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NVIDIA GeForce 195.62 WHQL Drivers Released

Just over a day after releasing it in the beta form, NVIDIA released the WHQL-signed version of its GeForce 195.62 driver package. The package provides drivers and related software for GeForce GPUs and the ION chipset. Usually, a WHQL-signed driver that trails a beta release has a different version number and includes some minor changes. With this release however, there are no changes whatsoever, except of course the WHQL certification. As a quick recap, this is what is new with GeForce 195.62:
  • Added GPU-acceleration for smoother online HD videos with the new Adobe Flash 10.1 beta.
  • Added support for OpenCL 1.0 (Open Computing Language) for all GeForce 8-series and later GPUs.
  • Added support for CUDA Toolkit 3.0 features and performance enhancements
  • Added SLI and multi-GPU support for many top new gaming titles including Borderlands, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, FIFA Soccer 10, and more
  • Includes numerous bug fixes
DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA GeForce 195.62 WHQL Windows 7/Vista 64-bit | Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bit

ATI Catalyst 9.11 WHQL Released

AMD published its near-monthly installment of the ATI Catalyst Software Suite, which provides essential drivers for the company's ATI Radeon graphics processors, AMD 7-series chipset IGPs, ATI multimedia products, and the AMD FireStream GPGPU processors. Version 9.11 announced today, comes with the same hardware support base as the older version, includes two new features, and carries the usual application-specific fixes.

New features include GPU Acceleration of H.264 video content using Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta, and High Quality downscaling for video transcoding MSE. The release of ATI Catalyst, according to AMD, supports the new Hardware Acceleration features of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta for video encoded in the H.264 format. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta introduces hardware-based H.264 video decoding to deliver smooth video playback, reduce system resource utilization, and preserve battery life. Hardware acceleration is supported on all existing Radeon HD 5000 and HD 4000 series graphics processors. The release of ATI Catalyst includes an enhancement for the ATI Video converter for users transcoding high quality interlaced content (1920x1080i @60i videos) down to small resolution progressive content (320x240 @30p - iPod videos as an example), by maintaining high visual quality when down-scaling by a significant amount and converting interlaced video content to progressive. For a list of minor issues fixed in the release, refer to the Release Notes document.

DOWNLOAD: ATI Catalyst 9.11 WHQL for Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows 7/Vista 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit

ATI Catalyst 9.10 WHQL Released

AMD released the latest version of its ATI Catalyst software suite. Version 9.10 WHQL brings with it official support for the company's newest ATI Radeon HD 5800 series graphics processors, adds features that enhance usability under Windows 7, along with the usual list of bug fixes. The driver also adds support for Super Sample Anti-Aliasing, for Radeon HD 5800 GPUs. A complete list of changes can be read in the release notes document. The most important of them are listed below:
  • ATI Catalyst 9.10 now includes full GPU support for the award winning ATI HD Radeon 5800 series GPUs.
  • Provides support for a new Anti-Aliasing method on the ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series. Users can now experience the high level of anti-aliasing image quality using Super Sampling anti-aliasing while maintaining good performance levels
  • Adds GPU acceleration for the Windows 7 Drag and Drop video converting application
DOWNLOAD: ATI Catalyst 9.10 WHQL for Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows 7/Vista 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit

Acer Intros Aspire One AOD250, Includes Dual-Boot Option with Android and Windows XP

Acer America, the world’s second largest notebook PC vendor and third largest PC vendor1, today announced U.S. availability of the Aspire One AOD250 netbook featuring a dual-boot operating system including Android and Windows XP Home. The open design of Android gives Aspire One users faster connections to the Internet and increased access to productivity and entertainment applications. Continuing to push the envelope on mobile computing solutions, Acer is offering the 10.1-inch Aspire One AOD250 with Android and Windows XP to U.S. customers with prices beginning at $349.99.

The Aspire One AOD250 netbook includes a dual-boot feature allowing users to switch between Android and Windows XP Home operating systems with just a click of a mouse. Designed specifically for mobile devices and applications, Android allows the Aspire One netbook to boot up and shut down quickly with “instant on” Internet connectivity, saving time and boosting productivity.

ZOTAC Unleashes World's First Everywhere PC

Combining a high-performance NVIDIA ION graphics processor with a choice of energy-efficient dual-core Intel Atom 330 or single-core Atom 230 processors, the ZOTAC MAG delivers an eco-friendly computing experience that still packs a performance punch in a compact 186mm x 189mm x 38mm package.

“As users start equipping every room in their house with computers for a true networked digital home experience, space and power conservation becomes an issue, especially for larger houses,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International. “With the ZOTAC MAG series, we’re providing users with a system suitable anywhere inside a house. The compact size, performance and energy efficiency makes the ZOTAC MAG perfect for all computing uses.”

Hack Released to Enable PhysX on Windows 7 with ATI GPU Present

For NVIDIA's PhysX technology, it has been a roller-coaster ride since NVIDIA's acquisition of the technology, and its makers. As much as PhysX quickly became one of the important selling-points of NVIDIA's consumer graphics line GeForce, it also had its small share of controversy, linked to market dynamics more than anything. With the technology's port to the GeForce GPU, enthusiasts fancied having the freedom of choice with a primary GPU that is dedicated to rendering 3D graphics, and a second GPU that is just about powerful to assign as a dedicated PhysX GPU.

Although having a powerful ATI Radeon GPU aided by a less-powerful NVIDIA GeForce GPU for PhysX was possible on Windows XP, the succeeding Windows Vista restricted this, by making sure two active display drivers couldn't coexist. Windows 7 removed this restriction, but before you could rejoice, NVIDIA quickly released a driver-level code with its 186 series drivers, that disables NVIDIA PhysX altogether when a GPU from another vendor is coexisting and enabled, even an IGP for that matter. If that wasn't bizarre enough, with the latest drivers, you can't even pair an Ageia PhysX PPU card with an ATI Radeon GPU going about its business. To the rescue comes a soft-modder's nifty bit of software that overrides this restriction from NVIDIA's drivers, so you can use dedicated GeForce PhysX cards on machines with ATI Radeon primary GPUs again. The corrective driver patch comes from tech portal community member GenL.

NVIDIA GeForce 191.07 WHQL Drivers Released

A little over two weeks after releasing its previous 190.62 WHQL version of its GeForce drivers, NVIDIA released its brand new GeForce 191.07 driver suite, signed by Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). The suite provides driver and system software support for all current NVIDIA GeForce graphics products, GeForce 6-series and above. This release is aimed for provide application-specific performance enhancements, numerous bug-fixes related to the drivers, and included software, and improved game support for NVIDIA's SLI multi-GPU technology. As listed by the company, important changes are as follows. For a broader list of changes, please refer to the Release Notes document (for Windows 7, Vista, and XP):
  • Adds support for OpenGL 3.2 for GeForce 8, 9, 100, and 200-series GPUs and ION GPUs.
  • Accelerates performance in several gaming applications. The following are examples of improvements measured with version 191.07 drivers vs. version 190.62 drivers (results will vary depending on your GPU, system configuration, and game settings):
  • o Up to 12% performance increase in ARMA 2
    o Up to 8% performance increase in Batman: Arkham Asylum with GPU PhysX enabled
    o Up to 50% performance increase in Call of Juarez: Blood in Bound with SLI enabled
    o Up to 14% performance increase in Fallout 3 (indoor scenes) with antialiasing enabled
    o Up to 10% performance increase in Far Cry 2 (DX9 version) with antialiasing enabled
    o Up to 34% performance increase in Prototype with antialiasing enabled
  • Adds SLI support for Aion, Darkfall, Dawn of Magic 2: Time of Shadows, Dreamkiller, Fuel, Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, Need for Speed: Shift and more.
  • Includes numerous bug fixes, including the following key fix (additional bug fixes can be found in the release notes on the documentation tab): For graphics cards supporting multiple clock states, 3D clocks correctly return to 2D clocks after exiting a 3D application.
DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA GeForce 191.07 WHQL for Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows 7/Vista 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit

Acer Delivers Veriton All-in-One Desktop PC to the U.S. Professional Market

Acer, the world’s third largest vendor in the PC market, today announced the new Acer Veriton Z280G-EA271CP all-in-one PC for the U.S. commercial market. It delivers energy-efficient performance in a picture-perfect design. It’s available via Acer’s authorized resellers with prices beginning at just $499.

Boasting a brilliant 18.5-inch widescreen LCD monitor and measuring just 19-inches (W) by 15-inches (H) by 2.14-inches (D), this sleek all-in-one is perfect for reception areas, hotel lobbies, executive suites, cube environments and any office that requires an integrated, space-saving design.

AMD Sneaks in ATI Catalyst 9.8 Driver Suite

Without much of a buzz except past leaks suggesting that the company would roll out a beta at this year's Quakecon, AMD released the ATI Catalyst 9.8 WHQL driver suite to readers of the company blog, before formally announcing it and adding it to the AMD Game portal. The package installs drivers for ATI Radeon graphics hardware, including its discrete and integrated graphics processors, AMD 7-series chipsets, and ATI Theater series multimedia products.

With lack of proper documentation (read: release notes) at hand, there are no specifics available about the driver, though one could expect the usual application/hardware/OS-specific enhancement, a possibly expanded supported products list with new SKUs in the Radeon HD 4700/4800 series that surfaced over the last month.

DOWNLOAD:ATI Catalyst 9.8 Driver Suite for Windows 7 and Vista 32-bit | Windows 7 and Vista 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit

NVIDIA GeForce 190.38 Beta Drivers Released

NVIDIA seems to have a big update for its GeForce driver suite underway, with the bump in version number from the 186 series to 190. The first release in the series carries the unsupported beta tag. Version 190.38 beta introduces a series of changes as indicated in the release notes documents (for Windows 7, Vista, and XP), though the list of supported NVIDIA products remains largely unchanged from its previous release. Important changes are as follows:
  • Adds support for OpenGL 3.1
  • Adds support for CUDA 2.3 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications. See CUDA Zone for more details
  • Adds a new user-controlled power management setting for GeForce 9-series and later graphics cards. This option allows users to set a performance level for each DirectX or OpenGL application
  • Includes several new control panel features and numerous bug fixes. More information can be found in the release documentation
The supported products list includes the newly introduced GeForce GT 100 series, GeForce G 210, and ION LE (which is a lite version of the ION mGPU).

DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA GeForce 190.38 BETA for Windows 7/Vista 64-bit | Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bit

GeForce 186.24 Beta Drivers Leaked

NVIDIA's upcoming beta driver suite has been leaked by sections of the Chinese media. The new driver, GeForce 186.24 ( is dated 23/06/2009, and follows the release of 186.18 by over two weeks. Due to the lack of a release-notes document from NVIDIA, not much is known about this released except that it expands the supported products list significantly, adding several IGPs and some GPUs belonging to the new 40 nm GT21x series. Be cautioned, this is a beta release that does not originate from NVIDIA's website, and is not guaranteed.

DOWNLOAD: GeForce 186.24 BETA for Windows 7/Vista 64-bit | Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bitSource: XFastest

ViewSonic Ships All-in-One PC, First Model of Computer Initiative

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual display and computing products, today announced the commercial availability of its VPC100 All-in-One PC at an MSRP of $599. With 20 years of display experience as a leader in desktop technology and partnerships with computing market leaders, high quality computing products are a natural extension of ViewSonic’s product offering. With its slim design (35mm thin), ease-of-use, eco-friendly design and affordability, the VPC100 is ideal for every lifestyle – from home and office settings, to call centers, libraries, school computer labs and any location where space is limited.

“When people talk about office clutter, it’s not just about paperwork. Traditional computing solutions can be expensive, unattractive and take up an entire desk,” said Jeff Volpe, vice president and general manager of ViewSonic North America. “We designed the VPC100 to overcome that ‘computer clutter’ problem with one cable ease and a clean, All-in-One design. We’re excited to bring this product to market in the US and give our channel partners and customers a solution that further merges technology and lifestyle.”

Lenovo Introduces IdeaPad S12 Powered by VIA Nano

Lenovo finally made the initiative to include a netbook powered by the VIA Nano processor. This IdeaPad S-12 uses the same exact name and chassis as the one powered by Intel Atom, based on i945 chipset, and exists merely as a variant in the S12 series. On the brighter side, it is priced $50 lower than its Atom-based cousin.

Its specifications include a 12-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, VIA Nano ULV 2250 processor clocked at 1.30 GHz, 1 GB DDR2 memory, VIA VX855 chipset with S3 Chrome9 HC3 integrated graphics, 160 GB of storage, and a 6-cell battery, 1.3 MP web-camera, WLAN and Ethernet, and optional Bluetooth. It comes with Windows XP SP3 pre-installed. Backed by a one-year warranty, the S12 is priced at US $449.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

NVIDIA GeForce 186.18 WHQL Drivers Released

NVIDIA released the GeForce 186.18 WHQL driver suite for Windows, close to a fortnight after the release of version 186.08 beta. This release claims to patch numerous bugs from previous versions. It packs PhysX system software version 9.09.0428, and supports the complete range of GeForce GPUs from 6-series up to the latest GTX/GTS 200 series, and NVIDIA Ion platform. The following prominent features are introduced by the 186/185 series drivers:
  • Adds support for Ambient Occlusion – the newest NVIDIA Control Panel feature to offer enhanced 3D gaming realism exclusively to GeForce GPUs.
  • Adds support for CUDA 2.2 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications. See CUDA for more details.
  • Expands GPU hardware acceleration for the NVIDIA Video Encoding library to GPUs with less than 32 cores. Applications using this library include CyberLink PowerDirector 7, Nero Move it 1.5, Loilo SuperLoiloScope MARS, and CyberLink MediaShow Espresso.
Application performance increments advertised are: up to 25% performance increase in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, up to 22% performance increase in Crysis: Warhead with antialiasing enabled, up to 11% performance increase in Fallout 3 with antialiasing enabled, up to 14% performance increase in Far Cry 2, up to 30% performance increase in Half-Life 2 engine games with 3-way and 4-way SLI, and up to 45% performance increase in Mirror’s Edge with antialiasing enabled.

DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA GeForce 186.18 WHQL for Windows 7/Vista 64-bit | Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit | Windows XP 32-bit

AMD Announces ATI Catalyst 9.6 Driver Suite

AMD announced the availability of ATI Catalyst version 9.6 driver suite, that provides driver support for ATI Radeon series graphics processors (driver version 8.62), Hydravision, AMD Southbridge/Chipset driver, and Catalyst Control Center (version 8.62). The new version brings along the following application-specific performance increments:
  • Company of Heores – performance gains of up to 25% for the ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series, and performance gains of up to 10% for the ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series.
  • Crysis Warhead – performance gains of up to 11% for ATI CrossFireX configurations.
  • Crysis – performance gains of up to 13% for ATI CrossFireX configurations.
  • World in Conflict – performance gains of up to 30% for settings are were previously CPU limited.
The Linux version of this driver suite adds production support for SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) and SLED 11. It also provides early support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.8.
DOWNLOAD: ATI Catalyst 9.6 for Windows XP 32-bit | Windows 7/Vista 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit | Windows 7/Vista 64-bit

Release Notes can be read here

HP Expands Netbook Lineup with Mini 1101 and 110 XP/Mi

HP added two more netbooks to its growing lineup, the Mini 1101 and Mini 110. The latter has two variants: Mini 110 XP and Mini 110 Mi. Both these models feature 10.1 inch LED screens. Users can choose between Atom N270 and N280, with as much as 1 GB of memory, 160 GB HDD, and Intel GMA 950 graphics.

The Mini 110 XP offers a few exclusive features. Users can opt for a 32 GB SSD and WLAN. It comes with Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator, that provides smooth playback of HD video at resolutions of 1080p. It comes with Windows XP Home SP3 pre-installed. The Mini 110 Mi is physically identical, except for that it comes with a popular Linux distribution pre-installed, and allows users to opt for a 250 GB HDD or 2 GB of system memory. The Mini 1101 will retail in June with a base price of US $329. The Mini 110 Mi, with Linux, will be priced significantly lower, at $279.

Source: Engadget

ASUS Introduces Xonar DS 7.1 Channel Sound Card

ASUS today launched the Xonar DS 7.1 channel audio card which is equipped with design features found only on high-end audio equipment, fully catering to audiophiles seeking to enjoy high fidelity audio on their PCs—across all forms of entertainment including music, movies and games.

The Xonar DS boasts 107dB SNR, which is 12 times clearer than most onboard audio solutions. By eliminating 91% of background noise, the Xonar DS lets gamers hear every detail in the game audio, allowing them to locate enemies from a distance and thus giving them the edge in their games. This noise elimination also leads to a more enjoyable movie watching and music listening experience.

SmoothCreations Announces Bulldozer Mobile Workstation

Soon after becoming the first to be out with a portable desktop alternative featuring the Intel Core i7 processor, SmoothCreations dished out another of its kind, this time a portable workstation named Bulldozer. The company is looking to target two classes of consumers with this product: gamers, and graphics professionals, who will take advantage of its hardware for high-definition gaming or CAM/CAE/CAD, medical imaging, forensics, government or military use. The applications are broad thanks to the hardware, which just might come at the expense of a little portability.

The Bulldozer features a 17-inch screen with a native resolution of 1900x1200 pixels. Under its hood is a Core i7 (models 940 or 965 XE) or Xeon X5580 processor. Up to 16 GB of memory can be opted for, along with up to 1.5 TB of storage thanks to three SATA HDD bays. A Blu-Ray combo drive provides removable storage. Connectivity options include WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth 2.0. Graphics is care of NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700 with 1 GB of memory. Depending on the application, 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, or RedHat Linux could be opted for. Its pricing is not known.

Not all AMD Processors Support 'XP Mode' in Windows 7

A new feature of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system that created a stir is its "XP mode" feature, where the operating system provides the user with a sandbox Windows XP desktop environment, complete with all its features, and application support. What makes the feature even more interesting that documents, settings, and XP-affine applications installed in the environment could be seamlessly integrated with the host Windows 7 environment.

It turns out now that the feature explicitly requires hardware-level virtualization support. AMD and Intel, both have their proprietary virtualization features, although the two chose to make it available only to a few CPU models. Generally, entry-level desktop/mobile CPUs don't carry the feature. For consumer client desktop variants of Windows 7, the "XP mode" feature would require AMD-V feature by the processor. Currently all processors by AMD support this, except those from the Sempron series, according to an AMD spokesperson. For enterprise variants of the OS, Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) MED-V 2.0 builds on top of Windows Virtual PC and provides centralized management of Windows XP Mode. MED-V is a virtualization management platform. It will be made available within 90 days of the commercial availability of Windows 7.Source: CNET

NVIDIA Releases GeForce 185.81 BETA Drivers

NVIDIA today published a new version of its GeForce driver suite, this time including Windows 7 in the update. Version 185.81 of the driver has been released as a beta, meaning it is unsupported by product warranties. The following changes have been brought about :
  • Adds support for CUDA 2.2 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications
  • Expands GPU hardware acceleration for the NVIDIA Video Encoding library to GPUs with less than 32 cores. Applications using this library include CyberLink PowerDirector 7, Nero Move it 1.5, Loilo SuperLoiloScope MARS, and CyberLink MediaShow Espresso
  • Accelerates performance in several 3D applications and, compared to Release 182 drivers, delivers:
  • o Up to 25% performance increase in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
    o Up to 22% performance increase in Crysis: Warhead with antialiasing enabled
    o Up to 11% performance increase in Fallout 3 with antialiasing enabled
    o Up to 14% performance increase in Far Cry 2
    o Up to 30% performance increase in Half-Life 2 engine games with 3-way and 4-way SLI
    o Up to 45% performance increase in Mirror's Edge with antialiasing enabled
  • Automatically installs the new PhysX System Software version 9.09.0408
  • Supports GeForce Plus Power Pack #3
  • Numerous bug fixes. Refer to the release documentation notes for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA GeForce 185.81 BETA for Windows XP 32-bit | Windows XP 64-bit | Windows Vista 32-bit | Windows Vista 64-bit | Windows 7 32-bit | Windows 7 64-bit

Windows 7 to Pack Virtual Windows XP

Across generations of its Windows operating systems based on the NT architecture, Microsoft has been courteous enough to pack application compatibility layers that let users run applications in compatibility modes for older versions of the OS. The company seems to be taking this to the next level with Windows 7. The release candidate of the OS slated for April 30, will pack an "XP mode" virtualization feature. The feature quite literally runs a Windows XP environment inside a sandbox complete with support for applications such as Internet Explorer 6, etc.

The environment will work on a virtual machine created by Windows 7. Native Windows XP applications you install in the environment, along with your documents and settings will further be accessible from the host OS. Client variants of Windows 7 may feature a Hyper-V hypervisor that handles applications such as these. The feature makes Windows 7 especially something to look forward to, for those complaining lack of Windows XP features. In short, it's the OS some probably clung onto, and refused to move to Vista, running as an application.

Sources: CrunchGear, betanews

NVIDIA Releases PhysX System Software 9.09.0408 WHQL

NVIDIA made an update to the PhysX system software, the common backend for all NVIDIA products that support PhysX: GeForce 8 series and above graphics processors, and Ageia PhysX accelerator cards. Version 9.09.0408 packs the following changes and features according to the company:
  • Updated runtime to improved operation of Cryostasis Game.
  • Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on all GeForce 8-series, 9-series and 200-series GPUs with a minimum of 256MB dedicated graphics memory.
  • Experience GPU PhysX acceleration in many games and demos, some of which are highlighted in PowerPack downloads on
  • Runtime upgrade ONLY for AGEIA PhysX processors users. (New installations should install older PhysX system software such as version 8.09.04 – prior to installing this update).
  • Includes the latest PhysX runtimes used in the latest game titles.
  • Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on GeForce via CUDA 2.0 for SDK versions 2.7.3, 2.7.2, 2.7.5, 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 (requires graphics driver v177.81 or later).
  • Includes all the latest PhysX SDK Runtimes.
  • Supports control of your GPU PhysX configuration from the NVIDIA display driver control panel. (requires graphics driver v180.00 or later)
The software is available for Windows XP and Windows Vista, from the NVIDIA website.

DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA PhysX System Software 9.09.0408 WHQL

VIA Announces NSD7200 Home and Media Server

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced its entry into the design manufacturing service business to offer provide flexible system hardware solutions, starting with the new VIA NSD7200 home storage and media server.

Building on its success as a pioneer of system level innovation in small form factor and IPC markets, VIA can provide OEM and ODM customers with customized versions of home and SOHO storage platforms targeting specific markets. By combining energy-efficient processor platforms and high quality chassis designs with a full design manufacturing service and comprehensive engineering support, VIA enables customers to more accurately address the needs of system integrators and retailers by speeding up product cycles and reducing production costs.

ATI Catalyst 9.4 Released

AMD have just released their ATI Catalyst 9.4 Driver for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Highlights of the ATI Catalyst 9.4 Windows release include:

New Features
  • ATI Catalyst 9.4 includes a new ATI Overdrive auto-tune application to estimate the over-clocked engine and memory values for ATI Overdrive supported ATI Radeon Graphics accelerators
  • Designed for the ATI Radeon HD 4000 Series
Resolved Issue Highlights
  • "World of Warcraft" or "World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King": Flickering no longer occurs when Shadow is set to medium/high using ATI CrossFire configurations
  • Google Sketchup no longer displays blank screen
  • Resolutions above 1024 x 768 will now full screen properly for specific HDMI displays
  • Artifacts no longer visible while playing Age of Conan DX10
  • VC-1 progressive disc playback no longer exhibits block corruption.
  • The Compute Abstraction Layer (CAL) driver now functions properly under Windows XP
DOWNLOAD: ATI Catalyst version 9.4 for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit versions)

Microsoft Windows 7 Will Allow Downgrades too

Even though there's still some time left before the official release of Windows 7, Microsoft - the creator of this OS - confirmed today that just like some Windows Vista distributions could be downgraded to Windows XP with ease, the same will apply to Windows 7. General users of Windows 7 will be given the option of downgrading right over Vista to Windows XP, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed.
"This is not the first time that Microsoft has offered downgrade rights to a version other than its immediate predecessor," the spokesperson told Betanews, "and our Software Assurance customers can always downgrade to any previous version of Windows."
Microsoft hasn't detailed exactly how downgrade rights will work with Windows 7 - for now we know that Windows 7 will be downgradable to either Windows Vista or Windows XP - the rest of the details remain unclear.Source: Betanews
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