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MSI Announces Radeon HD 6870 Twin Frozr II OC Graphics Cards

Internationally renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI announces today the R6870 Twin Frozr II graphics card. It is equipped with the latest 40nm AMD Radeon HD6870 GPU, IGB GDDR5 high-speed graphics memory, and the award-winning Twin Frozr II thermal solution. As a result, the operating temperature and noise of the R6870 Twin Frozr II are reduced by 19°C and 12.8dB respectively (versus the reference design). Also, the overvoltage function from the MSI-exclusive Afterburner software further enhances the OC potential of the Barts GPU, and AMD’s Eyefinity Technology provides optimal multi-display 2D/3D output for gaming, productivity and entertainment. Along with the super reliable Solid CAPs which prolong product life and enhance product stability and quality, the R6870 Twin Frozr II is the best choice ever for power users looking for graphics cards with ultimate performance and low operating temperature.

MSI Readies Radeon HD 6870 Twin Frozr II Graphics Card

Prepare for a wave of custom-design AMD Radeon HD 6870 graphics cards. MSI joins the party with its new R6870 Twin Frozr II graphics card that uses the company's tried and tested Twin Frozr II GPU heatsink assembly on top of AMD reference design PCB. The cooler is advertised to keep the GPU up to 19 °C cooler, and 12.8 dB quieter compared to the AMD reference design cooler. It makes use of a large aluminum fin array to which heat is conveyed by 8 mm thick heat pipes. Ventilation is care of two 90 mm fans. MSI didn't specify if this card is factory-overclocked, but there's a good chance it is. Expect MSI's card to be launched in the days to come.

Source: HardwareZone

MSI Readies Faster, Better N460GTX HAWK ''Talon Attack'' Graphics Card

MSI is rolling out a new premium GeForce GTX 460 SKU, the N460GTX HAWK "Talon Attack". The new model is based on the same design as the N460GTX HAWK the company released over a month ago, except that is uses lower latency memory chips (better), at 0.4 ns; and higher clock speeds. The core is clocked at 810 MHz (compared to 780 MHz on the N460GTX HAWK); CUDA cores at 1620 MHz (vs. 1560), and memory at 975 MHz or 3900 MHz GDDR5 effective (vs. 900 or 3600 MHz effective).

Most other features are retained, such as the Twin Frozr II GPU cooler, 7+1 phase VRM with Active Phase Switching (APS), consolidated voltage measure points, "Military Grade" components such as Hi-C Capacitors, Super Ferrite Chokes; and standard GeForce GTX 460 feature set that include 336 CUDA cores, and 1 GB of memory across a 256-bit wide memory interface, with dual DVI + mini-HDMI for outputs. Its pricing is unknown at this point.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

MSI Launches the N480GTX Twin Frozr II Graphics Card

Internationally renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI officially launches the N480GTX Twin Frozr II graphics card. Built on the latest 40nm manufacturing process, the N480GTX Twin Frozr II is equipped with 1536MB of high-speed GDDR5 memory. The exclusive, award-winning Twin Frozr II thermal design meets the performance and thermal demands of graphics enthusiasts.

Along with various exclusive technologies from NVIDIA such as 3D Vision Surround, PhysX, and CUDA, the N480GTX Twin Frozr II allows games to be played at the highest resolutions. The Twin Frozr II dual-fan thermal design from MSI reduces temperature by 14°C and noise by 4dB when compared to the the reference design. Without a doubt, the N480GTX Twin Frozr II is the only and best solution for superb performance, low operating temperature, and quiet performance.

MSI Announces the N460GTX HAWK 1 GB High-Performance Graphics Card

Following the global success of the R5770 Hawk graphic card, internationally renowned graphic card and mainboard manufacturer MSI today launches the brand new N460GTX Hawk to the great expectation of global gamers to conquer the market. The world's first graphic card with triple overvoltage function supporting core voltage, memory voltage and PLL voltage adjustments, the N460GTX Hawk is also the only model on the market that has successfully achieved 1GHz under air-cooling during overclocking.

Also, the design tradition of the Hawk series continues on the GTX460 GPU, including 7+1 PWM power design, V-Check Points, APS (active phase switching), Twin Frozr II dual-fan thermal design, and military class components, to deliver unrivaled performance in thermal solution, power supply, stability, noise reduction and performance.

MSI Announces Twin Frozr II Equipped N465GTX and N470GTX Graphics Cards

MSI, the world's leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, today launches two of its latest graphics cards, N470GTX and N465GTX Twin Frozr II which are based on MSI's unique Twin Frozr II thermal design. MSI also revealed its limited N465GTX Twin Frozr II golden edition graphics card which adopts the full copper design. The cards are powered by NVIDIA's advanced GeForce GTX 400 GPU and support NVIDIA technologies such as 3D Vision Surround, PhysX and CUDA etc and boast MSI's Twin Frozr II thermal design. As compared to the reference graphics cards, MSI's latest offerings show a reduction in noise by 21.5dB and heat by 16℃ in full load, making them the industry's most outstanding graphics cards with the best heat dissipation and noise reduction features.

MSI N465 GTX Golden Edition Adds Bling to Gaming Rigs

MSI showed off a limited edition GeForce GTX 465 graphics card for those looking for some bling and exclusivity in their rigs, the MSI N465GTX Twin Frozr Golden Edition. This card uses an all-copper GPU heatsink, complete with copper fins, base, and heat pipes, and a copper-colored cooler shroud. Expect this card to cost a premium.

Image Courtesy: Futurelooks

MSI Readies Twin Frozr II Based GeForce GTX 400 Series Graphics Cards

MSI is readying three new non-reference design graphics cards based on the entire series of GeForce GTX 400 series GPUs, including the upcoming GeForce GTX 465. The new cards will make use of the company's tried and tested Twin-Frozr II GPU cooler to keep the scorching GF100 GPU running. Unlike Twin Frozr II coolers used on ATI Radeon HD 5800 series GPUs, which have bases with heat pipes making direct contact with the GPU, in its GF100 implementation, the cooler will have large copper bases to quickly transfer heat from the GPU to the cooler. Perhaps MSI's mention of "high density" could also indicate that it would have more aluminum fins. The 8 mm thick heat pipes, which MSI refers to as SuperPipes, stay on. The SKUs will likely be called the MSI N480/N470/N465 Twin Frozr II, for models with the GeForce GTX 480, GTX 470, and GTX 465, respectively.

Source: Fudzilla

MSI Launches R5870/R5850 Twin Frozr II Graphics Cards

MSI, the world-leading manufacturer of mainboards and graphics cards, today launched the R5870/R5850 Twin Frozr II, the latest in the Twin Frozr series of graphics display adaptors designed for outstanding cooling performance that have won praise from the media. In addition to the latest technologies such as ATI Stream, Eyefinity and DX11, which are supported by the standard ATI Radeon HD5870 and HD5850 GPUs, the new models have also inherited MSI's technical excellence in thermal design.

Not only are R5870/R5850 Twin Frozr II equipped with military class components where it matters the most, the new models have also adopted a powerful cooling device designed for Twin Frozr II – dual 8-cm PWM fans and dual 8-mm SuperPipe technology for an even more outstanding thermal design, all the while maintaining low-noise performance during operation. These are products that should not be missed by consumers who value both performance and silence.

MSI Also Unveils R5830 Twin Frozr II Graphics Card

The world leading graphics card and mainboard brand-manufacturer, MSI, today officially releases its R5830 Twin Frozr II graphics card. MSI R5830 Twin Frozr II uses ATI Radeon HD 5830 GPU with 1120 units of stream processors and 1GB GDDR5 high speed memory to provide the latest DirectX 11 games with stunning visual effects to gamers. Equipped with excusive Twin Frozr II Thermal design, R5830 Twin Frozr II is 12℃ cooler thanks to dual 8CM PWM fans and quad Heatpipes. The most powerful Afterburner overclocking software supports over voltage function of GPU on R5830 Twin Frozr, tweaking the GPU's voltage to have better overclocking performance. In addition, to have better stability and lifespan, R5830 Twin Frozr II chooses the high quality Military class components to build the best HD 5830 card.

For heat dissipation, the MSI R5830 Twin Frozr II graphic card uses the advanced Twin Frozr II thermal design. This is supplemented by dual 8CM PWM fans and quad heat pipes to draw and dissipate waste heat away from the graphics card. Real-world tests show that MSI's proprietary Twin Frozr II cooling can reduce temperatures by up to 12℃ when compared to the reference cooler, making it quite an advanced cooling system.

MSI Unveils R5870 Lightning Graphics Card

World-renowned graphics card and mainboard brand-manufacturer MSI has officially launched a new generation of the Lightning series, the R5870 Lightning. Not only are top-quality components used in the design, but the following features are also included: exclusive all Hi-c CAP for GPU power, 15-phase power design, two 8-pin external power connectors, special PCB design called LPL (Lightning Power Layer), Twin Frozr II Thermal design with 8mm SuperPipe technology…etc. These outstanding features boost overall performance and reliability to a whole new level. This can be described as a top-performing product specifically designed for the extreme gamers and built to be perfect.

The new MSI R5870 Lightning features the industry's first 15-phase (13+2) power supply design; comparing to the reference-design 7 (5+2)-phase power supply module, it provides more than twice the power required by the GPU; It also features two 8-pin external power connectors, allowing more ample power supply for the R5870 Lightning; In addition, the design of the new R5870 Lightning has also incorporated a dedicated LPL (Lightning Power Layer) design, which is designed for GPU and memory power. This helps to increase the stability of power supply and also reduce noise.

MSI Radeon HD 5770 HAWK Pictured

MSI is readying a new ATI Radeon HD 5770 based graphics card with its new "HAWK" branding. Its design will involve overclocking headroom, and a cooler superior to the reference design in terms of cooling performance. The MSI R5770 HAWK is said to feature "Military Grade" components, and a cooler which looks like a shrunk version of the Twin Frozr II found on many of MSI's Lightning series graphics cards. Another interesting feature is its voltage measure points that pop out by two wires. These let you measure vGPU and vMem voltages. The PCB features just one CrossFire finger. Display connectivity includes one each of DVI-D, HDMI, and DisplayPort. The AMD Juniper GPU powering it is DirectX 11 compliant, features 800 stream processors, and 128-bit GDDR5 memory interface, with which it connects to 1 GB of memory. There's no word on the release date or price yet, but we expect it to be out very soon.

Source: Guru3D

MSI Introduces Power Efficient N250GTS Green Series

To fulfill consumers’ demand towards more performance and higher power efficiency, MSI, the leading manufacturer of graphics card and mainboards, launches the green editions of the N250GTS graphics card. The green series includes the N250GTS-2D512, N250GTS-2D1G, N250GTS Twin Frozr and N250GTS Twin Frozr 1G. Compared to previous generation GTS250 cards, the N250GTS green series adopts a GTS250 GPU with lower voltage decreasing powerconsumption by up to 25%. In addition, they are equipped with “Military Class Concept” components to improve it’s lifespan, performance and stability. Thus, the green series provides not only superior DirectX 10 performance, but they also help for a better environment.

The new MSI N250GTS Series is using a low voltage version of the GTS 250 GPU, lowering the power consumption up to 25%. Simultaneously waste heat also decreases, extending the product lifespan, while lowering both fan speed and noise. This results in overall lower system temperature providing users a more comfortable working environment. Key components of the new N250GTS series are Solid State Chokes (SSC) and Solid Capacitors which follow the “Military Class Concept”. These high quality components not only increase operating stability and product lifespan, but also prevents buzz noise under full load.

MSI Readies HD 5870 Lightning Graphics Card

MSI is designing a high-end graphics card based on the ATI Radeon HD 5870, to be featured in its Lightning series of overclocking-friendly graphics cards. A PCB drawing of the same surfaced recently, revealing a taller than usual PCB, with a high-grade VRM to support high-levels of overclocking, among other noticeable features. The PCB seems to have a 12-phase vGPU and 3-phase vMEM, it is fed by two 8-pin PCI-E power connectors, though it remains to be seen if MSI places two actual 8-pin connectors. Some parts of the PCB make use of high-C surface-mount capacitors. The display connectivity cluster seems to be identical to that of the reference design PCB, with two DVI-D, and one each of HDMI and DisplayPort. It is likely that MSI uses a high-end cooler for this card, perhaps similar to the Twin Frozr II design. More information will surface during the upcoming CES event.

Source: XtremeSystems

MSI Announces Afterburner Graphics Card Tweaking Utility

The world-leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, today announces all-in-one graphics card tweak utility “Afterburner”. All MSI graphics card users can download it for free on Afterburner website today. The powerful overclocking, tweaking, and monitoring features of Afterburner are incomparable among competitors. The MSI graphics card users can immediately enjoy the overclocking performance and tweaking pleasure brought by Afterburner now.

Afterburner fully supports the GPU/Shader/Memory clock adjustment of NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards. Beside general overclocking features, Afterburner has the exclusive over-voltage technology, which supports NVIDIA and ATI high-end product-line and MSI award-winning Lightning series. With these graphics cards, the extra over-voltage function will be activated, and can highly boost the graphics card overclocking capability and make the games runs more smoothly. According to the internal test result, MSI N275GTX Lightning core clock can be overclocked to the awesome 1175MHz and reached the unprecedented 85% overclocking capability.

MSI Announces N275GTX Lightning 1792 MB Graphics Accelerator

The world's well-known graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, today officially announced new product of top-of-the-range Lightning series graphics card, N275GTX Lightning. The MSI N260GTX Lightning that is released in April has broken the world record by reaching incredible 1.1GHz GPU clock that no other GTX 260 cards can exceed. After N260GTX Lightning, MSI introduced the new N275GTX Lightning with Military Class components, 10 phase PWM, 1792MB GDDR3 memory, Twin Frozr II thermal design with SuperPipe technology, and several overclocking functions. The performance of MSI N275GTX Lightning is even faster than reference GeForce GTX 285 graphics cards, which prove its perfect design and best quality.

MSI Announces N250GTS Twin Frozr Series Graphics Cards

MSI received lots of attention after the release of its N250GTS graphics cards for the series' extraordinary price-performance ratio. Today MSI unveils two new cards - N250GTS Twin Frozr 1G and N250GTS Twin Frozr - which utilize the radical Twin Frozr thermal design coupled with dual PWM fans and 3 high-efficiency heatpipes to cool down the temperature and improve the cards' stability. Additionally, MSI's N250GTS Twin Frozr series features 128 stream processors, 256-bit GDDR3 high-speed memory, and Military Class components for the best lifespan and stability. With so many features on the powerful N250 Twin Frozr series, these cards are sure to provide smooth DirectX 10 game play for fantastic enjoyment.

The all new N250GTS Twin Frozr uses the Twin Frozr thermal design featuring intelligent dual PWM fans, which adjust their speed based on the GPU's loading and temperature. This design helps the card to run quietly for normal applications; while maintaining cool, low-noise operation when running 3D programs and games. The dual-fan design also helps to ensure stable operation, if one fan fails, another would be still able to keep running to dissipate heat.

MSI Reveals Secret Behind Twin Frozr Cooler Design

In the graphics card industry every manufacturer is particularly focusing on development and research for special thermal solutions. No matter how strong a product’s performance, if it is not possible to guarantee stable and low temperature operation at all times, such high performance doesn’t make a good product. This is especially the case for high-end products which can easily consume more than 150W and therefore need advanced thermal provisions. In order to meet the particular thermal dissipation demands of power users, the global high-end graphics card and professional motherboard manufacturer MSI Technology, introduced their exclusively developed Twin Frozr thermal design. This brand new thermal design incorporates a dual fan, 5 heatpipes, an extra large heat sink and a copper-nickel base. When compared to reference fan designs of the same level MSI’s thermal solution is by far exceeding in performance and low temperature, making it one of the best design available on the market today.
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