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Tesoro Lobera Supreme Mechanical Keyboard Now Available in the North America

Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, today announces that the Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical keyboard with full color illumination is now available in the US and Canada. Named after the sword of the Saint Ferdinand, one of the greatest Castilian kings, the Lobera Supreme gives gamers a 16.8 million backlight color palette to choose from. Each key is individually illuminated, and the Lobera Supreme's illuminated side bar completes the gaming experience. The LED backlight features four levels of brightness, breathing mode, color loop mode and gaming mode, where only the gaming keys are illuminated. The gaming mechanical switches for the Lobera Supreme are available in Black, Blue, Brown and Red.

Tesoro Tizona Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Now Available in North America

Tesoro Technology USA Inc., manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, today announces that the Tizona tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with optional mechanical numberpad -Tizona Numpad - is now available in the US and Canada. Taking its name after Spanish Hero, El Cid's sword, Tizona, allows gamers' to choose the setup they want, either a comfortable space-saving tenkeyless or a classic full sized board with the numberpad on either the left or right side.

The Tizona Numpad is easily attached to either the left and right side of the keyboard via magnets - transforming Tizona into a macro-keyboard for gamers (available for games that allow in-game key assignment.) Users can even attach Tizona numpads both sides of the keyboard for a macro-heavy setup, or use it separately. The laser-etched keys and gaming grade mechanical switches are built to last. The gaming grade mechanical switches yield a minimum of 60 million keystrokes, and can last for over decade of rigorous gaming. The switches for both the Tizona keyboard and numpad are available in Black, Blue, Brown and Red for true full customization.

Tesoro To Unveil New Products and Gaming Technology at Computex 2014

Tesoro Technology USA Inc. - leading manufacturer of Gaming peripheries - will be releasing new products targeted to professional gamers and will announce new technology used in its mechanical keyboards during Computex IT Show in Taipei, from June 3rd to June 7th.

During the show, Tesoro will release new products: Tizona Elite G2NFL - world first 80% mechanical keyboard with full color LED with detachable Tizona Elite Numpads G2NFLP - world first full color programmable mechanical numerical pads. Furthermore, Tesoro will launch its new aggressive high quality mechanical keyboard Excalibur G7NL, which comes with built in memory, macro recording and LED lighting at the price range easily available to most users.

Tesoro Releases Tizona Mechanical Keyboard and Tizona Mechanical Numpad

Tesoro Technology USA Inc. - leading American manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, expands its catalog with a new series of tenkeyless mechanical keyboards with optional mechanical numpad named after famous sword of magic, Tizona. Tizona is named after famous sword of magic, owned by El Cid, which was used to fight the Moors in Spain. It is considered now one of the Spain's most cherished relics.

Tesoro known for its high quality workmanship bring Tizona to the top level of build quality for Tizona series with strong plastic top enclosure. Although the build is designed to be slim, it includes built in metal plates to maximize durability of the keyboard for the most extensive and rigorous gaming session at the comfort of home or on-the-go. Metal plates also ensure that keyboard is heavy, ensuring stability on the desk and help accidental damage while the keys are hit with high force. The keycaps itself come with highest quality ABS material, and the letters are custom-cut with laser to correspond to user country layout and ensure that they will not be erased even after years of service. Additionally, Tizona include detachable braided cable with gold-plated USB connector, rubber tilt feet and strong base for additional guarantee to durability.

Tesoro Rolls Out Lobera G5NL and Lobera G5NFL Supreme Worldwide

Tesoro announced global availability of its Lobera G5NL and Lobera Supreme G5NFL gaming keyboards. Purported to be the first mechanical gaming keyboards to feature full-illumination and multiple LED color zones, the two offer mechanical switches with operational life time of up to 50 million keystrokes (10 million for the Lobera G5NL), a total of 300 macro keys that can make up to 2,000 macro combinations, including three macro keys conveniently located near the thumbs. The Lobera G5NL is expected to be priced at 65€ (incl. VAT), and the Lobera Supreme G5NFL at 119€ (incl. VAT).

Tesoro Releases Rubberized Black Edition of Shrike H2L Gaming Mouse

Tesoro Technology USA Inc. - leading manufacturer of Gaming peripheries - is releasing today Shrike H2L Laser Gaming Mouse: Black edition. Shrike stands for a concealed weapon used for throwing and considered to be best equipment with stealth techniques. By throwing knives at opponent, it creates confusion or nuisance, allowing wielder to assume more assertive position in combat.

Due to the popular demand, Tesoro added a modified version of H2L Shrike Gaming Mouse to come with rubberized coating, improved full color LED lighting and coated in black.

Tesoro Launches Gandiva H1L Gaming Mouse with Avago 9800 Sensor

Tesoro, which takes PC gaming seriously enough to name its gaming peripherals after mythological weapons, launched its latest. The Gandiva H1L gaming mouse is named after the bow of warrior Prince Arjuna from the Hindu epic of The Mahabharata. The right-oriented, palm grip optimized mouse retains the edgy futuristic styling that's characteristic of Tesoro. It features a total of 8 action buttons and 5 mapping sets with 40 programmable macros, and additional buttons for on-the-fly resolution adjustment. The switches are Omron-made. The Gandiva H1L features a maximum tracking resolution of 8,200 dpi using an AVAGO 9800 sensor, which can be adjusted in five levels. The sensor is backed by 1,000 Hz ultra-polling. Also featured are shooting speed control, and full LOD (lift-off distance) control. Available now, it's priced at 59€ (including VAT).

Tesoro Technology Introduces the Lobera Supreme and Lobera Gaming Keyboards

Tesoro Technology USA Inc. - leading American manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, releases today new family of keyboards targeting directly both casual and hardcore gamers. Tesoro Lobera and Tesoro Lobera Supreme are named after a famous sword of bravery and great virtue. Also nicknamed as "the sword wolf-slayer," it symbolized power used by Saint Ferdinand III, becoming one of the most famous swords in recorded history, and making its righteous owner an invincible champion and an exemplary knight.

Tesoro Lobera comes in two versions: Lobera Supreme, featuring mechanical gaming grade switches available in Blue, Black, Brown and Red, and Lobera mechanical-like version, which uses special technology developed by Tesoro that improves the quality of membrane keyboard, increasing its life-span and the touch feeling of mechanical switch.

Tesoro Unveils Colada Saint G3NL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tesoro's newest creation named after historical weaponry is the Colada Saint G3NL, an aluminium-clad mechanical gaming keyboard. Armed with 103 physical keys, with macro-tied multimedia/shortcut keys, Colada Saint G3NL features a silvery-gray brushed aluminium front panel. Its keys are made of matte plastic. Under the hood, the keyboard features Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, with 45 g actuation force, 2 mm key stroke, and 4 mm key travel. The keys are white LED lit, with 6 levels of backlight brightness, and theater dimming. The electronics manage full N-key rollover, even with a USB connection.

The keyboard includes a 2-port USB 2.0/1.1 hub, and relays your 3.5 mm headset jacks over from your PC. Apart from the USB connection, an optional DC-in jack is provided, if you decide to plug in power-hungry devices to the USB hub (such as external hard drives). Measuring 44.4x20.6x4.4 cm, the Colada Saint G3NL weighs about 1.56 kg (~3.12 lbs). Apart from Cherry MX Red, the keyboard is available other Cherry MX variants, depending on which, it can be priced anywhere between 169€ and 172€.

Tesoro Shrike H2L Gaming Mouse Launched

Tesoro, of the Durandal mechanical keyboard fame, launched the Shrike H2L gaming mouse. Built in the right-oriented large form-factor oriented for palm grip, the Shrike H2L features a 5600 dpi laser sensor with five on-the-fly resolution settings, 1000 Hz polling rate, and 128 KB of local storage for macro profile storage. It features eight buttons, including a 4-way scroll-wheel. It features dynamic weight, with 3 x 10 g and 1 x 5 g weighs being included. Selling now, it is priced at 49€.
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