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Team Launches its Extreme-Speed SDXC Cards

When ultrahigh resolution digital cameras and FullHD camcorders have gradually become the market mainstream, high-speed SDHC memory cards can no longer catch up with them in data transfer speed or capacity term. In order to meet the consumer’s strong demand for ultrahigh speed memory cards, Team Group Inc launches the new-generation SDXC memory card at Computex 2010.

Apart from the advantages of the SDHC, the new-generation SDXC memory card that was launched by Team has made significant progress in capacity terms. For example, its capacity at 64GB has doubled the largest capacity of any SDHC to meet the demands of the ultrahigh resolution image storage of high-level SLR digital cameras and digital camcorders.

Team Announces its Brand New X101 USB3.0 Flash Disks

Team Group Incorporation officially announces its brand new USB3.0 flash disk X101 at Computex 2010. With a bandwidth up to 5Gbps, the USB3.0 interface is 10 times faster than the previous generation USB2.0 at 480Mbps. Therefore, whether HD movies, photos, or a large amount of music using lossless data compression, users can transfer them to the X101 in an instant. For example, it usually takes about 20 minutes to back up a movie from a 25GB Bluray disc to a USB2.0 flash disk. Now with the brand new large-capacity X101 equipped with USB3.0, it takes only 2 minutes to finish the same task, thus bringing Bluray media portability to a super-speed state.

The X101 has a no-cap-loss design that users can fix the cap at the end of the disk to prevent losing it accidentally. With a simple design that is matched with sharp colors, the X101 blends high-performance with fashion for consumers and fully display Team’s innovation of blending 3C with fashion. With the X101, all people of all ages can enjoy karaoke or appreciate HD movies anywhere, anytime.

Team Group Shows Sandforce Based SSDs, New USB Drives, 2400 MHz DDR3 and SDXC

Just like everyone else, they are showing off Sandforce SSDs - called Team Xtreem-S1 - with advertised speeds of 270 MB/s read and 260 MB/s write performance. It will be available in 60, 120, 250 GB capacities. On the portable storage front, they have X091 with capacities of up to 128GB in a stylish metal casing (which is not pink, just reflects that color in our picture). Then there is the X092, which has an USB connector on one side and an eSATA on the other side. The latter requires the use of a 5V power connection. We also got a glimpse at their 2400 MHz CL9 at 1.6 V dual channel kit, as well as their SDXC 32 GB and 64 GB Flash memory cards.

Team to Announce Xtreem LV DDR3 2400 at CeBIT 2010

Team Group Inc will be announcing at CeBIT 2010 the world-first limited edition overclocking memory Xtreem LV DDR3 2400 to set again a new barrier for overclocking memory. Team not only enhances the bandwidth of the module to 19,200MB/sec, but also sets users at the tip of the pyramid as the target customer group. The Xtreem LV DDR3 2400 will be delivered in limited edition and considered as the most stunning star product that Team displays at CeBIT 2010.

Based on the memory architecture evolution on Intel Core i7 and Core i5, Team raises the frequency of the Xtreem LV DDR3 by 20% from 2000MHz to 2400MHz. Also, by continuing the high frequency and low latency tradition of the Xtreem LV memory, the Xtreem LV DDR3 2400 can fully display the configuration 9-10-10-30 (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) at a low operating voltage at 1.6V without sacrificing either performance or stability. All these have witnessed the extraordinary R&D capacity and capability of Team. In addition to the unchanged genuine chip policy, Team ensures chip quality with the exclusive sorting technology to screen chips. In order to further ensure the optimal performance and flawless quality of the Xtreem LV DDR3 2400, Team applies the 24-hour burn-in test and industry-approved MemTest software to perform the OQC inspection of all modules before shipping to assure the stability and exceptional performance of every Xtreem LV DDR3 2400.

Team Unveils Team Xtreem-S1 SSD, Challenges Industry Benchmark

Fast, stable and lightweight, the solid state disk (SSD) has successfully replaced conventional mechanical hard drives to become the product with the most potential in 2010. After the great market success of the Xtreem-G1 SSD last year, Team Group Inc has launched technological cooperation with the US-based SSD pioneer Sandforce to introduce the faster and more reliable Xtreem-S1 SSD tailored for power users and will display it for the first time at CeBIT 2010.

In addition to continuing the absolute silence, light weight, low power consumption and shock resistance of the Xtreem-G1 SSD, the Xtreem-S1 SSD is equipped with the Sandforce processor, the fastest SSD solution in the industry, to fully exploit the extremes of the cost and performance MLC chip and thereby enhance the read/write speed of the Xtreem-S1 SSD. Besides delivering a reading speed of 270MB/sec and a writing speed of 260MB/s, which is 10 times faster than ordinary IDE hard drives (taking 1 second to accomplish tasks that used to be done in 10 seconds), the Xtreem-S1 SSD is 2 times faster than ordinary SSDs, making it the world’s fastest SSD! Also, it supports SMART and the US AES-128 encryption specifications to provide real-time SSD health diagnostics and safeguard important data for users.

Team Unveils High-speed and High-capacity TP1021 and TP1022 External HDDs

At CeBIT 2010, Team Group Inc will launch two novel 2.5-inch external hard disk drives, TP1021 and TP1022. In addition to high-capacity up to 640GB, the TP1022 is equipped with the future-trend interface USB 3.0 to significantly enhance data transfer speed. These two stunning external hard disk drives will shock the viewers and enrich the product ranges of Team.

The Team TP1021 equipped with the USB2.0 interface delivers a maximum data transfer speed up to 480Mb/S. The Team TP1022 equipped with the latest USB 3.0 interface renders a maximum data transfer speed even up to 4.8 Gb/S, allowing users to freely enjoy the superb sense of speed in data transfer. Both models support hot swap and PnP. Without restarting the computer or using an external power supply, users can connect the Team 1021 and 1022 directly to the USB port on the computer, making it convenient to use and energy saving. Both models have high capacity up to 640GB for storing up to 180,000 pictures and 160,000 songs in the MP3 format. Whether it is movies, pictures, music of documents, you can always bring the complete database with you at all ease.

Team Launches New Dual-Interface USB Disk X092

Technology advances constantly. When the speed of USB 2.0 can no longer fulfill the expanding demand of modern people, storage technology with faster speed, lower power consumption and greater convenience emerges out of consumer demands. Eyeing at the developmental potential of e-SATA, Team Group Inc launches the X092 USB disk Fire Shadow as its masterpiece for the year. A shining red and black appearance, this dual-color design inoculates the idea of fire and shadow. Equipped with the e-SATA and USB interfaces, Fire Shadow allows users to enjoy the ultrafast speed of e-SATA and the no-external-power-required convenience of USB devices all in one disk.

The X092 from Team is designed with the quadruple channel technology to evenly distribute data reading and writing task to four storage devices in order to effectively enhance the read-write speed. As the read-write speed of e-SATA is 110MB/s and 40MB/s respectively, i.e. triply faster than USB2.0, it takes only 42 seconds to copy a 4.5GB movie file, making it the dream option among all PnP storage devices. In addition to the 16GB and 32GB models, the X092 has the 64GB model tailored for power users, allowing them to download and store valuable data anywhere anytime. Therefore, the X092 is tailored for consumers demanding super capacity and super speed mobile storage in great convenience.

Team Group to Launch the brand new X091 USB Flash Drive with 128GB Storage

Team Group will launch at the end of 2009 the brand new X091 USB disk. The disk with super capacity of up to 128GB running at high speed provides businesspersons with more space to store more data and files. In addition to high speed, high capacity, shock absorbency and silence, the X091 has a slide USB connector design for protecting the transfer interface and more convenient use, marking the thoughtful and crafty design of Team Group.

In addition to the excellent functionality, the X091 has an extraordinary appearance design featuring sandblasted treatment on a chessboard-like pattern that marks out the convergence and coolness of the disk, like an extraordinary knight riding across the chessboard. The X091 is offered from 16GB to 128GB for users to choose from to meet their demands for storing music, movies, documents and graphic files. The 4-channel design delivers a reading speed up to 200 times. With a maximum read/write speed of 30-34 MB/sec and 25-31 MB/sec, the X091 is evidently a USB disk integrating cool appearance and stunning functionality.

Team Group Launches P2 IDE SSD

Speed plays a decisive role in computing. When the computer runs slowly, not only will the work progress be delayed, even our thoughts will be interrupted. Therefore, hard drives with higher speed will mean efficiency to professional graphic designers. The 2.5-inch P2 IDE Solid State Disk (SSD) from Team Technologies not only enhances the computer startup and data transfer speed, but also loads programs much faster than conventional mechanical hard drives. The excellent speed performance of the P2 IDE SSD is particularly felt when users open many windows at the same time. This saves designers a lot of time from searching images and drawings and allows them to enjoy speedy reading and writing, thus fully displaying computing performance and speed.

Team Group Launches C092 with Shock and Dust Proofing

Team Group launched the whole new C092 pen drive, targeting sporty and young consumers. It is the first thumb drive featuring a sports theme, boasting shock and dust proof functions. And the sliding design shows the careful consideration for the needs of the consumers.

C092 is a perfect integration of steel and rubber. The steel casing houses the COB to secure the USB interface and the anti-retraction design makes C092 even tougher and more endurable. C092 weights only 8.8g with large capacities from 2GB to 16GB, multiple color choices in red, green, blue, and grey, and with a sleek design.

Team Also Launches SC901 USB Drive with Swivel Cap

“Slim and lightweight” has become a fashion for USB disks! Continuing the success of the Diamond, Team Group Inc. launches the brand new slim and lightweight USB disk SC901 to capture young consumers and students with its mini and exquisite appearance and candy-like cute pastel colors. With SC901, users can freely express themselves. Together with the thoughtful and smart swivel cap design to prevent losing the cap, SC901 just makes people feel sweet from its appearance and features.

Equipped with the stepwise swivel cap design, with a simple push, you can insert this PnP USB disk in your computer at any angle that pleased you. More importantly, you will never need to worry about losing the cap! Mini in size, the SC901 comes in 3 models by capacity: 2GB, 4GB and 8GB; and 3 colors: blueberry blue, mint green, and pudding yellow to meet the multiple needs of users. With the USB2.0 interface, SC901 allows users to store a large amount of photos, media files and any electronic files. Desktops, laptops or car audios, as far as there is a USB port, you can enjoy fun with SC901. With different colors, users can well-organize files by type or choose any one that suits their moods.

Team Group Launches New C091 USB Drive Series

Team Group Inc. launched C091. It is a new designer item boasting high quality in both internal capacity and external design. The large 32GB capacity hides inside of a light and beautifully designed body, and the sleek gliding mechanism fully manifested the innovative abilities of Team Group. The easy-to-use gliding design makes C091 popular item, which takes only a slight squeeze on the USB interface to slide open the user-friendly pen drive.

C091 comes in sapphire blue, amber brown and crystal gray. The user-friendly slide design ingeniously hides the USB interface under the body to eliminate the trouble of storing the cap and adds to the sleekness of the overall design. C091 is light weight (only 16g) but comes in big capacities in three choices- 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, as well as excellent performance in high-speed transmission (20-25MB/Sec reading speed and 5-10 MB/s writing speed). The thoughtful design make C091 versatile enough to satisfy the needs of all users.

Team Group Introduces Two High Performance SSDs - Xtreem G1 and Xtreem R-Type

The rapid advances in computer processing technology has seen CPU and memory speeds outstrip that of conventional mechanical hard disks. This is why it is increasingly being replaced by newer Solid State Disk (SSD) technology. To meet the overclocking needs of high-level enthusiasts, Team Group Inc. has once again leveraged its extensive technical expertise to launch the all-new Xtreem SSD series. First in the series are the Xtreem G1 and Xtreem R-type. In addition to being quiet, light, energy-saving and shock resistant, the Xtreem G1 and R-type pushes SSD read speeds to a breath-taking 260MB/sec and write speeds to a respectable 180Mb/sec. Compared to thick, heavy conventional 7200RPM HDDs with a read speed of just 80MB/sec and write speed of just 60MB/sec, Team's Xtreem SSD is a Ferrari that easily pushes the edges of the speed envelope.

Team Group Announces Team Supreme 64 GB USB Drive

Following the success of the Supreme U100 ultimate USB disk, Team launches the enhanced version of the Supreme U100 to meet the demands of consumers requiring high capacity, premium design and absolute trend setting flair. The enhanced Supreme U100 has a capacity of 64G for users to store anything they want.

In an aluminum case, the enhanced Supreme U100 delivers a high-quality feeling in its exceptionally smooth leather-like coating marks its unique prestige. Together with the superb 64G capacity and patented swivel cap design, the Supreme U100 is perfect for mature high-level business executives with classy taste. Finally, its lightweight design of only 17 grams makes it the best of breed: with exquisite style and ultra-high capacity combined together.

Team Group Announces New Team Xtreem DDR3 LV Kits

After winning unanimous acclaims from game-players for the triple-channel Xtreem DDR3 2000 and Xtreem DDR3 1866 modules, Team introduces the brand new Xtreem LV (low voltage) DDR3 series targeted at high frequency and low latency. The Xtreem LV series includes the models at 2200, 2133, 2000, 1866, 1600MHz. It is expected that the Xtreem LV series will launch a new wave to the dual-channel module market.

Based on the memory architecture of Core i7/i5, Team has successfully boosted the frequency of DDR3 modules from 1333MHz to 2000MHz in the Xtreem LV series. In addition to enhancing the frequency by nearly 40%, Team has integrated the memory controller of the Xtreem DDR3 LV series to the CPU’s internal architecture in order to break through the technical limit on X48 and P45 platforms. As a result, the performance of the Xtreem DDR3 LV series is unsurpassed. On the other hand, the Xtreem LV DDR3 1866/1600 models are equipped with a low latency design, 7-7-7-21 and 6-7-6-18 (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) respectively, at the same working voltage of 1.65V, showing off Team’s excellent R&D capability.

Team Group Reveals Triple Channel DDR3-2000 Xtreem Memory Kits

Taipei-based Team Group has just announced the addition of two new triple channel memory kits to its Xtreem series product line-up. The upcoming 3 and 6GB PC3-16000 overclocking-ready kits are made up of modules equipped with black aluminum heatsinks with a exquisite texture and a distinctive X-logo design. They are rated at 2000 MHz with 7-8-7-20 latencies at 1.65V. The kits support XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Source: TechConnect

Team Group Unveils New 3 GB and 6 GB Elite Triple-Channel DDR3 Kits

Team Group recently unveiled four new low-voltage DDR3 memory kits for high-performance desktop machines that boast Intel's DDR3 loving X58 chipset. The new kits are available in both 3 GB (3x1 GB) and 6 GB(3x2 GB) flavours and come in both 1066 MHz and 1333 MHz varieties. The memory modules itself feature a 6-layer PCB, 128x8 die layout, and operate at CL7-7-7-21 timings for the 1066 MHz and at CL9-9-9-24 for the 1333 MHz models. Operating voltage for all memories is 1.5V. All four Team Group Team Elite memory kits come with a lifetime warranty.

Source: Team Group

Team Group Launches 256GB 2.5-inch Combo Solid-State Drives

Team Group has just launched new more roomy and refined 256GB Combo solid-state drives. These MLC drives deliver a super read and write speeds of 170MB/Sec and 100MB/Sec respectively. They use the latest SATA 3gbps interface for internal use in computers or mini-USB when an external connection is necessary. The 2.5-inch Combo SSDs also come in a number of different capacities - 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. All drives ship backed by a 2-year warranty.

Source: Team Group

Team launches Diamond (D603) USB Drive

The bling-bling fashion has spread to communication, computing and consumer electronics. Eyeing the developmental potential of the women’s market, Team Group, Taiwan’s leading memory maker, announced today (21st) the brand new Diamond (D603) USB disk. In addition to continuing Team’s fingerprint matchbox appearance and smart design for users to open it with just a gentle push, an eye-catching Swarovski crystal is embedded on the aluminum shell that brings the minimalist style over the top, making the Diamond USB disk sparkle with hip-hop bling-bling fashion. In short, Team’s Diamond D604 is an absolute interpretation of aesthetics and technology.

The handy and cute Diamond D603 is equipped with a contractible USB connector, so that users will not have to worry about losing the cap. In addition to this thoughtful design, the Diamond D603 is really small and lightweight, simply 28.6mm by 13.2mm by 3.2mm and 3g. It is offered in three colors, gold, purple and titanium; and three capacity options, 2GB/4GB/8GB. Together with the zinc-alloy Team shield pendent, users can put it on their mobile, key or in front of the chest to display the bling-bling charm of Diamond D603.

Team launches Triple Channel Xtreem DDR3, Triple Bandwidth, X-Triple Speed

Founded in 1994, Team Group Inc. is a professional memory module maker that has launched various tri-channel products of high frequency and low latency ahead of its competitors with unrivaled capacity, including Xtreem DDR3 1866 and Xtreem Dark 1600/1333, to shock the DDR3 market and cope with the advent of the Intel Core i7 platform.

After winning countless praise and awards for the DDR3 1800 and DDR3 2000 modules, the Xtreem DDR3 tri-channel module from Team has become the key of the next-gen Core i7 platform. In memory architecture, the Core i7 has enhanced the frequency from DDR3 1333 to DDR3 1866. In addition to increasing the speed by nearly 30%, the tri-channel layout has an expanded bandwidth to 44GB/Sec for the Team Xtreem DDR3 1866 to exert its “market-fastest” advantage. The Xtreem Dark DDR3 1600 and DDR3 1333 are low-latency models in 8-8-8-24 and 7-7-7-21 timings (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) respectively on 1.65V. These have displayed Team’s unrivaled R&D capacity.

Team Group Reveals its Latest 2.5” Combo Solid State Drives

Still wasting your time waiting for files to load on your PC? Team Group has heard the prayers of users who wanted better solutions for mobile data storage and launched its next generation solid state drive (SSD). The innovative product incorporates SATAII high speed interface and external mini USB connectivity so as to combine the advantages of SSD (light weight, speed) and external hard disks (mobility, convenience) together. Team Group has successfully transformed SSD from a simple medium of storage into a high speed mobile storage device that is free from location restrictions. With the launch of the product, consumers will no longer have to put up with slow and bulky external hard disks! Team Group’s 2.5” Combo SSD is perfect for efficiency oriented business users and gamers with demands for massive data transfer.

Team Launches Brand New Elite DDR3 Series

Resisting the cold winter of industry, domestic leading memory-maker Team Group today announced two new DDR module series, Team Elite DDR3 1333/1066 for desktops and laptops in 1GB and 2GB capacities, with rich experience in R&D of DDR3 overclocking modules. Team also introduced the dual-channel kit for the Elite DDR3 LO-DIMM as a total solution for users upgrading their memory modules to avoid incompatibility among chips and with the motherboard. Team emphasized that every module has been tested to comply with all the relevant tests to ensure maximum compatibility and premium quality. Therefore, Team Elite DDR3 1333/1066 are the best choices for upgrading your PC efficiency!

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