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Google to increase Gmail storage space to 2012.

Google is rumored to have put into effect a timeline for giving more storage space to Gmail accounts. Gmail account sizes have slowly been increasing over time, and this is the most recent timeline to that increase.
  • 2800MB: Already reached
  • 2835MB: In 18.22 days
  • 2980MB: In 384 days
  • 3125MB: In 749 days
  • 3270MB: In 1114 days
  • 3415MB: In 1479 days
  • 3560MB: In 1845 days
Please remember to take this timetable with a grain of salt, as my source does not site their, well, source.Source: Nirajsanghvi

NVIDIA's New Software Development Kit Supports Shader Model 5.0

Even though not all game developers have adopted shader model (SM) 3.0 introduced three years ago, and some claiming that transiting to DirectX 10’s shader model 4.0 right now hardly makes sense, NVIDIA’s new software development kit (SDK) already features profiles for shader model 5.0, which is believed to be an improved version of the SM4.0.

NVIDIA new SDK 10, which was released just last week, apparently contains macro invocations that define the supported CG profiles, including such profiles as Fragment50, Vertex50, Geometry50, meaning that current SDK supports architecture micro-code profiles for pixel shaders 5.0, vertex shaders 5.0 and geometry shaders 5.0.

While hardly anybody knows what shader model 5.0 actually is and how much is it different from the shader model 4.0, the inclusion of the architecture micro-code inside a compiler indicates that NVIDIA foresees the arrival of shader model 5.0-capable hardware soon enough to enable game developers to compile their titles for it.Source: X-bit labs

Adobe Unveils Plans for Two Editions of Photoshop CS3

SAN JOSE, Calif. and LAS VEGAS, Nevada — March 8, 2007 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) show that it will expand its digital imaging product line, offering two editions of Adobe® Photoshop® CS3. In addition to the highly anticipated Photoshop CS3 software for designers and professional photographers, Adobe will also deliver Photoshop CS3 Extended, a completely new edition of Photoshop which allows cross-media creative professionals to stretch the limits of digital imaging. Photoshop CS3 Extended includes everything in Photoshop CS3 plus a new set of capabilities for integration of 3-D and motion graphics, image measurement and analysis. Photoshop CS3 Extended also simplifies the workflow for professionals in architecture, engineering, medical and science.

Ebay launches Feedback 2.0

Ebay has decided for an improvement in its rating system for sellers and buyers. In addition to the standard positive, neutral and negative ratings, Feedback 2.0, as the service is called, will also provide four additional categories which buyers can individually rate sellers on called Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs).

The five new categories are: Item as described, Communication, Shipping time and Shipping and handling charges. Buyers will be able to rate sellers on a 5-star rating scale on each category.

eBay plans to roll out Feedback 2.0 in Australia, Belgium, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom within the next few days. Feedback 2.0 will be launched in the United States this spring.Source: DailyTech and Ebay Chatter

Futuremark Launches YouGamers, World’s First Intelligent Gamer Website

Futuremark Corporation, developers of 3DMark, the worldwide standard in advanced 3D game performance benchmarking went live today with the beta version of YouGamers, the World's First Intelligent Gamer Website. YouGamers ( is a new destination site for PC gamers offering original game content, previews, gaming industry news, exclusive interviews, and full game reviews. YouGamers initially launches with an English website, with localized language options in the future. In Version 1.0, YouGamers will provide a full gamer community with forums and blogs, offering users' homepages, personal profiles, game lists, and game hardware details. The game database contains approximately 100 top PC titles at launch, with ESRB ratings and publishers' system requirements. The website also offers an easy to use, integrated comparison shopping service with direct shopping links for all games and recommended hardware. Users will also be able to categorize the site’s information by tagging, a Web 2.0 feature.Source: Futuremark

Slysoft AnyDVD HD now removes Blu-ray DRMs

The Inquirer noted that Slysoft promised it's customers that their software would be able to remove Blu-ray Digital Rights Management (DRM) software by the end of this quarter. It seems that the people at Slysoft have not only done this, but accomplished their goal an entire month ahead of schedule. AnyDVDHD version adds more than just true Blu-ray support. It also promises to run on Windows Vista and XP x64 (along with all the other operating systems it supports). The free upgrade also removes region encoding. Now it seems that the only problem people will have with upgrading their PC's to support high-definition optical drives is affording the drive and Slysoft AnyDVD HD. You can get AnyDVD HD here, and if you already have it, you can patch yourself for Blu-ray support here.Source: The Inquirer

Microsoft Launches Free Programming Tutorial

Microsoft has launched a new website designed to encourage more people to learn basic programming. The site offers free tutorials aimed to help people with no programming experience learn how to build websites and Windows applications in Visual Studio 2005 (the Express Editions are also free to download from Microsoft). Altogether there are 45 lessons which take between 20 and 40 minutes, along with 31 short videos accompanying the service. Users can chose between two main options: Windows Development and Web Development. By progressing through the tiers, users will start off learning the basics, before moving onto move advanced programming, including .Net development techniques. You can get started by visiting the Beginner Developer Learning Center.Source: COMPUTERWORLD

Apple resolves memory leak problems with Safari

Apple has recently been doing quite well for themselves recently. In the browser department, Safari is gaining users while Firefox is losing them. However, every rose has it's thorns. Safari has been often criticized with having a memory leak problem. A system can lose up to 76% of system performance just by having Safari open in the background. There have even been articles published detailing how you should shut down Safari when running anything else. Fortunately, Apple began working on a fix to this problem as soon as they heard about it. Anyone who runs Safari should grab the update.Source: Nordic Hardware

Free Adobe 'Photoshop Online' within the next six months

CNET News had a good talk to Bruce Chizen, the CEO at Adobe, who revealed they are starting to host some of their leading applications to the internet. Photoshop being the first in line will be an ad-supported version with less options then it's offline counterpart.
This is the answer to Google's ever growing online portfolio and with Adobe one of the big companies showed the pressure they are now under.Source: CNET

PS3 firmware 1.54 released

Anyone who connects to the PS3 network this morning will promptly discover that they need to update their PS3 firmware. Too bad it doesn't really do too much to games. The main changes are...
  • An added ability to resize the video chat window.
  • The ability to attach a USB camera to the PS3, for video chat
We will probably see a substantial PS3 firmware upgrade come March 23rd, when we will see the console released in PAL territories.Source: 1Up

Adobe Brings Video Editing Tools Online

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Feb. 21, 2007 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) is pioneering a new way to deliver its industry leading creative software technologies online, with the launch of its web-based video remix and editing technology. Today, Adobe and Photobucket announced a partnership to integrate Adobe web-based video remix and editing technology directly into the Photobucket user experience, giving 35 million Photobucket users direct, free access to world-class digital video editing tools. The agreement marks a new stage in Adobe’s delivery of its renowned video software technologies that today underpin flagship products such as Adobe® Premiere® Elements and Adobe Premiere Pro.

New NVIDIA compiler lets developers offload math functions to GPU

NVIDIA has announced the release of beta versions of the SDK and C compiler for their Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) technology. The C compiler includes a set of C language extensions that will enable developers to write C code that targets NVIDIA's GPUs directly. These extensions are supported by software libraries and a special CUDA driver that exposes the GPU to the OS and applications as a math coprocessor.

This approach differs to that taken by AMD/ATI and their "Close to Metal" (CTM) initiative. With CTM, AMD/ATI has opened up the low-level ISA so that their graphics products can be programmed directly in assembly language. CTM relies on developers creating libraries and higher-level tools for in-game use.
NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology is a fundamentally new computing architecture that enables the GPU to solve complex computational problems in consumer, business, and technical applications. CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) technology gives computationally intensive applications access to the tremendous processing power of NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) through a revolutionary new programming interface. Providing orders of magnitude more performance and simplifying software development by using the standard C language, CUDA technology enables developers to create innovative solutions for data-intensive problems. For advanced research and language development, CUDA includes a low level assembly language layer and driver interface.
Source: Ars Technica and NVIDIA

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

For those who run multiple operating systems, Microsoft has released its latest version of Virtual PC, which allows users to quickly switch from one OS to another by simply clicking the mouse. Although Microsoft once charged for this software, it is now free to everyone, although it doesn’t work on home versions of Windows (ie. not XP Home or Vista Home Basic/Premium). It is capable of running a number of different operating systems, although some Linux distributions can be complicated to setup. It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and can be downloaded here.Source: DailyTech

Apple applications are not ready for Windows Vista

Apple has joined this list of companies that have popular tech not ready for Windows Vista. Earlier this week, they announced that iTunes was not ready for Windows Vista. Apparently, all of Apple's software cannot be run on Windows Vista. This is quite a setback, considering how many Quicktime files there are on the internet, and how many people who own iPods.Source: The Register

Content Recognition Software new weapon in war over Piracy

Last week, Audible Magic in Lost Gatos, Calif,. demonstrated their new content recognition software by downloading a video clip from Youtube. The system was able to identify the clip as a scene 49 minutes and 37 seconds into “Kill Bill: Vol. 2.” even though the clip had been recorded on a camcorder and dubbed in Chinese.

MySpace said last week that it would use Audible Magic’s system to identify copyrighted material on its pages. However, YouTube is still one major hold-out resisting the new system.

The system works by comparing a file to a database when it is uploaded to a website. Then it either allows the file to be posted or blocked depending on if the file is licensed for use on that website.Source: The New York Times

Creative Responds to lack of Vista support

Creative has responded to the Inquirer reguarding their article on Creatives Lack of vista support. Story can be seen here. The creative PR responded "We have been working on the Vista project for quite some time, having released beta drivers late last year for the beta community and endeavored to keep our customers up to date regularly via our Vista update site and forum feedback."

For those who wish to have a timeline for the release of more polished creative drivers here are a few dates to look for. March 5th, and March 8th. On March 5th Creative targets delivery of the Audigy series drivers, this is suprising to many seeing that the X-Fi series is newer than the Audigy Series and is being released at a later date.

Gmail for Everyone

Until recently, if you wanted a Gmail (GoogleMail for us here in the UK) account, then you would either need to request a message sent to your mobile, or if your country wasn’t on the list for that service you would need to receive an invite from a current Gmail user. That’s all changed now – anyone anywhere in the world can now sign up for over 2GB of storage with Google for free in the same way that you might open a Hotmail or Yahoo email account. Although it may take a few hours, the service should go live immediately. Gmail remains a beta version, but it could soon be finished and become another powerful weapon in Google’s arsenal of free software and services. You should be able to sign up for the service by visting Gmail and clicking on "Sign up for Gmail" in the bottom right corner.Source: DailyTech

Windows Vista Ultimate extras exposed

Since the very first public beta campaigns, Windows Vista Ultimate was said to have "extras", which would be unveiled once Vista was public. Now, Microsoft has stashed those extras in with Windows Update. At this point, those extras include Texas Hold 'Em, Bitlocker, EFS enhancements, and various security patches. There will probably be more as Microsoft makes them.Source: EnGadget

Microsoft's new picture format gaining momentum

Microsoft, back in May, began promoting it's new "Windows Media Photo" standard, which has been since renamed HD Photo. Microsoft is very clear with it's ambitions: They want to replace JPEG as the primary format for pictures. While some would argue that overtaking JPEG as the most popular picture format is a bit overzealous, Microsoft has two figurative ace-in-the-hole's. The first is that Microsoft will be shipping it with Windows Vista. That means that people who use Windows Vista will be able to see HD Photo, regardless of the photo viewer. This isn't exactly the kind of thing you need to switch people to a picture format. So Adobe systems will patch Photoshop CS3 after it is released to support HD Photo. This will allow users to save their pictures in HD Photo. CNET editors call these methods "pervasive", but they could very well be effective. The picture below shows what the difference is between JPEG and HD Photo when talking about compression. The less color in the picture, the less distortion there is, so ideally a perfect compression would be pitch black.

Source: CNET

NVIDIA still has a lot of work to do with DirectX10 driver for G80

G80 owners worldwide are probably wondering why they do not have even a beta driver for their high-end expensive graphics card. The reason is very simple: the driver is not stable. Games that are stable on any other video card using any other driver are great on Windows Vista. However, once the G80 was plugged in with the current driver, the test system was prone to frequent and unpredictable reboots. With Windows Vista launching in a matter of days, we sure hope NVIDIA can make a stable driver for the launch of Microsoft's brand new operating system.

Source: The Inquirer

Sun Microsystems offering Free Solaris 10 and Sun Studio Software Media Kit

For a limited time, Sun is offering a free DVD media kit which includes the Solaris 10 Operating System for both SPARC and x86 platforms as well as Sun Studio 11 software.

Take this opportunity to get familiar with the most advanced operating system on the planet and the tools which enable the highest optimizations and best runtime performance on the Solaris Operating System, bar-none.

Search Engine for the elderly shows promise

Surfing the internet can be troubling for seniors. With this in mind, became a new search engine that is specifically designed with the elderly in mind. The results are shown in big text, it is very user friendly, and the page is less cluttered with things that would confuse and elderly person. also shows less results per page, and the results it shows are more tailored toward the elderly demographic (defined by as 50 or older).Source: MSNBC

Steve Jobs: iPhone will not allow people to install third party applications

In an interview with the CEO of Apple, found here, Steve Jobs explains that the iPhone will not have any third-party applications. While the iPhone uses a copy of Mac OS X, Steve Jobs made sure that users could not install custom content for several reasons. The first is profit. Steve having complete control of what can and cannot go on the iPhone means that things like ringtones and songs have to be allowed by Apple to go on the iPhone (various premiums might be charged). The second and hopefully more important reason is security. If the iPhone could accept third-party or homemade applications, it could potentially be used to take down AT&T (service provider for iPhone). Finally, the iPhone is limited for the same reason iPods are: Macintosh sells products that they know work, and want them to stay in working condition for as long as possible.Source: The Inquirer

Vista drivers: coding them is harder than it sounds

Both AMD and NVIDIA are having trouble making good Vista compatible drivers for their graphics cards. The main problems lie in multi-GPU support. While both companies will certainly have a driver for Vista x86 by January 30th, it will be harder to support than the XP version. NVIDIA has also hinted that they will work on an x64 driver after making an x86 driver, instead of doing both at once.Source: The Inquirer
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