosting a file named file_01.exe. Users are then prompted to run the file and if they do, several other files are downloaded and run. The downloaded files are other versions of the Waresov/Stration malicious code, so be careful when receiving messages from people not in your contact list.Source: InfoWorld

Skype inventors planning peer-to-peer TV service

Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom - the founders of Skype, one of the largest companies in VoIP calling - are planning for a peer-to-peer IPTV service. About 6,000 users are already beta testing this service (codenamed the Venice Project) which is intended to allow people to share any videos that they own the copyright to, almost like a peer-to-peer YouTube. Although this is an interesting idea, many connections will be unable to handle the upload speeds that would be required if thousands of people were looking to stream the same video from a few users.Source: Engadget
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