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Left 4 Dead Now Globally Available on Steam

The PC version of Left 4 Dead, Valve's zombie thriller, has been officially announced. The game is now available via Steam to gamers around the globe, to purchase, download and play. The hard-copy title will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 platforms at retail stores on Tuesday, November 18 in North America and worldwide on Friday, November 21. For more information, please visit Steam Games.

Left 4 Dead Gone Gold, Pre-Loading Now

Valve, creator of the best-selling game franchises Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, and Counter-Strike, is letting everyone know that its upcoming zombie thriller, Left 4 Dead, has gone gold and is on schedule to become widely available next week. Additionally, the game can now be pre-loaded. Those who pre-order the game via Steam save 10% off the regular price and may now pre-load the game so when it become available at 12:01 am EST on November 18, 2008 they'll only need to download a little piece of the game code and start the game right away. The pre-order discount is also available for both the PC and 360 versions at participating retail outlets.
Left 4 Dead is the new survival action game from Valve for the PC and Xbox 360 that blends the social entertainment experience of multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress with the dramatic, narrative experience made popular in single player action game classics such as the Half-Life series of games. Playable in single player, co-operative, and multiplayer modes, Left 4 Dead is one of the most anticipated releases of 2008 and winner of numerous pre-launch awards, including Best of E3 from multiple outlets. A demo version of the game was also made available today.Source: Steam

Left 4 Dead Early Demo Access Available Today

Early access to the Left 4 Dead demo begins Today, November 6 on both the PC and Xbox 360. The early demo access is scheduled to begin around 2 am PST on the Xbox 360 and 7 am PST on the PC. This promotion is being offered in addition to the 10% savings for those who pre-order and applies to all Steam PC pre-orders and all PC and Xbox 360 pre-orders from GameStop and EB Games in North America.

On November 11 the demo will be made available to all PC and Xbox 360 gamers worldwide, with no obligation to purchase. The demo concludes on November 18, when Left 4 Dead will be made available at retail outlets across North America and worldwide via Steam.
For more information, please visit Steam Games.

Steam Cloud Platform Rolling-out This Week

Valve, creators of best-selling entertainment products and advanced technologies, today announced the roll out of Steam Cloud, a set of services for Steam that stores application data online and allows user experiences to be consistent from any PC. Steam Cloud is a free extension to Steam, a leading a platform for PC games with over 15 million accounts worldwide.

Steam Cloud support will ship with Valve's Left 4 Dead demo later this week and the full game on November 18. In this first release, the information stored and accessible through the Steam Cloud includes keyboard, mouse, and gamepad configurations, as well as multiplayer settings such as spraypaint images.

Left 4 Dead Available for Pre-Order over Steam, Demo Available Shortly

Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, and Counter-Strike) and leading technologies (Steam and Source), today announced a special promotion granting those who pre-order Left 4 Dead early access to the official demo.

Left 4 Dead is the new survival action game from Valve that blends the social entertainment experience of multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress with the dramatic, narrative experience made popular in single player action game classics such as the Half-Life series of games.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Coming Soon to D2D and Steam

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution announced today that the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment game, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin will be available for digital download via partners in North America in conjunction with the day and date retail release. The game will be available through IGN Entertainment's digital retail store, Direct2Drive, and via Steam, a leading platform for the delivery and management of PC games with over 15 million accounts worldwide.
"More and more gamers are taking advantage of digital distribution to access videogames," said Thomas Gewecke, President, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. "Digital distribution is going to be an important facet of the gaming world and we are glad to be a part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's efforts to offer additional, convenient, and flexible options for players."
So now you can get F.E.A.R. 2 without even leaving your house. Users who have pre-ordered the game will be able to download it the same day the retail version hits store shelves on February 10, 2009.Source: F.E.A.R. 2 Community

Crysis Warhead Now Available Via Steam

Crysis Warhead is now available for purchase via Steam and to play for gamers in North America. In addition, the original Crysis is now available for purchase and play by gamers the world over. Outside of North America, Crysis Warhead will become available for play tomorrow (Thursday) via Steam.

Crysis Warhead is Coming to Steam

Crytek and Valve today announced an agreement to bring Crysis Warhead and Crysis to Steam, a leading platform for the delivery and management of PC games and digital content with over 15 million accounts around the world.

"The millions of gamers logging into Steam every week to play today's best PC games are going to love Crysis Warhead," said Avni Yerli, Managing Director at Crytek. "Crytek Hungary has done a terrific job creating this new experience while optimizing CryEngine 2, and we're looking forward to delivering it and the original Crysis as our first offerings on Steam."

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Updates to Valve's Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:
  • Reduced Medic's unlockable requirements to match that of the Pyro's. Medic players now meeting the requirements will receive their unlockables shortly after joining a server
  • Fixed Spy sapper view model animation popping
  • Fixed another issue with the Hot on your Heels achievement
  • Incorporated the new Russian fonts into the base Team Fortress 2 fonts. Fixes the missing fonts problem when running in Russian with English VO
  • Fixed "Hot on your Heels" counting non-flamethrower based kills
  • Fixed some Pyro achievements not working on some servers
  • Fixed Compression Blast and Flare Gun trail particles on DX8
  • Fixed Spy cloaked as Scout in response rules for all classes
Source: Steam News

Valve Announces Steam Cloud Service

Valve Software, the master mind behind Steam is now seeking to expand with Steam Cloud, the next major update for the digital distribution service. Steam Cloud will allow gamers to store not only their game profiles and graphics setting, but also all of their savegames created through Steam for life. You won't need to worry about your savegames anymore. All the data will be automatically uploaded to back-end servers whenever you go online. It will be accessible from any PC at no cost and there will be no space limitations to worry about. The first games to offer Steam Cloud support will be Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and the forthcoming co-op shooter Left 4 Dead. Steam Cloud will also be freely available as part of the Steamworks set of developer tools. In addition, Valve plans a couple of other updates for the Steam platform in near future. They will include auto-updating of your computer's device drivers, social features including events and calendar systems, 'official' community pages for games, pricing localised to your country's currency, Amazon-style recommendations and shopping cart systems, and more payment options.Source:
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