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Windows Vista RC1 testers lost Media Center functionality on December 31st 2006

People who were testing the RC1 copy of Windows Vista, the most distributed of all the betas, got a nasty holiday surprise on new years eve. Windows Media Center uses MPEG 2 decoder and Dolby Digital components, which are definitely not free. Microsoft pays the respective owners of the decoders for a license, which expired for Windows Vista RC1 users on December 31st. Microsoft cannot renew the license, and has declined to say whether or not the license could have been extended. The rest of Windows Vista RC1 will still work until June 2007.Source: CNET

AMD putting finishing touches on R600 driver

AMD has a basic driver for it's R600 ready for action, though they definitely want to polish some things before releasing it. AMD knows that CrossFire and OpenGL performance are huge problems in Windows Vista, so AMD is working hard on tweaking these things. The R600 is confirmed to use an 80nm process, have a 512-bit memory controller, unified shader architecture, DX10 support, and enough performance to "make G80 run for its money." The launch is expected to take place in early February, though the launch date has been moved several times.Source: The Inquirer

Microsoft claims Aero doesn't slow computers

Microsoft has sponsored a study into its latest operating system and the new Aero theme, which has come to the conclusion that it doesn’t slow PCs. Apparently the new interface “had little or no negative impact on Vista’s performance”. Matt Ayers, a program manager at Microsoft, wrote “We put quite a bit of effort into making sure that the new visuals were as efficient as possible, and it really paid off,” continuing “You can run Aero without guilt!” Many people have criticised the resource-hungry Windows Vista which has put some gamers off using it, and this report may make people sceptical as to why Microsoft recommends a noticeably more powerful system when running the Aero interface. Although the report comes to this conclusion, it does not appear to contain any benchmarks related to gaming or 3D applications.Source:

Gmail leaves your account open to spammers

A new flaw has been exposed in Google’s Gmail service which could allow hackers to get hold of your contacts. When you log into your Gmail (Googlemail in some countries) account, Google will put your details into a JavaScript file. Because of this, if you browse other websites whilst logged into your account, any of them could potentially declare the function “google” and be able to get hold of all of your contacts. The only two ways to ensure your privacy is safe are to disable JavaScript in all websites except those you trust or to not browse other sites whilst logged into any Google service. Admittedly Gmail is still only a beta, but a fault like this could be quite serious.

Update: Disabling JavaScript did not solve this problem, however it appears that Google has now fixed this issue and your contacts list should be safe.Source: Engadget

Vaporware '06, Duke Nukem wins again.

Everyones favorite game Duke Nukem Forever wins Vaporware '06, the king of Vaporware returns!
Wired wrote a nice list of the Vaporest(?) Vaporware of 2006, programs and hardware that should have been but are not.
  1. Duke Nukem Forever
  2. TiVoToGo for Mac
  3. Skype for Symbian
  4. Spore
  5. SED Televisions
  6. Airbus 380
  7. Gran Turismo 4 Mobile
  8. The "IPod Killer"
  9. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
  10. Optimus-103 Keyboard
An impressive list of nice stuff to have, most of them should be available once hell freezes over.
For full details on these wannahaves follow the linky.Source: Wired News

Final RivaTuner version released

Today my good friend Unwinder announced the final release of his RivaTuner v2.0 utility. Since its existance the tool has had over 5 million downloads, which just shows how much there is a need for good overclocking software.

Unfortunately with this version Unwinder steps down from Rivatuner development, at least for a few months. I am very sad to see this happening and will miss the countless discussions we had about how to interface with hardware to achieve things like monitoring, overclocking and fan control.

Head over to Guru3D to grab the final RivaTuner 2.0.

BBC sharing via Azureus

BBC Worldwide has announced that it plans to release many of its programmes for free viewing via file sharing. Anyone living in the US and using Azureus’ Zudeo software will be able to download titles such as Little Britain, Doctor Who, Monty Python series and Red Dwarf. Zudeo is Azureus’ version of YouTube (Zudeo it offers high definition videos), although they are most famous for their controversial BitTorrent software. The BBC said this move is part of a drive to reach the largest audience possible.Source: BBC News

Skype inventors planning peer-to-peer TV service

Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom - the founders of Skype, one of the largest companies in VoIP calling - are planning for a peer-to-peer IPTV service. About 6,000 users are already beta testing this service (codenamed the Venice Project) which is intended to allow people to share any videos that they own the copyright to, almost like a peer-to-peer YouTube. Although this is an interesting idea, many connections will be unable to handle the upload speeds that would be required if thousands of people were looking to stream the same video from a few users.Source: Engadget

Google Releases Customized Version of IE 7

Google Inc. has released a customized version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) browser in which Google, not Windows Live Search, is the default search engine. In addition to using Google as the default search engine, Google's customized version of IE 7 also provides users with the Google Toolbar and a Google homepage they can personalize. Google's customized version of IE 7 can be downloaded from here.Source:
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