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DFI LANPARTY UT X58 Motherboard Pictured

One of our readers sent us the link to a TweakTown story that gives an exclusive look at DFI's latest LANPARTY UT X58 motherboard. I won't bother you with the Intel X58 specs you probably already know by heart. Pictures speak enough for themselves:

This is a working sample. Although there's no adequate cooling on the northbridge and the southbridge there'll be one in the retail version and it'll probably be supplied by Thermalright. DFI plans to charge over $300 for this motherboard.Source: TweakTown

Thermalright Ultra 120 Cu Limited Edition up for Grabs Next Month

Famous for their fin-array based air cooling, Thermalright had earlier announced that they would be releasing a full-copper version of their popular Ultra 120 CPU cooler. Reports suggest that the cooler indeed will make it to the market next month, just that the company would be making only 3,000 of these coolers making it a limited-edition product. The cooler uses copper in all its parts, starting from the CPU contact base, the six heatpipes, and the 50+ fins. With copper being a heavier metal than aluminum, the heatsink tips the scales at a whole 3 kilograms (roughly 6 lbs). The thermal properties of copper along with an element of aesthetic appeal would sell this product, which will be priced at US $99 when it releases next month.

Source: Expreview

Thermalright HR-03 GTX kit Pictured

Thermalright is releasing a variant of the HR-03 VGA cooling kit that supports the GeForce GTX 200 series graphics cards called the HR-03 GTX. The kit consists of the main heatsink unit, heatsinks over the memory, a heatsink for the card's VRM area and a heatsink over the NVIO2 processor. The main GPU heatsink is essentially the same as the HR-03 except for modifications of the portion that makes contact with the GPU and the heatpipe configuration. Although the HR-03 series kits were meant to provide silent cooling to graphics cards, the manufacturers of this cooler insist you install an additional fan using provided retention clips.

Source: Hardspell

Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme Now in Black

Cooling expert Thermalright announced today the black version of its beloved Ultra 120 eXtreme heatpipe tower. This special edition will be called TRUE Black 120. Aside from its all black nickel plated surface the TRUE Black 120's dimensions are identical to the Ultra-120 eXtreme, measuring 63.44 x 132 x 160.5mm. It also weighs in at 790g and supports Intel's 775 socket, and AMD's AM2/AM2+. Pre-orders of the exotic cooling are reported to be starting any second now, no price was announced though.


Thermalright Releases HR-03 GT for GeForce 8800 GT

Thermalright has decided to release a new product in its HR-03 series. The new addition is the HR-03 GT with 6 heatpipes and a double sided heatsink base which can accommodate one 92mm fan. The HR-03 GT measures 134.5(L) x 163(W) x 112(H) mm, weights 130 grams and is SLI compatible. The cooler works with NVIDIA's GeForce 6800, 7800, 7900, 8600GTS series and the 8800GT 512MB plus ATI's X1800 and X1900 series.

Source: Thermalright

Thermalright New HR-07 DUO Memory Cooler

Thermalright has officially released another new memory cooler, HR-07 Duo which features:
  • Double heatpipes to double heatsinks for fast and efficient coolin
  • Proprietary through holes on every fin for efficient ventilation in passive mode
  • Vast compatibility across multiple types of memories (DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 - only support duble sided memory modules)
  • No tools needed for an easy installation keeping manufacturer’s warranty in tact without voiding it
  • Supports Dual Channel Mode. Option to install on all four memory slots.

Source: Thermalright

Thermalright HR-01 X - A Dream Come True for Servers

We have received many distraught emails from users across the globe complaining that their stock cooler would not allow them to overclock their servers. Another issues brought up was the noise they have to tolerate from the high RPM fans in order to keep the CPU at mediocre operation level. To solve these problems we upgraded the original HR-01 with 6 heat pipes, and with its proprietary thru holes you can pair it up with any low RPM 120mm fan and add the ability and flexibility to OVERCLOCK! At the same time enjoying the quietness the HR-01X brings while you work effortlessly and quietly.

Thermalright Unveils SI-128 SE CPU Cooler

In 2006 when Thermalright released the SI-128, it became one of the favorites among enthusiasts. This year, we added our proprietary thru holes on every fins to enhance ventilation by increasing air-to-surface contact with air, we call this all new CPU heatsink, SI-128 SE!

Other similar structured (blow down) heatsinks has no support in the front. Heatpipes alone will not be enough to support the weight over time and the result can be as shown in the picture on the right. When the heatpipes are bent to some degree, the performance level drops.

Thermalright V2 VGA Cooler

Thermalright introduced today what they claim to be "VGA cooler to pinpoint the fine balance between size and cost for the average Joe in rest of us." The main features of Thermalright V2 include:
  • 4 heapipe design in all copper structure
  • Works with any 92mm of 15mm or 25mm width fan (not included)
  • No-tool easy installation without hassle
  • Compact in size and light in weight - 290g (heatsink only)
  • Vast compatibility supporting multiple types of video cards (compatibility list)
  • SLI/Crossfire compatible for serious gaming enthusiasts
  • Supports SLI/Cross Fire and perfect for HTPC form factor taking up only one slot

Source: Thermalright

Thermalright HR-09 MOSFET Cooler

In return to all end-user requests for an aftermarket MOSFET cooler, Thermalright developed a new product called HR-09 (from High-Riser series) MOSFET cooler. The HR-09 MOSFET cooler with its patented design will cool the motherboard's MOSFET area for a stable operation not only under normal conditions but also when you increase the frequency and voltage to overclock. Now heat is no more an issue. The HR-09 comes in two distinctive designs and types (sold separately): HR-09U and HR-09S. The difference lies in positioning and orientation of the fins and heatpipe for maximum compatibility with various motherboards and CPU coolers.

Source: Thermalright

Thermalright Previews the IFX-14 CPU Cooler

Thermalright yesterday updated their page with an additional high end CPU cooler, called the IFX-14 "Inferno Fire eXtinguisher". According to the site specs this cooler has larger surface area than any other heatsinks (140mm x 120mm) with option to install one or even two 140mm fans. It also has four large 8mm heatpipes to distribute massive amount of heat fast and efficiently. The IFX-14 cooler attaches to the CPU socket with the help of multi-platform compatible backplate which includes a back-side dual heatpipe heatsink (patent pending), which not only additionally cools the CPU but also takes care of the heat coming from the back of the motherboard. The IFX-14 heatsink weights 790 grams and can be rotated 90 degrees for maximum compatibility.Source: Thermalright

Thermalright releases HR-03 Plus 8800 Series VGA Cooler

Before the end of 2006, many Thermalright supporters and users got to feel the wrath of the awesome cooling power of our VGA cooler, the HR-03. It received nothing but accolades and praises from hardware sites to world-wide end-users. Then near the end of 2006 Nvidia released their 8800 series and we started receiving inquiries about HR-03 compatibility with it. We tested the new 8800GTX in our own lab and found that performance does indeed rise up to expectation but so does the heat that it produces. Unfortunately, HR-03 did not have what it takes to work with the 8800 series, so we hastily went back to the drawing board, did a research on 8800’s structures, heat dissipation pattern and amount, and evolved HR-03 into something greater! In time for the celebration of the new year 2007, we proudly announce Thermalright’s HR-03 Plus!
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