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Vista Keygen a Hoax

The other day, techPowerUp! reported on a keygen for Windows Vista which supposedly allowed users to (illegally) generate activation codes for use with Vista which could fool the activation. However, the creator of this brute force keygen, known simply as “Computer User” on the KezNews forums, is himself admitting that the keygen was a joke and he’s never gotten it to work, saying “everyone who said they got a key a probably lying or mistaken!” There have been some reports of success, and although there is a slight chance the keygen could work, the chances of actually generating a working code are slim – it would probably take days if you got one at all. So it looks like he’s either worried about action from Microsoft and pretending it doesn’t work, or it genuinely is a fake.Via: Slashdot

Windows Vista activation key generators begin making their way onto the internet

Microsoft has yet another problem on it's hands regarding Windows Vista. Windows Vista, despite all the effort Microsoft put into securing it with various forms of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) software, now has key generators (keygens) that can give a pirate a valid key. This is in no way perfect, and is quite time consuming. It simply makes a random string of 25 characters, which the pirate would then subject to Windows activation. If this were to ever catch on as a major fad among pirates, serious problems would arise. The most serious problem to Microsoft would not be the unpaid copy of Windows. Instead, it would be the possibility of a key matching a legal key that hasn't been bought yet.Source: The Inquirer

Windows Vista shares WGA bug of Windows XP

Just four days ago, we reported that Microsoft had updated Windows XP's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) software. Unfortunately, Windows Vista's version of WGA is very similar to the flawed Windows XP version. And so, Windows Vista may prompt users to activate Windows Vista when they do simple things not requiring activation, such as swap out a small piece of hardware (such as a DVD burner or a gigabyte of RAM). Thankfully, Windows Vista doesn't seem to report a genuine copy of Windows Vista as pirated, like the flawed version of XP WGA did.Source: The Inquirer

Windows Vista upgrades confirmed for March

Many users have bought Windows XP based notebooks during the Christmas season and have applied for the Windows Vista upgrade. While the retail version has now been available for almost a month, those who took advantage of the upgrade offer will have to sit tight some more. Most upgrades should be shipped out in March. While some orders have been shipped already, most will receive the new Windows OS in that month. I for one do not mind sitting tight for a few more weeks.Source: TG Daily

'Ultimate' Vista keyboard spotted

'Ultimate', 'sexy' and 'love' are the describing words that Jason Chen from Gizmodo used in his news article. This Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 he is talking about really must have something.

You want to see more of this piece of technology made by Microsoft? Then look at the gallery he created with lots and lots of pictures.Source: Gizmodo

Windows Defender Fails Malware Test

Microsoft’s very own antivirus software, Windows Live OneCare, was recently found to be failing Vista users, and now the same has been discovered for its free anti-spyware application. In tests carried out by Australian company Enex Testlab, Windows Defender struggled to detect just half of the malware which it was tested with, with the quick scan finding missing most of the malware and the full scan finding only 53.3%. It would be best to note that the test was financed by competing company PC Tools, which claims the test was unbiased, although the winning software (detecting 88.7% of malware) was PC Tools’ very own Spyware Doctor. Windows Defender was released as a final version in October 2006, so it is relatively new and of course (being free) costs less than Spyware Doctor.Source:

Apple applications are not ready for Windows Vista

Apple has joined this list of companies that have popular tech not ready for Windows Vista. Earlier this week, they announced that iTunes was not ready for Windows Vista. Apparently, all of Apple's software cannot be run on Windows Vista. This is quite a setback, considering how many Quicktime files there are on the internet, and how many people who own iPods.Source: The Register

Creative Responds to lack of Vista support

Creative has responded to the Inquirer reguarding their article on Creatives Lack of vista support. Story can be seen here. The creative PR responded "We have been working on the Vista project for quite some time, having released beta drivers late last year for the beta community and endeavored to keep our customers up to date regularly via our Vista update site and forum feedback."

For those who wish to have a timeline for the release of more polished creative drivers here are a few dates to look for. March 5th, and March 8th. On March 5th Creative targets delivery of the Audigy series drivers, this is suprising to many seeing that the X-Fi series is newer than the Audigy Series and is being released at a later date.

OEMs slow to ship Express Vista

As is well known, many OEM companies, such as Dell and HP have guarenteed customers who purchased a computer after a certain(in most cases after October 26, 2006) an upgrade version of Vista. Intrestingly two weeks and some odd days later few customers have actually recieved versions of express Vista upgrade. Dell Claims server issues were a primary cause for delay. Dell also stated that upgrade edition of Vista won't ship before the end of this month, and further stated shipping could take 6-8 weeks. HP is not doing much better in regards to the Express Vista promise, customers entitled to this upgrade were notified by an e-mail from hp saying they can expect to recieve their Express Vista upgrade sometime in April.Source: ars technica

NVIDIA Vice President on Vista Drivers

Although Vista is still a new OS, many users are complaining about the driver support, with one of the biggest complaints being NVIDIA’s GeForce drivers – or lack of them. NVIDIA’s Vice President of Software Engineering, Dwight Diercks, has been justifying the problems in an interview with Real World Benchmarks. To see the whole interview I suggest you visit the source, but the major contributing factor for the delay is that the company needs to write six new drivers – one for each of DirectX 9, DirectX 9 SLI, DirectX 10, DirectX 10 SLI, OpenGL and OpenGL SLI. One of NVIDIA’s drivers for Vista has over 20 million lines of code, which is similar to all of Windows NT. He goes onto comment that the certified 8800 series driver should be released by the end of the month, and the SLI driver for the 7x00 series should be available in March, as well as support for Blu-ray and HD DVD.Source: Real World Benchmarks
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