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Wii Outselling Rivals

Preliminary figures for North America suggest that the Nintendo Wii is comfortably outselling its two major rivals, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The Wii managed to sell 436,000 units during January, with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 selling 294,000 and 244,000 consoles respectively. The Wii is also the cheapest of the three, whilst the Xbox 360 is next cheapest and the Playstation 3 comes in as the most expensive (and arguably most feature-packed, albeit somewhat unwanted) next generation console. Figures for the Playstation 2 have not been released, although it has been the major seller in the previous months.Source: [H]ard|OCP

Oblivion never coming to Wii

Bethesda studios announced that as much as they'd love to see Elder Scrolls IV- Oblivion, it will never find itself there. The Nintendo Wii simply doesn't have enough power to run the very demanding game. Of course, this doesn't explain how they managed to stick Oblivion on the PSP, which is essentially a much smaller version of the PS2.Source: 1Up

Guitar Hero is coming to the Nintendo Wii

Neversoft, a software firm that has recently undertook a lot of major games, is announcing that they will make some of their games compatible with Nintendo platforms. In the past, Neversoft, which has helped make games such as Spider-man, was focused on making games purely for Microsoft and Sony platforms. Now, they have decided to add support for the Wii and DS. They will do this by porting games that they own, including Spider-man, Shrek, Transformers, and Guitar Hero (Guitar Hero is no longer a Harmonix title, they sold it to Neversoft).Source: 1Up

Nintendo sold three Wii's for every Sony PlayStation 3 sold in Japan this January

During the holiday season, Nintendo sold two Wii's for each Sony PlayStation 3. It appears that in Japan, Nintendo's strong trend continues, and they are currently selling 3 Wii's for every single PS3 sold. The official figures are 405,000 Wiis sold to 148,000 PS3's. If this trend continues, Sony will likely cut PS3 prices in Japan by the end of the year.Source: 1Up

Sony claims that the Nintendo Wii is nothing more than an 'impulse buy'

Once again, it's that time of year. The post-holiday lull in market activity where everyone is either waiting for the "next big thing" or watching for the market's next move. According to The New York Times, the gaming market is very easy to see. Xbox360 is in the lead, Wii's are selling like hotcakes, and PS3 sales are steady but slow. Sony had a very interesting comment in regards to the current console war. The senior director of corporate communication in Sony Corporate Entertainment America:
Wii could be considered an impulse buy more than anything else.
It should be noted that Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison said something very similar about the Nintendo DS...18 months ago.Source: 1Up

News on the Wii

Nintendo has updated its firmware for the new Wii console to enable the news channel, a day ahead of schedule. The channel uses feeds from the Associated Press, with categories for National News, Regional News, International News, Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Business, Science/Health and Technology. You can’t use your own RSS feeds yet, but this adds to the forecast channel to give Wii users quick and direct access to news and weather. Admittedly the free internet channel can also be used for this, but it gives users a simpler way to see news stories on their console.Source: DailyTech

Wii causes a surge in Nintendo’s profits

With the release of the Wii towards the end of last year, coupled with the success of the Nintendo DS, Nintendo saw a nice boost in profits between April and December last year. Profits over that period hit the equivalent of $1.09bn, up 43% from the figures a year earlier. This success has led Nintendo to predict a further 28% rise in profits for the year up to 31st March. The manufacturer has revealed that it reached its target of shipping four million Wii consoles by the end of the year, with the PS3, one of the major competitors, suffering production issues.Source: BBC News

Nintendo Wii helps man lose weight

The Nintendo Wii has been getting some bad press as of late, with the (formerly) weak wrist straps rumored to have lead to a class action lawsuit. However, after six weeks of owning a Nintendo Wii, a proud owner has noticed something. After not changing his diet (actually eating more for the holidays), and working the same hours, he's lost nine pounds. This is very likely to be the first time a video game system has helped anyone lose weight. All 25 year old Mickey DeLorenzo had to do was play Wii Sports for 30 minutes a day, and watched himself get thinner. You can read the full blog, complete with graphs and before/after pictures, here.Source: CNN Money

Transcend Intros New SD Cards for Sony PS3, and Nintendo Wii Game Consoles

Transcend information, a leading company in manufacturing flash memory products showcased its new SD gaming cards designed specially for game consoles, such as Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii, at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The growing popularity of game consoles has catapulted the need for higher performance and bigger capacity flash memory cards.

Fenner Investments sues Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo for infringing on it's joystick patent

Fenner Investments sues Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo for infringing on its joystick

It sounds too nonsensical to be true, but Texas-based Fenner Investments sued all three console manufacturers for infringing their copyright on a "low-voltage joystick port interface" (patent number 6,297,751). The patent basically states:
The joystick port interface according the present invention is a low power port which interfaces a typical 5 Volt joystick peripheral device with a lower power computer port. The low-voltage joystick port interface includes a bidirectional buffer circuit and a pulse generator which, together, generate a digital pulse signal, representing a joystick coordinate position, based on an input analog measurement signal.
If Fenner wins the lawsuits, then they will succeed in banning all three consoles from market, as they are seeking damages and an injunction against the consoles.Source: Gamasutra
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