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Xigmatek to Release the Apache III CPU Cooler

Norse mythology buff Xigmatek has a new CPU cooler coming out, the value-minded Apache III which features a radial fin design and offers support for Intel Socket LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 and AMD FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 CPUs.

Xigmatek's cooler measures 110 x 52 mm, it weights 265 grams, and has an aluminum base, aluminum fins, and a 92 mm PWM fan operating at 1,200 to 2,500 RPM (20 dBA sound output). The Apache III is listed for pre-order in Australia and it costs AU$9.48 (~ US$9.78).

Xigmatek Readies the Asgard 382 PC Chassis

Xigmatek is now preparing the release of a new Asgard Series PC Case, a mid-tower called Asgard 382 which will be available in no less than six versions (three with a side window, three without). Seen below, this upcoming gaming chassis measures 505 (L) x 445 (H) x 195 (W) mm, has support for ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards, and features two top-placed USB 3.0 ports, three 5.25-inch bays, four 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch drive bays, plus one pre-installed 120 mm fan (found at the back).

The Asgard 382 has yet to be priced.

Xigmatek Readies the Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk Edition CPU Cooler

Next week Xigmatek is set to roll out (in Europe) a tweaked version of its Dark Knight CPU Cooler, the Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk Edition. Pictured below, the Night Hawk measures 120 (W) x 50 (D) x 159 (H) mm, and features H.D.T (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) technology (with three 8 mm copper heatpipes), a ceramic coating for 'ultimate heat dispensing', and a 120 mm Long Life Bearing fan operating at 1000 to 2200 RPM (30.1 dBA maximum sound output).

The Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk Edition supports Intel LGA 2011/1366/1156/1155/775 and AMD FM1/AM3/AM2+/AM2 processors, and is priced at 39.90 Euro.

Overclockers UK presents: Xigmatek Asgard Pro Midi-Tower Case

The vastly successful Asgard chassis from Xigmatek shaped the industry when it was first released, offering an excellent price/performance ratio. The new Asgard Pro aims to follow in these footsteps while offering all the modern features needed to build a potent system, including a more flexible interior, upgraded air flow and proper inclusion of USB 3.0.

Xigmatek offers an small but certainly unique set of cases, which includes everything from the spacious but compact HTPC-Cube Gigas, the affordable Asgard series, the potent Midgard I and II to the Ultra-Big-Tower the Elysium. The Asgard Pro aims to take the entry level series to a new level, with the same genes that made the previous three Asgard cases such a success.

Xigmatek Gigas Brushed Aluminum Micro-ATX Cube Case Announced

Xigmatek is celebrating a first with the Gigas Micro-ATX Cube, as it is their first Aluminum chassis. Even with its compact dimensions, the Gigas Cube manages to fit high-end Hardware, allowing one to easily build a potent HTPC or Gaming system. USB 3.0, space for up to 4 fans, along with a fan controller round up the list of features.

The word "Gigas" is part of the Greek language and means "giant". In the modern language, the prefix "giga" can be found in many different areas to quantify the sheer size. Gigabyte or Gigawatt are such examples and the new chassis from Xigmatek carries the name "Gigas" for good reason.

Xigmatek Midgard II Gaming Chassis Released

The successor of the popular Midgard Mid-Tower is getting ready to step up to the plate. Xigmatek has once again managed to fill the Midgard II with a long list of unique features for the demanding PC enthusiast. Just to name a few: USB 3.0, a rubberised surface by the name of "Leather Touch", a hot-swap bay in the top, room for up to eight fans and a 280 mm radiator - all for an unbelievably low price!

When Xigmatek presented the original Midgard in 2009 as their first chassis, it managed to capture the hearts of PC users all over the world. The reviewers praised it, the users loved it. This secret behind its continuing success is quite simple: at the time, the Midgard was at the top of its game in terms of technical aspects by offering eSATA, hard drive trays and screw-less installation methods along with the possibility to route water cooling out the back of the chassis.

Xigmatek Intros XAF Series 140 mm Fans

Xigmatek released its latest XAF series case fans, including the XAF-F1451 (black) and XAF-F1452 (white). The two are 140 mm (140 x 140 x 25 mm) in size, but are designed to fit the in the mount holes of both 140 mm and 120 mm cases (provided there's room around the fan frame). There are several selling points, starting with the wavy blade design that is claimed by Xigmatek to increase air-flow by 25% and reduce noise by 10% (compared to typical 140 mm fans spinning at its speed). The fan supports PWM control, and spins at speeds between 800 and 1300 RPM, with noise levels under 18 dBA. The motor uses copper bushing axis bearing, and is rated to have an MTBF of 150,000 hours. European retailer has them up for sale at €14.90.

Xigmatek Also Shows XAF Series 140 mm Fans

While Xigmatek's stock fans that ship with its CPU coolers are quite decent, the company's standalone fan lineup isn't big. The company wants to take steps toward that with its new XAF series fans. These 140 mm (140 x 140 x 25 mm) fans use elliptical frames, support 140 mm, as well as 120 mm mount hole spacing, and 4-pin (with PWM) power input. The impellers of XAF fans keep up with the unusual shape of the frame. The fan blades are wavy shaped, with blunt edges, this design increases air-flow, so later that could be traded off with lowering fan speed to achieve low noise. The fans come in three color options, including piano black, pearl white, and Xigmatek's trademark shade of Orange/Auburn with silver lining and copper lining (for some reason the blades end up looking like bacon strips). More details are awaited.

Xigmatek Displays 80 Plus Platinum 1450W Goliath PSU

An 80 Plus Platinum-compliant 1450W PSU? No, we're sober. Xigmatek is flexing its engineering muscle in the PSU department with a semi-modular PSU that has both high-power and high-efficiency. The Goliath GP-1451 from Xigmatek gives you all the connectors you'll ever need, and with 1450W, enough power for 4-way SLI, 4-way CrossFireX, dual-socket systems. What's to not to like? The Goliath uses an asymmetric double 12V rail design, the first rail can deliver 55A, and the second 75A. Apart from 24-pin ATX and EPS connectors, most connectors are detachable to improve cable management. The beast is cooled by a 130 mm fan.

Xigmatek Introduces Elysium Big-Tower in ''9XL'' Format

Originally known for their CPU coolers, the manufacturer Xigmatek has successfully established itself as a well known case brand with a successful line-up of enclosures, which feature an unbeatable price/performance ratio. After launching different Mid-Towers, Xigmatek is now announcing the first Big-Tower by the name Elysium.

The term "big" to categorize the Xigmatek Elysium can literally be interpreted as the flagship model of the manufacturer, as it is one of the largest cases on the market. 23 cm width, almost 62 cm height and a depth of 66 cm result in an enormous volume, easily able to hold nearly every hardware configuration possible. Especially extravagant systems profit from the space, as there is plenty of room for water cooling, SLI/Crossfire systems and even large mainboards like the EVGA SR-2.

Xigmatek Announces Asgard III Series Mid-Tower Cases

Xigmatek presents another version of the successful low entry case named Asgard: the Asgard III. Now fans of the low priced midi tower series can choose between 16 different models – including versions with Caseking’s own pre-installed premium noise dampening. All three Asgard generations use the same case body, but have different front panel designs, so everyone has the choice – of course the Asgard III also offers great value for its low price.

The midi tower can hold four external 5.25” and five internal 3.5” drives, which can be installed without the use of additional tools. Orange toolless mounting parts set colorful accents in the black painted interior of the Asgard III midi tower. The unique looking interior is not only convenient for case modders, it also creates a classy look. In order to have an easy access to the hardware, Xigmatek added thumbscrews to the side panels, so they can be removed in a flash.

Xigmatek Asgard and Asgard II Cases Updated with New Windowed Side-Panel

The popular Xigmatek Asgard and Asgard II enclosures, with their classic , discreet design and exquisitely understated looks, along with a long list of useful features which have proven themselves in the market, are now available with windowed side panels. Each of the successful Asgard and Asgard II versions are now available with the x-shaped windows pre-installed.

Both the Asgard and the entire Asgard II range of enclosures continue to be very popular. The combination of useful features, elegant looks and attractive price remain unattained in the case market. Xigmatek has responded the steady demand of these enclosures and will now be offering the Asgard and all three versions of the Asgard II with a modified side panel featuring their signature x-shaped window. For those who want to upgrade their normal Asgard or Asgard II, this side panel will be available for purchase separately.

Xigmatek Intros Pantheon ATX Mid-Tower Case

Xigmatek is ready with its newest PC case, the Pantheon. This ATX mid-tower comes in four variants: Pantheon Black (all-black, with an extra intake instead of a side window), Pantheon Black W (all-black, with a side window), Pantheon Silver (has two chrome lines running down the front), and Pantheon Silver W (the same, with window). The case measures 206 (W) x 543 (H) x 500 (D) mm, has a perforated metal front, including perforated drive bay covers. Interiors are all-black, too; including tool-free drive and expansion card retention knobs.

A unique feature here is the air-intake and 3.5" drive cage design. The front panel over the drive cage area is detachable, giving you access to six hot-swappable 3.5" drive trays. Instead of its conventional location, the air-intake fans are moved to its side, consisting of no less than two 120 mm spinners. Other fans include one 140 mm rear, and slots for one bottom intake, two top exhaust. The motherboard tray has holes that help with cable-management, and a cut-out at the CPU socket area to help manage coolers with back-plates. Front-panel includes two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, apart from audio. The company did not give out a price.

Source: PC Koloji

Xigmatek Also Intros GAIA SD1283 CPU Cooler

Xigmatek's launch of the LOKI SD963 isn't the only one for the day, the company also rolled out its slightly larger sibling, the Gaia SD1283, which also seems to be targeted at value conscious buyers seeking high cooling performance. This one is larger than the LOKI in being able to accommodate 120 mm fans. It measures 120(W) x 50(D) x 159(H) mm, weighing 460 g (heatsink). The heatsink features forked-X shaped fins that have a slight bump towards the center, to increase turbulence and surface area. Like its smaller sibling, it also features three copper heat pipes, but 8 mm thick. The heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU at the base. The company bundles one 120 mm spinner that does 800~1500 rpm with a noise output level of 16 to 24 dBA. Angled rubber bolts dampen vibrations as they hold the fan on to the heatsink.

Source: Xigmatek

Xigmatek Unveils LOKI SD963 Budget CPU Cooler

Xigmatek unveiled its newest CPU cooler targeted at value-conscious gamers, the LOKI SD963. Its conventionally-shaped tower heatsink measures 92 x 50 x 134 mm (W x H x D), weighing 330 g. It uses a dense aluminum fin array that channels air (it's blocked on its narrow sides). Three 6 mm thick copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU at the base. A 92 mm fan that spins at 1200~2800 rpm with a noise output of 20~28 dBA is bundled, though the heatsink is designed with provision for a second (pull) fan. Vibration-dampening rubber bolts hold the fan and the heatsink together. All current CPU socket types are supported, including LGA1366, LGA1156, AM3/AM2(+), and LGA775. The company did not reveal pricing, though one can expect it to be on the lower side.

Source: GinjFo

Xigmatek Introduces the Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler

Xigmatek today introduced its Aegir SD128264 CPU cooler. While it looks like yet another tower-design CPU cooler with push-pull ventilation, Xigmatek implemented a new technology in this cooler, which it calls "Double Layer with Heat-pipe Direct Touch" or DLHDT. The design involves four heatpipes, of which two are 8 mm thick and two are 6 mm thick (alternating), making direct contact with the processor, with another set of two heatpipes making direct contact with these four HDT heat pipes, so that some of the processor's heat is indirectly offloaded to those heatpipes between the two sets of heat pipes. In all, the six heat pipes disperse heat to various parts of the aluminum fins.

The unit measures 120(W) x 120(H) x 25(D) mm, weighing 630 g. Air circulation is care of two 120 mm fans that guide air through the aluminum fin array at speeds between 1,000 and 2,200 rpm, with a noise level of 20 dBA. The fans are fitted with white LEDs. The cooler supports all current CPU socket types, including LGA1366, LGA1156, AM3/AM2(+), and LGA775. Xigmatek unfortunately, did not give out pricing or availability information.

Xigmatek Rolls Out Asgard II Case

Xigmatek released its new value ATX mid-tower, the Asgard II. The case is available in all-black, with a dash or silver, or with a dash of orange. The case measures 185 x 408 x 475 mm (7.28 x 16.06 x 18.7 inches), and weights 5.62 kg (12.38 lbs). It has four 5.25" and one 3.5" exposed drive bays with perforated metal covers. The front bezel has a brushed-metallic surface. There are six internal 3.5" bays. All bays and expansion slots feature tool-free installation. The motherboard tray has an opening at the CPU socket area to help handing certain kinds of coolers. While the side-panel can mount two 120 mm fans, there's provision for one in the front, and one in the rear. The PSU is top-mounted. The Asgard II is priced at 32.90 EUR, it will be available from later this month.
More pictures after the break.

Xigmatek Ready with Carbonado CPU Cooler

Xigmatek is ready with a new CPU cooler for the season, the Xigmatek Carbonado (S1284V). This tower-design CPU cooler with heatpipe direct touch (HDT) technology sports a slightly asymmetric design with its aluminum fin design and the placement of the four 8 mm heatpipes, which takes shape accordingly on the CPU contact base, working towards increasing the surface contact area. The main unit measures 120 (W) x 60 (H) x 159 (D) mm, weighing 660 g. It comes bundled with a 120 mm fan with anti-vibration retention. The fan is white LED illuminated, and spins at speeds between 1000 ~ 2200 rpm. It supports all current CPU sockets including LGA-1366, LGA-1156, LGA-775, and AMD AM3/AM2+. For AMD sockets the cooler includes a tool-free retention module. It will be available in the weeks to come.

Xigmatek Readies Utgard Mid-Tower Case

Cooling products specialist Xigmatek is readying a new PC case for early 2010, the Xigmatek Utgard. This all-black ATX mid-tower case includes black interiors. It has nine 5.25" drive bays with perforated metal bezels that let them double up as air intakes. There are internal (probably detachable) 3.5" drive cages. Apart from the usual salad of USB, audio and eSATA ports, the front-panel holds a 2-channel fan controller. Apart from the rear 120 mm exhaust fan, the case seems to have exhausts on the top, along with provisions for more fans on the side panel. The PSU bay is located at the bottom of the motherboard tray. Other details are yet to surface, though more about this case could surface at the upcoming CES event.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Xigmatek Intros Bifrost VD1065 VGA Cooler

Keeping up closely with its recent release of the Balder SD1213 CPU cooler, Xigmatek also introduced the Bifrost VD1065 VGA cooler. The Bifrost is a twin-fan aluminum fins based GPU cooler, that makes use of the company's popular Heat-pipe Direct Touch feature. The fairly-simple construction of this cooler includes a GPU contact block with mount-hole spacings of 43 mm, 53 mm, and 51 mm, to maintain a board list of compatibility. Here, five nickel-plated copper heat-pipes make direct contact with the GPU. These then convey heat to the cooler's aluminum fin array, which is cooled by two 100 mm ball-bearing fans that spin at speeds of around 2,000 rpm, with a noise-level of 20 dBA.

The Xigmatek Bifrost VD1065 is compatible with most current single-GPU graphics cards, including Radeon HD 2000/3000/4000 series, NVIDIA GeForce 8-series, 9-series, GTS 200, and GTX 200 series. It is expected to arrive in stores soon, priced at 36.90 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Xigmatek Intros Balder SD1283 CPU Cooler

Cooling specialist Xigmatek announced its latest CPU cooler, the Balder SD1283. The Balder maintains a design similar to most other tower coolers. The design consists of a base from which three heat pipes of 8 mm diameter making direct contact with the CPU, convey heat to a dense array of aluminum alloy fins. The CPU base has a mirror finish to ensure better surface contact.

The main unit measures 120(W) x 50(D) x 159(H) mm, and weighs 700 g with fan. The 120 mm fan spins at speeds between 1000 ~ 2200 rpm, with a maximum noise output of 28 dBA. The Xigmatek Balder supports all current sockets, including LGA-1366, LGA-1156, LGA-775, and AM3/AM2+/AM2. The package includes a bolt-thru kit for the LGA sockets, and enough rubber rivets to let you attach two fans. It is priced at 32.90 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Xigmatek Designs LGA-1156 Bracket Kit Too

Air cooling specialist Xigmatek is readying a socket LGA-1156 compatibility upgrade in the form of a bracket kit. The kit lets most of Xigmatek's existing coolers to work on upcoming socket LGA-1156 motherboards. The kit consists of two curved brackets with two holes each, a back-plate, bolts, and coils. With a hole spacing of 75 mm, LGA-1156 is somewhere along the way between LGA-775 with a spacing of 72 mm, and LGA-1366 with that of 80 mm. The LGA-1156 compatibility bracket kit from Xigmatek should be out by the time LGA-1156 processors and motherboards hit the scene. Unlike Noctua, which got generous with existing users of its coolers, Xigmatek's kit may go for a nominal price, while it is expected of newer batches of its coolers to come ready for the socket out of the box.

Source: Expreview

Phenom II Black Edition TWKR 42 Unveiled

NDA has been lifted off AMD's newest processor for serious overclocking, the Phenom II Black Edition TWKR 42. While this processor isn't meant to be an out of the box high-speed performer, it caters specifically to those who know (TWK) the inside outs of overclocking. Hence, it comes with a speed of 2.00 GHz, but with an unlocked multiplier, high-leakage silicon, and a significantly higher overclocking headroom compared to other consumer-grade chips AMD offers. Currently AMD has only 100 of these ready to sell.

Legit Reviews is one of the first sites to review this chip, and adds an interesting list of myth busters to go with it. The chip is based on a cherry-picked high quality yield of Deneb C2 core. It comes with a vCore value of 1.44 V out of the box, and lets the overclocker decide which bus-multiplier, frequency, and voltage value to use. It comes in an exclusive jewel-case from AMD. Using air-cooling by an XIGMATEK HDT-S1283, the reviewer was able to reach 4.00 GHz on the air and more than 5.90 GHz using liquid-nitrogen cooling.

Source: Legit Reviews

Xigmatek is Showing off the Midgard Case and Plenty of New Coolers

Xigmatek has a small, but packed booth. They are displaying their first chassis, the Midgard. It is intended to compete with other mainstream enclosures like the Cooler Master 690. It comes packed with plenty of fans, a painted interior and great expandability. Then there are the new mainstream power supplies aimed to give you the best bang for your buck. They come in 400 and 500 W, but Xigmatek will extend the range in the future.

Xigmatek Unveils First Midgard Medium Tower PC Chassis

Cooling expert and power supply maker Xigmatek today extends its range of interests and is now officially producing computer cases too. First Xigmatek case to enter retail production is the 53 x 502 x 563 mm measuring Midgard mid tower enclosure. The steel case is all coated in black, both from the inside and the outside, and targets gamers on the low budget. Up to five 5.25-inch optical devices can be installed in the case, as well as up to five 3.5-inch hard drives, the hard drive cage is also rotated 90-degrees to save space. No instruments are needed when installing components inside the case. For maximum cooling, two 120 mm Xigmatek white LED fans come with the case, one in the front and one at the back, but there are holes for up to five more 120 mm or 140 mm fans (two on the side panel, one at the bottom of the case, and two on top). Other neat features include water cooling holes, cable management system, and a big gap in the motherboard try, for easy processor cooling manipulation. The Xigmatek Midgard is supposed to ship on June 12, 2009 for the price equivalent of 60 Euros.

Source: PC Games Hardware
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