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NVIDIA Enables The World's First $99 HD Mobile Internet Device

Today’s users want an always-connected device for social media applications such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as great multimedia performance for recording and watching HD movies and videos on the go.

NVIDIA Corporation, the inventor of the graphics processor, today introduced a new platform, based on the NVIDIA Tegra 600 Series computer-on-a-chip that enables a $99, always-on, always-connected HD mobile internet device (MID) that can go days between battery charges.

This platform will enable OEMs to quickly build and bring to market devices that carriers can offer for as low as $99 —bringing broadband connectivity and all of the Web’s HD content to the masses.

NVIDIA And Opera Team to Accelerate the Full Web On Mobile Devices

Browsing the Internet on a mobile device will take a leap forward with today's announcement that NVIDIA Corporation and Opera Software are collaborating to bring the full desktop Web-browsing experience, including support for JavaScript, accelerated vector graphics, and video content, to smartphones and mobile Internet devices. As a result, NVIDIA will offer an optimized Opera 9.5 browser in its suite of pre-integrated, in-house and third-party software for the NVIDIA Tegra family of computer-on-chip Windows Mobile and Windows CE solutions.

“Seamless, effortless Internet access is critical to any state-of-the-art connected mobile device, and the combination of Opera 9.5 and NVIDIA Tegra will deliver the full Web experience into the palm of your hand,” said Neil Trevett, vice president of mobile content at NVIDIA. “Opera and NVIDIA are cooperating to create a powerful browsing experience that will truly make the Internet an integral part of the advanced Tegra mobile visual computing experience.”

Tegra SoC Designs based on GeForce 6 series

Tegra is NVIDIA's System on a Chip (SoC) platform. It takes NVIDIA's supreme expertise in the field of visual computing and architectural finesse to SoC that is projected to have a large market in the near future in several industries, mainly consumer electronics and automobiles. Heavyweights in the automobile industry such as Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), FIAT Group (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati), V.A.G. group (Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, VW) have lobbied around the Terga technology to be used to enhance their products.

As automobiles manufacturers venturing into a realm of new technology of compact computing, they would prefer proven and stable technologies from NVIDIA over future tech. For this matter, NVIDIA has derived some versions of the graphics processor part of Tegra on the GeForce 6 series. It makes it fully DirectX 9.0c compatible and capable of running up to three or more displays. Some variants NVIDIA plans to sell V.A.G. group includes a GPU derived from GeForce 9600 GT albeit much lower speeds (since it's not required to work to its potential). Futuremark has already showcased its 3D dashboard software for Audi which could harness the power of Tegra to display a futuristic dashboard panel that provides drivers with information on the car's operation along with maps and guidance in 3D.

NVIDIA Reports Results for Q2 of Fiscal 2009 & Announces Increase to Stock Repurchase

NVIDIA Corporation today reported financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2009 ended July 27, 2008. For the second quarter of fiscal 2009, revenue decreased to $892.7 million compared to $935.3 million for the second quarter of fiscal 2008, a decrease of five percent. For the six months ended July 27, 2008, revenue increased to $2.05 billion compared to $1.78 billion for the six months ended July 29, 2007, an increase of 15 percent.

NVIDIA Tegra: Tiny Computer Packs Massive Punch

Today, NVIDIA Corporation introduced the Tegra family of processors, the world’s first single-chip computer capable of the rich high definition and internet experiences we’ve come to expect from our PCs, but on small pocket type devices. NVIDIA Tegra is a tiny computer-on-a-chip, smaller than a US dime (10-cent piece), designed from the ground up to enable the “visual PC experience” on a new generation of mobile computing devices while consuming the smallest amount of power.

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