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MSI Planning Gaming Series Cases and Coolers

"Gaming Series" proved to be a successful way for MSI to package its graphics cards and motherboards. The signature deep-red and black color scheme, coupled with the "dragon" logo deck up MSI products in a premium way that only ROG managed for ASUS; and the company is looking to milk it further. According to an Expreview report, MSI is planning to launch Gaming Series-branded cases and cooling solutions. MSI isn't new to cases, but its cases haven't exactly made a mark for themselves, or seen wide availability. The company will, hence, tie up with proven case (and cooling) manufacturers such as NZXT, and share its branding with them.

Enthusiasts in China spotted MSI Gaming Series variants of popular NZXT cases, such as the Phantom 410 (pictured below), and also certain cases from Jonsbo, a local Lian Li-like case maker that specializes in all-aluminium monoliths. Sources also told Expreview that MSI could share the Gaming Series brand with the likes of Thermalright/Cogage, which could launch a variant of its True Spirit TS120 tower-type CPU air cooler.
Source: Expreview

Thermalright Debuts Revised TRUE Spirit 90M, 120M and Macho 120 Coolers

Thermalright has just announced new editions of three of its CPU coolers, the TRUE Spirit 90M, TRUE Spirit 120M and Macho 120. Known as Rev.A, the tweaked versions of said coolers include updates like Nickel plated heatpipes, a black anodized top fin, and a mounting system that no longer requires a backplate. The TRUE Spirit 120M Rev.A also comes with a new fan holder.

Thermalright HR-22 Heatsink Officially Launched

Having made its first public appearance way back in November 2012, and trade-show display at this year's Computex event, it's been a long journey to the market for Thermalright's massive HR-22 CPU heatsink, which is so large, that you wouldn't need an additional fan, to cool a typical CPU, and can rely on the rear fan of your case to gently ventilate it. The company formally launched it.

The HR-22 is a monolithic aluminium fin stack heatsink to which heat is fed by eight 6 mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. Each fin features a series of cuts and air-guides, which make up the heatsink's DPAS (directed passive airflow system), that taps into the natural convection within a PC case, and utilizes it fully, to dissipate heat from the CPU. Measuring 120 mm x 150 mm x 159 mm (WxDxH), the HR-22 weighs 1.12 kg, and supports all modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011, LGA115x, LGA1366, AM3+/AM3, and FM2+/FM2.

Thermalright Releases the AXP-200 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Thermalright has now rolled out its latest heat-dispersing creation, the HTPC-friendly AXP-200 CPU cooler. This low-profile cooler measures 150 (L) x 140 (W) x 60 (H) mm, it weighs 475 grams and features six 6 mm-thick heatpipes, a nickel plated copper base, an adjustable fan mount, and a 150 mm fan operating at 700 to 1300 RPM (maximum sound level is 30.6dBA).

The AXP-200 supports Intel LGA775/1156/1366/1155/2011/1150 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2 processors and costs €49.99.

Thermalright AXP-200 CPU Cooler Detailed

Thermalright's AXP-100 SFF-friendly C-type heatsink is about to get a bigger sibling, the AXP-200. Its engineering drawings were leaked to the web, revealing a C-type cooler capable of latching on to large 140 mm fans, measuring 153 x 140 x 60 mm, and weighing in at 475 g. Its basic design is identical to the AXP-100, with a compact 22 mm clearance between the fin-stack and the base.

The AXP-200 uses six 6 mm-thick heat pipes that emerge from a nickel-plated copper base, conveying heat to an aluminum fin-stack that's arranged along the plane of the motherboard. It features 48 fins with a spacing of 2 mm. The AXP-200 should ship with a 140 mm fan (likely stock TY-140), although it's capable of handling CPUs with up to 35W TDP completely fan-less. There's no word on when exactly we'll see it in stores, or at what price.

Source: FanlessTech

Thermalright HR-22 Makes Public Appearance

Lacking its own booth at Computex this year, Thermalright displayed a few of its products in Nanoxia's booth, among them the previously teased HR-22 cooler, a massive monolithic heat sink meant to further the merits and virtues of its praised predecessor, the HR-02. Judging by the sheer size of the beast and the design choices evident in the pictures below (eight 6 mm heat pipes and an extended fin area when compared to the HR-02, a massive heat sink in its own right), one would expect the new HR-22 to compete for the top position among passive coolers.

Leetgion EL'DRUIN ARPG Gaming Mouse Now Available Worldwide

Leetgion, gaming arm of renowned PC Heatsink manufacturer Thermalright, announces 'the long waited, designed for fast paced click heavy Action RPG gaming mouse, The Leetgion EL'DRUIN is finally released! After rigorous testing and countless tweaking, the Leetgion engineer team has found a perfect balance between function and hands on feel.
Featuring a distinctive RPG armor design, The EL'DRUIN contains the brand new Leetgion SPAD and Omni-Tuner, along with removable Palm Plates, top quality Avago9500 Laser Engine and Made in Japan Omron Micro Switches. The Leetgion EL'DRUIN is your best weapon for digital questing.

The SPAD, short for Skill Power Actions D-Pad is innovative control suited to gamers' need. It's a fully programmable five way thumb pad that gives fast access to skills without the need to memorize complex button placements. Everything you need is right at the tip of your thumb.

Thermalright Black Stealth Edition AXP-100 CPU Cooler Pictured

Thermalright is working on a limited-edition variant of the recently-launched AXP-100 CPU cooler featuring pitch-black aluminum fins, copper base, and heat pipes, in combination with the usual gold+black TY-140 fan. The AX-100 Black Stealth Edition retains all other specifications of the original, except its matte-black (possibly ceramic-coated?) aluminum fins, matte-black heat pipes, and black copper base. The C-type heatsink uses six 8 mm-thick heat pipes to convey heat to an aluminum fin stack that's arranged along the plane of the motherboard, which is ventilated by a 140 mm fan. The cooler supports all current CPU socket types, and is particularly recommended for mini-ITX builds. For a chance to win one of three of these, partake in Thermalright's new giveaway.

Leetgion Cuts Hellion Price for X'mas Shopping Season

Thermalright's gaming peripherals brand, Leetgion is running what it calls "Santa Hit and Run Sale" (don't ask why), with participating online retailers in most big markets shaving 10 percent off its US $90 price tag. The offer runs from 10/12/2012 to 24/12/2012. Backing its still-high $81 price are a super-cool combination of Omron and Cherry MX mechanical switches that earn it the title of being the first "mechanical switch mouse," Avago 9500 laser sensor with 5,000 dpi resolution, an ambidextrous design, and 16.8 million color lighting.

A list of participating retailers follows.

Thermalright Introduces the AXP-100 CPU Cooler

We know that cooler choice has long been a headache for ITX and HTPC system builders. Stock CPU heatsinks and coolers are hot and noisy, while high quality coolers usually either don't fit the case or interferes with your GPU. So finding the perfect balance of size, thermal performance and noise on ITX and HTPC systems has never been easy, until now!

The Thermalright AXP-100 is here! This latest creation by Thermalright is only a mere 58 mm (2.28 inches) in height including the bundled TY-100 high performance PWM fan. This height provides almost full compatibility with HTPC and ITX cases on the market. will also be displaying a full list of case compatibility on our product page.

Thermalright Officially Introduces the Archon SB-E X2 CPU Cooler

Ever since the introduction of the first Archon "Slim Tower Heatsink" back in 2010, Thermalright has never stopped improving on its own design. Incorporating our new proprietary Pressure Vault Bracket System we introduce to the world the all new Archon SB-E X2. Aside from a total overhaul and upgrade of the mounting bracket system, the Archon SB-E X2 will be using two TY-141 high efficient double ball bearing silent fans, giving enthusiasts the perfect mash-up of performance, compatibility and silence!

The new VX BTKII mounting system on the Archon SB-E X2 brings Thermalright's Pressure Vault Bracket system to all new heights, for the first time supporting CPU's from both AMD and Intel. The VX BTK II works on almost all modern motherboards. The bracket system only takes four simple steps to mount your heatsink. A simple turn of the Central Pressure Knob lets you adjust between 40 to 70 pounds of extra pressure. The nickel plated bracket adds not only flair to your system, but also extra longevity against oxidization and rust.

Thermalright Readies the Archon SB-E X2 CPU Cooler

Thermalright is now preparing the release of the Archon SB-E X2, a CPU cooler 'optimized' for high TDP chips like Intel's Sandy Bridge-E models. Seen below, this new Archon measures 155 (L) x 106 (W) x 170 (H) mm and features a mirrored copper base, eight 6 mm heatpipes (with a sintered heatpipe design), and two TY-141 PWM fans working at 900 to 1,300 RPM (max sound output is 21 dBA).

The Archon SB-E X2 supports Intel LGA 2011/1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD Socket FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/939 processors and is bundled with Chill Factor3 thermal paste. No word on pricing yet.

Thermalright Introduces the True Sprit 120M CPU Cooler

In 2012, with the introduction of low wattage CPUs also the change in the mainstream preferences towards smaller and minimalistic PC cases, we at Thermalright have also adjusted our lineup. Traditional 160 mm tower coolers may now have compatibility issues with mainstream cases. This is why we've designed the world's smallest 120 mm fan based cooler, the True Spirit 120M!

Built on the basis of Thermalright's successful True Spirit 120, the True Spirit 120M is Thermalright advancement towards Silence, Performance and Compatibility. Made specifically for Micro ATX users, the total height is only 145 mm, about 16% lower than the 160 mm Tower standards that Thermalright has set years ago. Along with a full sized 120 mm fan, the True Spirit 120M is the best companion for your slim case.

Thermalright Teases HR-22 Passive CPU Heatsink

Thermalright is working on a massive new CPU heatsink, so massive, that it won't leave much room to strap a fan on. Pictured below, the new HR-22 is [intended to be] a passive CPU cooler with a large aluminum fin heat dissipation area, to which heat from the base is conveyed by eight 6 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. Should you decide to use fans, with a rectangle fin profile, the cooler appears to allow you to strap 140~120 mm fans on its longer sides, and 80 mm fans on its shorter ones.

Thermalright is calling the HR-22 its next masterpiece. Said the company in its Facebook post, "Thermalright's signature model the HR-02, has turn the impossible to possible and shown the world the power of passive cooling. Now we introduce to you our next masterpiece, the HR-22." The new cooler is slated for 2013, we expect the company to use CES (early-January) as its launchpad.

Source: FanlessTech

Thermalright Releases the True Spirit 120 Rev. A (BW) CPU Cooler

Thermalright has this week introduced an updated version of its True Spirit 120 CPU cooler, the 'Rev. A (BW)'. Pictured below, the cooler features 48 aluminum fins, four 6 mm copper heatpipes and one 120 mm black/white fan operating at 600 to 1500 RPM (up to 28 dBA sound output), and it comes bundled with a mounting kit providing support for Intel LGA 775/1366/1156/1155/2011 and AMD AM2(+)/AM3( +)/FM1/FM2 processors.

The True Spirit 120 Rev. A (BW) can be found here priced at €25.99.

Thermalright Leetgion Hellion RTS Mouse Detailed

Over the month, Thermalright's gaming peripherals brand, Leetgion, released its first gaming mouse, Hellion, which it also claims to be the world's first "mechanical" gaming mouse. Perhaps they didn't find ball mice "mechanical" enough. The mechanical part Leetgion is referring to, is its switches. The Hellion uses a combination of Cherry MX Blue and OMRON Japan micro-switches. The main buttons apart from center are backed by OMRON switches, while a side "attack" macro button is backed by Cherry MX Blue.

Under the hood is an AVAGO 9500 laser sensor with a tracking resolution as high as 5,000 DPI. The non-primary buttons can be assigned macro functions, and macro profiles can be switched on the fly. Leetgion comes with three macro profiles optimized for Starcraft player classes. Measuring 123 x 73 x 42 mm (LxWxH), the Hellion has a fixed weight of 105 g. It uses a wired USB connection to the host, the cable is sleeved. The mouse also features a true-color LED illumination, a color can be chosen form a pallet of 16.7 million colors in the software. Find a review here.

Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E CPU Cooler Goes on Sale

Exposed earlier this month, Thermalright's Silver Arrow SB-E high-end CPU cooler has now become available in Europe, priced at 64.99 Euro (cheaper than it was suggested by the pre-order prices).

The Silver Arrow SB-E measures 130 x 170 x 170 mm, it weights 1124 grams, and features eight nickel-plated 6 mm copper heatpipes, two Double Ball Bearing fans - one 140 mm TY141 (900 - 1300 RPM) and one 150 mm TY150 (500 - 1100 RPM), and a universal mounting system providing support for Intel LGA 2011 / 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 775 and AMD AM2(+) / AM3(+) / FM1 processors.

Thermalright's cooler can be found on sale here.

Thermalright Coming Up with the Silver Arrow SB-E CPU Cooler

To finish off the week in style Thermalright announced the Silver Arrow SB-E, a new, high-end CPU cooler based on the Silver Arrow model introduced back in 2010.

The Silver Arrow SB-E features a dual tower/dual fan design and has eight (nickel-plated) 6 mm copper heatpipes (the old Arrow comes with four 8 mm pipes), a tweaked heatsink, two TY PWM fans - one 140 mm and one 150 mm (the SA packs two 140 mm spinners), and a mounting kit offering support for Intel LGA 2011 / 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 775 and AMD AM2(+) / AM3(+) / FM1 processors.

The Silver Arrow SB-E also makes use of some more 'discrete' fan clips that won't interfere with taller memory modules. The cooler is expected to become available at the end of this month. No price tag was announced but we found it on pre-order at about $103 / 78 Euro.

Intel Sandy Bridge-E Can Reach Close to 5 GHz on Air-Cooling

As Intel's Core i7 "Sandy Bridge-E" processors in the LGA2011 package inch closer to their mid-November launch, there is already hectic activity among manufacturers of related components such as motherboards, memory, and coolers. By now, a large section of the industry has engineering samples to help design and test their components. OCWorkbench was witness to one such pre-release setup on which a Core i7 "Sandy Bridge-E" (unknown model, could even be quad-core for all we know), overclocked to 4.92 GHz with a "regular" air-cooler. The chip was idling at 45°C.

Sandy Bridge-E, as we know, can be effectively overclocked by increasing its base clock (BClk). On this particular setup, the BClk was set at 120 MHz, with a multiplier value of 41X, and core voltage of 1.51V. The memory used was DDR3-2400 MHz with CAS latency of 10T. This is particularly encouraging, not just to enthusiasts on a tight budget, but also the cooling products industry in general. Core i7 "Sandy Bridge-E" retail boxes don't contain a cooling solution, and Intel has been showing off its branded closed-loop water-cooling solution (to be purchased separately) as something that's "recommended" for Core i7 "Sandy Bridge-E". This gave many an impression that you need at least closed-loop water coolers for any hope of achieving decent overclocked speeds with these chips, and that perhaps these chips are bad overclockers in general. The likes of Xigmatek, Thermalright, Noctua, and Scythe can breathe a huge sigh of relief.Source: OCWorkbench

Thermalright Intros Revised Archon CPU Cooler

Air cooling specialist and pioneer of tower-type heatsinks, Thermalright, released a new revision of its Archon CPU cooler. Archon is a large tower-type heatsink that uses long aluminum fins. The heatsink measures 170 (H) x 155 (L) x 53 (W) mm. Such is the length of the fins that with this new revision, Thermalright decided to use a larger 150 mm fan, the Thermalright TY-150.

The TY-150 spins 500 to 1100 RPM, can be controlled using PWM, and has a noise output range of 19 to 23 dBA. The heatsink uses six 6 mm thick nickel plated copper heat pipes to convey heat evenly to the fin stack, in two rows of U-shaped pipes. The fins themselves are angled at spots to improve heat dissipation. The heat pipes converge at a mirrored copper base, but don't make direct contact with the CPU. The new Archon Rev. A is priced at €52.90.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Thermalright Intros Archon CPU Cooler, Makes Room for Memory

Thermalright introduced its latest CPU cooler, the Archon. Building on the tower-design it pioneered, the Archon carries the sales tagline "make room for your memory", meaning that it's designed keeping in mind minimal intrusion of the motherboard's memory area. It did this by reducing the depth of the heatsink, while making up for it with length. The Archon makes use of a 140 mm fan for ventilation. The aluminum fins are not very planar, instead propagate in a zig-zag manner to increase air turbulence.

Six 6 mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes convey heat to the aluminum fins from the base, which are uniformly spread across the area. A Thermalright TY-140 fan is bundled, which spins at speeds between 900 and 1300 rpm, with noise levels of 19-21 dBA. A tube of Thermalright Chill Factor III thermal compound is also bundled. All current CPU socket types are supported, namely LGA1366, LGA1156, AM3/AM2(+) and LGA775. The company did not give out pricing and availability, yet.

Thermalright Readies Shaman 140 mm VGA Cooler

Air-cooling specialist Thermalright is readying a VGA cooler that makes use of a 140 mm fan, and uses no less than eight 6 mm thick heat pipes to convey heat to a large aluminum fin array. The Shaman from Thermalright uses a large rectangular base from which eight heat pipes twist their way to the heatsink. Shaman supports nearly all high-end GPUs in the market, including GeForce GTX 480, GTX 470, GTX 465, GTX 460, Radeon HD 5800 series, Radeon HD 5700, and upcoming Radeon HD 6800 series as well as HD 6700 series. Bundled with this is a TY-140 fan, which spins between 900~1300 rpm, with a noise output of 21 dBA.

A video preview of the Thermalright Shaman follows.

Thermalright Intros Black Variant of MUX-120 CPU Cooler

Thermalright released a black variant of the MUX-120 tower CPU cooler it released back in September 2009. The Thermalright MUX-120 Black uses nickel-plated black aluminum fins, along with a black-teal X-Silent 120 mm fan. Built on the same design as most tower coolers, the MUX-120 133 x 38 x 160 mm (L x W x H), weighing 670 g. It makes use of four heat pipes to convey heat from the copper convex base to the aluminum fin array. The fan spins at speeds of 600~1300 rpm, with noise levels of 17~25 dBA. The cooler supports sockets LGA1366, LGA1156, and LGA775. It is expected to be moderately priced.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Thermalright Also Shows off Massive HR-02 CPU Cooler

Apart from the Silver Arrow dual-block tower CPU cooler, Thermalright is also readying a gargantuan single-block tower CPU cooler, the HR-02. Measuring 110 (L) x 140 (W) x 160 (H) mm, this cooler makes use of nickel plated copper heatpipes, aluminum fins, and tips the scales at 1.1 kg. Heat is conveyed to the 32 aluminum fins using six 6 mm thick heat pipes. The fins are punched in places to increase turbulence and area of dissipation. Although it doesn't ship with any fans, there are two sets of 120 mm and 140 mm fan retention clips included, along with a tube of Chill Factor III TIM. All current CPU sockets are supported. The HR-02 will reach stores soon.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Thermalright Intros Silver Arrow CPU Cooler

Thermalright is readying a new CPU cooler modeled around the twin-block tower design that is getting some takers these days, the Silver Arrow. This cooler uses two aluminum fin blocks that dissipate heat from the CPU, with air circulated by two 140 mm TY-series fans. Heat is conveyed to the two blocks by four U-shaped 8 mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. The fans spin at 500-1300 rpm, with noise-levels of up to 21 dBA. All current CPU sockets are supported, including LGA1366, LGA1156, AM3/AM2(+), and LGA775. Pricing is yet to be known.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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