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XFX Loads 1.5 GB of Memory Onto Special GeForce 9600 GSO

XFX released a special FarCry 2 themed graphics card based on the GeForce 9600 GSO graphics processor. The bundle includes a copy of the popular first-person-shooter title, FarCry 2. Its specifications are spiced-up by its memory: 1.5 GB. The memory however is DDR2 and is clocked at 800 MHz, with a bus width of 192-bits. This G92-based graphics card features 96 shader units clocked at 1,450 MHz, with the core running at 580 MHz. It sports a distinct XFX design with black-coloured PCB and single-slot cooling.

Source: Donanim Haber

GeForce GTX 285 Hits Stores Today

NVIDIA's newest release, the GeForce GTX 285 goes on sale starting today. The graphics card was announced earlier this month along with NVIDIA's flagship GeForce GTX 295 graphics card, choosing CES as an ideal launch platform. Leading NVIDIA add-in card partners such as ASUS, BFGTech, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, XFX and Zotac, etc., put their base-model and factory-overclocked cards on sale, starting from US $379.99 for the XFX base-model, all the way up to $429.99 for the EVGA SSC model, in the US.

The GeForce GTX 285 replaces GeForce GTX 280 as the fastest single-GPU graphics card. It is NVIDIA's second-fastest graphics accelerator, sporting 240 shader cores and 1 GB of GDDR3 memory across a 512-bit wide memory bus. Essentially it resembles the GeForce GTX 280, except for the newer 55nm manufacturing process it's built on, the higher reference clock-speeds, and reduced power-consumption.

XFX Releases First Radeon HD-Powered 4000 Series Graphics Cards

XFX, following its recently announced collaboration with AMD, today introduced its first Radeon HD-powered 4000 series cards, the XFX Radeon HD 4870, 4850, 4830, 4650 and 4350.

All five models feature exceptional memory bandwidth, board power and compute power as well as a number of industry-firsts. For example, the XFX Radeon HD 4870 is the first graphics card with GDDR5 memory.

More XFX Radeon Series Graphics Cards Pictured

It does come as a surprise to us, that XFX is going to have a full-fledged non-reference design ATI Radeon lineup, barely a month into its official announcement of a tie-up with AMD. Pictured below are XFX Radeon HD 4350, Radeon HD 4650 and Radeon HD 4830. Ideally XFX will use a common design with its Radeon HD 4600 series cards. Both incorporate black-coloured PCBs, and the XFX colour scheme with the coolers.

The XFX Radeon HD 4350 (model: HD435X-YAH2) comes with a core clock speed of 600 MHz and 512 MB of DDR2 memory clocked at 1000 MHz. It is passively cooled and is low-profile friendly. The XFX Radeon HD 4650 / HD 4670 cards use reference AMD clock speeds. The Radeon HD 4850 card comes in two variants, HD465X-YAF2 (512 MB) and HD465X-ZAF2 (1 GB). Also pictured is the XFX Radeon HD 4830 512MB (model: HD483X-YDFC) that looks identical to the XFX Radeon HD 4850, pictured earlier.


XFX Radeon HD 4850 and Radeon HD 4870 Pictured

XFX seems to be ready with its initial lineup of graphics cards. Some European retailers have even begun listing their products and pricing. While there's nothing really interesting about the way XFX is pricing its cards, the way it's cards seem to be certainly interesting. Pictured below are its first two models based on the ATI Radeon HD 4850 and HD 4870 graphics processors.

Some surprises: Both use black coloured PCB, neither are 100% reference ATI design, and in fact, XFX designed its own cooler for the Radeon HD 4850 512 MB (model: XFX HD485X-YDFC). The Radeon HD 4870 in the picture is the 1 GB variant (model: HD487A-ZDFC). Both accelerators use AMD reference clock speeds. These cards will be released within the first two weeks of this month. More information as we come across.

Sources: DonanimHaber, TechNews

XFX Partners with AMD: Collaboration Gives Gamers More Options at Every Price Point

PINE today announced that its graphics division, XFX, is partnering with AMD. The collaboration will incorporate the award-winning ATI Radeon HD 4000 series GPUs into XFX’s already impressive line of extreme performance graphics cards.

“We are delighted as this partnership allows us to incorporate the current and future AMD graphics technology into our future graphics card designs, and enables our R&D teams to develop an even wider range of graphics products for our worldwide customers,” said Michael Chiu, Chairman and CEO of Pine Technology Holdings.

XFX to Play Balancing Act Between NVIDIA Partnership and ATI Products

A longstanding partner of NVIDIA, XFX would soon embrace AMD to release graphics cards based on the ATI Radeon series. Its plans however are somewhat similar to what Gainward seems to be executing: to maintain strong ties with NVIDIA, while dedicating a smaller portion of its product lineup to those incorporating ATI Radeon GPUs.

Expreview spoke with an XFX official, who confirmed that the company would be taking up projects based around ATI Radeon products, while continuing to maintain its partnership with NVIDIA by continuing to have flagship products using the NVIDIA GeForce. XFX would be going as far as making sure that its products based on ATI Radeon GPUs wouldn't release in the Chinese market (a key market for NVIDIA products). The decision by XFX to work on ATI Radeon products came as a surprise to many, since XFX has been a staunch NVIDIA tier-1 partner.Source: Expreview

XFX to Sell AMD/ATI Graphics Cards Next Year

UK based has learned that XFX, one of NVIDIA's main AIB partners, is about to start producing AMD/ATI based video cards in the very near future. HEXUS has learned that a formal announcement, detailing the exact relationship between XFX and AMD/ATI, is expected next Tuesday. The AMD/ATI deal won't reflect on XFX's NVIDIA series cards, the company will continue to sell them as it is doing now. Expect more information, when available.Source:

XFX Releases Intel G31-based XG31i Motherboard

Although Pine, the parent company of XFX, isn't new to making motherboards based on Intel chipsets, it could well be the first time it is using the XFX brand and design to sell an LGA 775 socket motherboard based on an Intel chipset, in this case, the entry-level G31.

The XG31i is an entry-level motherboard, in the mATX form-factor. It takes care of the essentials, using a single PCI-Express x16, and two PCI slots, dual-channel DDR2 memory supported by two memory slots, onboard Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 to provide display output through a single D-Sub connector, and 8-channel audio. Interestingly, the clear CMOS button, and diagnostic LED display is provided on the rear-panel. XFX plans to set a modest price to propagate this motherboard through the entry-level market.

Source: VR-Zone

XFX Releases Low-Profile GeForce 9500 GT

GeForce 9500 GT makes for a decent graphics accelerator for HD entertainment, productivity and light-gaming. XFX has released a graphics card (model: PV-T95G-YALG) based on the said GPU, using a half-height PCB that makes it low-profile, and compatible with small form-factor PCs.

The card uses the GeForce 9500 GT running at reference speeds of 550 MHz (core) and 1400 MHz (shader). It sports 512 MB of DDR2 memory clocked at 1400 MHz. It provides a DVI and a D-Sub ports, it can be coupled with the low-profile kits XFX already has in store. The card is available for sale, and is priced as low as €56 in Europe.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

XFX Unleashes the ''Mother'' of all nForce 750i Motherboards

Mom may have been able to help you with your algebra, but all the homemade cookies in the world can’t compare with the performance features you get with ultimate “mother,” the XFX nForce 750i SLI motherboard.

Our motherboard delivers performance straight out of the box, for the ultimate gaming experience. And, the 750i SLI comes with exceptional game support and bar none the fastest multi-GPU gaming platform available in the performance category.

XFX Offers Cash-Back to GeForce GTX 200 Owners

If you happened to have bought a GeForce GTX 280 card when it released for US $649, you'd probably be extremely disgruntled, with people paying as low as $499 for the same thing now, and just weeks after release. Such changes in the tech-industry even cause major legal trouble for card vendors when such customers sue them in this regard. Ironically, the role of NVIDIA is limited to dictating prices, the partners have to bear the brunt of such awkward situations. XFX is the first partner to have announced a cash-back scheme for people who purchased their GTX 200 series products at their old (high) prices.

XFX Intros Two GeForce 9 Series ''Black Edition'' Video Cards

XFX is widening its NVIDIA graphics card line-up with the introduction of two "Black labeled" GeForce 9 series cards. Available in limited numbers the G92 products include XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 1.0GB DDR3 Black Edition (PV-T98U-ZHB9) overclocked to 700MHz/1700MHz/2.1GHz core/shader/memory clocks and XFX GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB DDR3 Black Edition (PV-T98F-YDB4) with factory clock speeds of 760MHz/1900MHz/2.28GHz for the core, shaders and memory clock speeds. Both cards will come bundled with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed game.

Source: XFX Force

XFX Cuts 8800 and 9600 Prices

XFX, one of the main NVIDIA GeForce graphics card manufacturers, has decided to try and outsell rivals by cutting prices on its 8800 GT, 8800 GS and 9600 GT cards. All three standard versions of the cards will now be $30 cheaper thanks to mail-in rebates being offered by online retailers such as Newegg and TigerDirect. This means that the 512MB 8800 GT will now sell for $189 including a copy of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, the 384MB 8800 GS will now cost $119.99 and the 9600 GT has a new price tag of $149. The overclocked versions of the 8800 GS and 9600 GT are also seeing price drops of $30 and $20 respectively, which means they will now be sold for $139.99 and $179.Source: Neoseeker

XFX Introduces its Geforce 9600GT

XFX officially announces its latest brainchild, the XFX Geforce 9600GT yesterday. The first born in the highly anticipated 9-series, the XFX GeForce 9600 GT pushes the gaming experience to new heights with up to 90 percent greater performance than any GeForce card in its class. This prodigal child gives a huge value for its price. The immersive entertainment experience is the powerful product of full Microsoft DirectX 10 support, NVIDIA’s Quantum Effects technology, Lumenex engine as well as Unified Architecture, ensuring that this amazing new card can play the hottest games with jaw-dropping speed.

Source: VR-Zone

XFX GeForce 8800GS 680M 384MB Alpha Dog Edition Spotted

Following ASUS's latest GeForce release the day before, new XFX graphics card has also been spotted. The XFX GeForce 8800GS 680M 384MB Alpha Dog Edition (PV-T88S-FDD4) uses self-designed black PCB and single slot cooling solution. The card is also factory overclocked to 680MHz/1600MHz(core/memory). Expreview reports that this product will hit the market in January 16th with suggested price of around 160 EURO or about USD $238.

Source: Expreview

XFX Announces GeForce 8800 GT 256MB

It appears that XFX will be the first manufacturer to introduce 256MB version of GeForce 8800 GT. The GeForce 8800 GT 256MB (available in standard and XXX Editions) looks identical and has all the features of its big brother 8800 GT 512MB. The only difference should appear under the cooler, where the memory chips are situated. The cards will be marking its debut as of next week, landing in retailers for an expected reseller price of 149 € excluding VAT.

Source: XFX

XFX Releases GeForce 8500 GT Fatal1ty Edition

XFX today released the first and only graphics card of its kind; a Championship Gaming Series (CGS)-approved Fatal1ty 8500 GT 512MB (PV-T86J-Y1S3). Created in collaboration with Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, winner of 12 world titles and renowned international gaming expert, this highly overclocked gaming card features UltraSilent Cooling. Available exclusively in the U.S. at Best Buy, this card has an 850MHz memory clock that is 20% faster than a standard GeForce 8500 GT.

XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Fatal1ty - The World's Fastest 8800 GTS

Pushing the limits of GeForce 8 series, XFX today released Fatal1ty Professional Series GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB, the world's fastest 8800 GTS card. The GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB Fatal1ty (pn: PV-T80G-G1D4) comes with 15% higher performance than the standard 8800 GTS. It even clocks higher than XFX's very own XXX Edition 8800 GTS. The card is painted in red and comes factory clocked at 650MHz core and 2GHz memory.

Source: XFX

XFX Brings First DirectX 10-Compatible Games to Enthusiasts

For a limited time, gaming enthusiasts can get the best graphics cards available conveniently and exclusively bundled with complete versions of the popular, highly anticipated DirectX 10-compatible games on the market: Company of Heroes and Lost Planet. Specifically XFX is bundling select 8600 Series cards with the complete version of Company of Heroes. It is bundling all of its 8800-series cards with a complete version of Lost Planet. Some countries also will have an XFX nForce motherboard bundle available with a DX10 game. In some countries, specific bundle availability may vary. To learn more about the XFX GeForce 8600 or 8800 Series GPUs or to locate a participating e-tailer, click here.

Source: XFX

XFX Ordered to Stop Selling 8600GT Retail Package

The Munich's district court has ordered graphics cards retailer XFX to stop selling retail packages of its 8600GT product, which tricky illustrates the logo of XFX's German competitor eVGA. XFX, a division of Pine, has included on the retail box of their GeForce 8600 GT graphics card a drooling dog. Although XFX fans being familiar with this XFX illustration would not find anything strange on it, a closer look at the dog's teeth unveils that the dog is actually drooling over eVGA, as you can see at the picture below. The specific retail packages were available in German shops and eVGA's reaction came today. XFX received a preliminary injunction from the Munich district court, ordering XFX to stop selling the specific 8600GT retail box with the eVGA logo on it. eVGA applied for a compensation of €250,000 from XFX.

Source: CdrInfo,Legit Reviews

XFX Debuts New nForce 600i Series Motherboards

XFX debuts its all-new 600i Series Motherboards, designed for gamers by gamers. Our 680i SLI and 680i LT SLI motherboards feature everything you want, and nothing you don’t. The result? Gravity-defying graphics and sound quality that will have your neighbors ducking for cover.
The XFX 600i Series is comprised of the 680i SLI and the newly released 680i LT SLI. Both motherboards fully support all Intel Socket 775 including Intel Core 2 processors with 1333FSB. Both motherboards also follow NVIDIA's reference board design and features, so they don't distinguish much from the 680i boards currently in the market. To learn more about the XFX nForce 600i Series Motherboards go to XFX
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