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Auzentech to Develop Sound Card Based on Creative X-Fi Chipset

Auzentech Inc., developer of the world's first Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect PCI sound card, announced two days ago a new sound card series based on the Creative X-FI chipset. The Auzen X-FI Prelude 7.1 is scheduled for release near the end of May 2007. It will fully support EAX 5.0 and have the same expandability as the Auzen X-Meridian 7.1. Support for Dolby Digital Live real time encoding for Vista is scheduled for Q4 of this year. The Auzen X-Fi Prelude marks the first time Creative has permitted a third-party soundcard vendor to use the Creative X-FI chipset in its own soundcard design. "We’re excited to provide Auzentech with our award-winning X-Fi audio chipset and technology to provide an outstanding audio experience for Auzentech’s customers,” said Steve Erickson, VP of audio for Creative. I'd like to thank our forum members for this story.Source: Auzentech

X-Fi Going Mobile

Creative’s X-Fi series of sound cards, despite their flaws and criticisms, are among the best available to normal consumers. Creative is now making a new version of the card for laptops, which will utilise the Express Card interface (the updated PCMCIA). This card offer great sound for anyone using a laptop, and is set to replace Creative’s Audigy 2 ZS, although there are no real specs for it yet, just a few pictures.

Source: NotebookReview

Creative shows off PCIe based Soundblaster X-Fi

Many have been wauting for card manufacturers to make good use of the PCIe x1 or x4 slots available on modern mainboards - especially with the number of traditional PCI slots diminishing rapidly. Creative will be offering the X-Fi as a PCIe x1 variant for $129 Dollars. The PCB is kept in blue which goes against the usual black color of PCI based X-Fi cards. The card carries one relatively small X-Fi chip, an unknown audio codec, the lack of onboard memory buffer, relatively small number of capacitors, the absence of MIDI port and the presence of S/P DIF connectors and five analog connectors to attack 7.1-channel audio system.

Source: X-bit labs

Creative Xdock Wireless - an iPod Wireless X-Fi Music Distribution System

Creative, today introduced the Creative Xdock Wireless, which docks an iPod and plays music in Xtreme Fidelity - music beyond CD quality - via Creative X-Fi Wireless Receivers in any room in the home. The Creative Xdock Wireless also connects directly to a powered speaker system or home theater system to play video, photos and music in DTS surround-sound. The Creative Xdock Wireless is designed to work seamlessly with the iPod and has been certified by Apple under the Made for iPod programme.
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