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Windows Vista shares WGA bug of Windows XP

Just four days ago, we reported that Microsoft had updated Windows XP's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) software. Unfortunately, Windows Vista's version of WGA is very similar to the flawed Windows XP version. And so, Windows Vista may prompt users to activate Windows Vista when they do simple things not requiring activation, such as swap out a small piece of hardware (such as a DVD burner or a gigabyte of RAM). Thankfully, Windows Vista doesn't seem to report a genuine copy of Windows Vista as pirated, like the flawed version of XP WGA did.Source: The Inquirer

Man spends year searching for the actual source of a Windows XP wallpaper

Someone has dedicated the past year of their life to searching for a very simple thing: the actual place where a Windows XP wallpaper was shot. New York resident Nick Tosches took one look at "Autumn", and knew he wanted to find the place where Microsoft photographers got the picture. He searched long and hard, calling Microsoft PR's, inn owners, and local farmers. He eventually found the background "just west of Toronto in the Burlington suburb of Kilbride". In regards to his search, Tosches says "It was insane. Something that would appear very simple at first probably turned out to be one of the most difficult searches of my life." The picture of the actual Windows XP background is below.
Source: The Star

Windows XP to live on

Microsoft has decided to bow to pressure from users and give Windows XP Home Edition an extension on its lifetime, giving users at least an extra year of support. Microsoft had originally planned to end free support in January 2009, but the company’s Japanese president has said that “It will be significantly extended,” continuing “When I say significantly, it's more than 1 year.” An official announcement is expected on Thursday, but this means users should be secure with Windows XP up until 2010, possibly for longer.Source: The Inquirer

Windows Vista ready computer will cost 20% more then a Windows XP ready computer

Market research firm iSupply did their homework, and found some very interesting numbers. Hardware wise, a new computer designed for Windows XP will cost no less then $500 to build. However, to make a computer ready for Windows Vista, there are several changes necessary. A gigabyte of memory will be just short of required, and supporting the Aero interface will also be a challenge. This can make a computer ready for Windows Vista cost no less then $600. That figure is for hardware alone, and so OEM's will likely charge significantly more than that.Source: The Inquirer
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