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Synology Announces the Official Release of DiskStation Manager 4.0

Synology today announced the official release of DiskStation Manager 4.0 (DSM 4.0). In just 50 days the DSM 4.0 beta program hit a new record in excess of 90,000 downloads, achieving an average of one download per minute. Synology appreciated enthusiastic beta participants for their valuable feedback in contribution to a better NAS server experience.

“DSM 4.0 marks a significant milestone for Synology, representing its efforts to provide users with best-of-breed technologies, an easy approach to master their own clouds, and productive business solutions with no additional cost,” said Rosiel Lee, product manager of Synology Inc. DSM 4.0 offers:

Synology Presents the DiskStation DS1512+ NAS Server

Synology today announced DiskStation DS1512+, a 5-bay next generation NAS server for delivering high performance and scalability with complete business solutions to small and medium businesses.

"NAS severs today are expected to produce higher levels of reliability and availability. With today's introduction, Synology customers can share and access data on DS1512+ in full confidence and satisfy the productivity, versatility and reliability they demand," said Peter Chen, Product Manager of Synology Inc.

Synology DS1512+ features a passive CPU cooling technology and a fan redundancy mechanism of two user-replaceable 80 mm fans, thus eliminating a single point of failure and ensure continuous system uptime during malfunction. The dual LAN network failover support allows DS1512+ to sustain the potential of one network discontinuity while maximizing system availability at all times.

Synology Updates Its High-Performance XS Series, Launches the DS3612xs and RS3412RPxs

Synology America Corp. today announced the latest in its high-performance XS series, boasting 100,000 IOPS and transfer rates over 1,000 MB/s. Launching at under $5,000, both the DS3612xs and the RS3412RPxs models can easily scale to over 100 TB storage.

With support for 10 gigabit Ethernet cards from both Emulex and Intel, the XS series continues to push Synology's leadership into the sub-$10,000 market. While maintaining the same level of performance, the DS3612xs and the RS3412RPxs offer a new internal design to improve reliability. The new design takes advantage of passive cooling technology on the CPU to eliminate a single point of failure. Redundant exhaust fans are tuned to automatically adjust speed in the case that one should fail.

Synology Announces Its First Native Eight-Bay DiskStation, the DS1812+

Synology America Corp. today announced the latest in its line of scalable NAS servers, the DS1812+. Designed with small business users in mind, the 8-bay DS1812+ can quickly scale out to 18 drives by leveraging the expansion capabilities of the DX510.

The DS1812+ is the largest capacity DiskStation to debut under $1,000, making a powerful and affordable storage solution. Using 4TB drives, it can quickly scale up to 72 TB storage.

Synology Introduces DiskStation DS212j NAS

Synology Inc. today unveiled that its popular j Series line is available now with the newest generation of DiskStation DS212j, a budget-friendly, easy to use, and versatile 2-bay NAS server.

“The DS212j is designed to work seamlessly with iPhone, iPad, and Android phone, letting users to stay in touch with their stored digital content on-the-go,” said Darren Lin, product manager of Synology Inc. Synology offers various mobile apps that allow users to access to data, view photos, stream music and videos, and even view live feeds from IP cameras on-the-roam. “Thanks to DS212j’s ability to add terabytes for our mobile needs, all our tablets and smartphones storage limitations are now gone,” added Lin.

Synology Unveils DiskStation DS411slim NAS

Synology Inc. today launched the DiskStation DS411slim, a palm-sized 4-bay NAS server, which boasts a read speed of over 100MB/sec and is tailored for home and small office users who look for a green and quiet file sharing and backup solution, along with multimedia enrichment.

With a small and lightweight construction, the DS411slim measures 120x105x142 mm, nearly a quarter of the size of a conventional 3.5-inch 4-bay NAS server, and weighs 0.66 kg only. However, its compact design does not sacrifice its high performance, which reaches 106.9 MB/sec reading and 48.6 MB/sec writing speeds under RAID 5 configuration in a Windows environment.

Synology Launches Budget-Friendly, Business-Grade NAS DiskStation DS211+

Synology America Corp. today launched the DiskStation DS211+, a high-performance and full-featured 2-bay NAS server for office and enthusiast users to share files, centralize backup, and protect data. The latest addition to the professional class of DiskStations comes with Synology’s distinctive DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.0 software to provide an intuitive interface for managing the server.

As part of the revamped design, the DS211+ offers hot-swap drive bays, which will help businesses to minimize downtime in the event of a drive failure. Priced around $400, this is the first DiskStation to offer this feature at this price point. For photographers, it also offers an integrated SD card reader, making for easier transfers to the NAS.

Intel Atom Processors Further Expand to Storage Appliances for Homes, Small Busineses

Backed by industry support of the Intel Atom processor optimized for networked storage appliances for the home and small business, Intel Corporation has added two new Intel Atom processors to further boost the company's focus on the platform.

Since Intel's initial foray in this area in March, leading storage manufacturers, including Acer, Cisco, LaCie, LG Electronics, NETGEAR, QNAP, Super Micro, Synology and Thecus have announced products based on the energy-efficient Intel Atom processor platform.

Synology Unleashes Scalable RackStation RS810+ and DiskStation DS411+ NAS Servers

Synology America Corp. today officially launched the RackStation RS810+ and DiskStation DS411+, 4-bay NAS servers with rich, business-oriented features, appealing to SMBs that demand flexibility and great performing network attached storage solutions.

Businesses need a strong foundation to face mission-critical tasks, and can rely on the Synology RS810+ and DS411+ to deliver high-performance. Tested in a RAID 5 configuration in a Windows environment, the Synology RS810+ and DS411+ deliver an average of 112 MB/sec reading speed while RS810+ writes at 107 MB/sec and DS411+ writes at 106 MB/sec. The web server responsiveness rates are remarkable; the Synology RS810+ and DS410+ take less than 32 seconds to handle 1,000 simultaneous requests.

Synology Announces DiskStation DS1010+ VMware Ready Status

Synology Inc. today announced that its DiskStation DS1010+ has achieved VMware Ready status. This designation indicates that the Synology DS1010+ has passed a detailed evaluation and testing process managed by VMware and is now listed on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List.

Passing the extensive VMware-specified testing helps ensure that the Synology DS1010+ makes best use of VMware technology and is ready for deployment in customer environments. “We are pleased that the Synology DS1010+ qualifies for the VMware Ready logo, signifying to customers that it has passed specific VMware testing and interoperability criteria and is ready to run their mission-critical business applications and operations,” said Bernie Mills, senior director, alliance programs, VMware.

Synology Launches New DiskStation DS110+ and DS210+ NAS Servers

Synology Inc. today launched DiskStation DS110+ and DS210+, high-performance and secure NAS servers for SMB users to share and backup data efficiently and increase productivity with rich business-oriental features.

The Synology DS110+ and DS210+ are ideal for users who require a reliable data storage solution and demand high-performance speed for file sharing. The performance test conducted by Synology's lab showed that in a Windows environment, the Synology DS110+ serves an average of 108+ MB/sec reading speed and 68+ MB/sec writing speed while the Synology DS210+ delivers 108+ MB/sec reading and 58+ MB/sec writing. The web server responsiveness is impressive, too. The Synology DS110+ and DS210+ take 85.08 and 78.14 seconds respectively to handle 1,000 simultaneous requests.

Synology Launches DX510 5-bay NAS Server

Synology Inc. today launched the Synology DX510, an expansion unit to increase the capacity of Synology DS1010+ and DS710+ on the fly. When the Synology DS1010+ or DS710+ is running out of capacity, the Synology DX510 scales up its capacity by an additional 5 hard drives immediately. The RAID volume on the Synology DiskStation can be expanded directly without having to reformat the existing hard drives, ensuring the Synology DiskStation continues its service during the capacity expansion. When created as a separate volume, the Synology DX510 provides a great solution for backing up the Synology DiskStation.

The Synology DX510 is connected to the Synology DiskStation using an eSATA cable with custom-designed connectors on both ends, ensuring a reliable connection and maximum throughput. The eSATA 3.0 Gb/sec definition allows the hard drives in the connected Synology DX510 to operate as they are the internal ones of the Synology DiskStation.

Synology Launches DiskStation DS410 NAS Server

Synology Inc. today launched DiskStation DS410, a high-performance and affordable network attached storage solution that is specifically designed for home to business workgroup users to share and protect data cost-effectively.

The Synology DS410 is the ideal solution for users who need to share and store data as it delivers an average of 115 MB/sec reading speed under RAID 5 configuration in a Windows environment, and 54 MB/sec writing. Running on the award-winnning Synology DiskStation Manager 2.3 (DMS 2.3), the DS410 provides a reliable solution for data sharing with an easy to use interface and comprehensive businesses-oriented applications, including complete backup solutions, shared-folder level AES 256-bit encryption, and the Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) that simplifies RAID setup by optimizing the disk capacities with data redundancy when different sized hard drives are used.

Intel Expands Intel Atom Processor-Based Platform to SOHO Storage Devices

Intel releases its first storage-optimized Intel Atom processor-based platform for the growing home and small office/home office storage markets. New single- and dual-core chip options provide performance scalability and flexibility and run on Microsoft Windows Home Server and Linux operating systems. Leading storage vendors LaCie, LG Electronics, QNAP, Synology and Thecus plan products based on the new Intel Atom processor-based platform. Intel Atom processors also introduced for embedded applications are ideal for multiple market segments including print imaging, digital security surveillance and industrial.

The energy-efficient platform consists of the Intel Atom processor D410 single-core or D510 dual-core and the Intel 82801IR I/O Controller, and delivers the processing performance and input/output (I/O) connectivity required to meet the throughput demands of leading storage vendors such as LaCie, LG Electronics, QNAP, Synology and Thecus.

Home server and SOHO network-attached storage (NAS) devices based on the new Intel Atom processor- based platform act as centralized hubs that organize, manage, protect and share documents, photos, videos and music throughout the home and small office. This makes it possible to keep digital content safe and available anytime, anywhere.

Synology Announces DS710+ NAS Server

Synology UK, leaders in open source network attached storage solutions announced today the DiskStation DS710+ aimed primarily at SMB and home enthusiast users. Shipping with Synology’s award winning DiskStation Manager 2.2 web-interface, the DS710+ can be set up and configured within minutes without the requirement of extensive technical knowledge.

“As far as a small or medium business is concerned, the DS710+ ticks all the right boxes,” exclaimed Victor Chiang, Sales and Marketing Director, Synology UK. “Smaller than the size of a shoe box, the DiskStation is powerful, secure and reliable enough to cope with the majority of a company’s backup, IT and internet requirements at a low initial cost outlay and on-going running costs."

Synology Introduces DS1010+ Business NAS

Synology UK, leaders in open source network attached storage solutions announced today their most powerful NAS unit yet. Aimed at the SMB and enthusiast market, the DiskStation DS1010+ delivers superb performance, reliability, security, scalability and all the features required for modern day business needs.

"The DS1010+ is a complete out-of-the-box business solution for all networking and internet requirements, including web server, ftp access, email hosting, backup, file and printer sharing, CCTV surveillance and much more" explained Victor Chiang, Sales & Marketing Director, Synology UK. "All features can be very easily configured in minutes through Synology's intuitive Disk Station Manager 2.2 web interface".

Synology Launches Budget-Friendly Disk Station DS210j and DS410j NAS Servers

Synology Inc. today officially announced the launch of Synology DS210j and Synology DS410j NAS servers. Both models offer versatile multimedia applications at a significantly lower price point for home and small office.

Synology DS210j and Synology DS410j are both equipped with 800 MHz CPU, 128 MB DDRII RAM, and one Gigabit LAN port, while Synology DS210j has 3 USB ports, and Synology DS410j has 2. The capability of supporting 2 TB hard drives enables Synology DS210j and Synology DS410j to hold storage capacity up to 4 TB and 8 TB. The cable-less design delivers hassle-free installation. Without the need for data cables, the installation of hard drives is extremely easy. The built-in disk holders of the DS410j enable you to install both 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives. To install 2.5" hard drives on the DS210j, an optional 2.5" Disk Holder Type C is available for purchase.

Synology Introduces the DS409slim, the Most Compact and Energy Saving 4-Bay NAS

Synology Inc. today launched the new 2.5" 4-bay Disk Station DS409slim, a highly anticipated addition to the 09 series product line that brings lower power consumption, virtually quiet operations and an extremely small footprint both physically and financially while providing the same reliable data sharing and backup solution that Synology is well known for.

The DS409slim is equipped with a 1.2 GHz CPU, 128MB DDRII RAM, one Gigabit LAN port, two USB2.0 ports and one eSATA port. The snap-in disk tray requires minimal effort to install and replace disks. Supporting up to 2 TB with the combination of four 2.5" SATA or SSD hard drives of 500GB which is the largest capacity on the market, it remains stylish and compact (120 x 105 x 142 mm).
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