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'Warco', the First Person Shooter Without a Gun

Well, this looks different to your standard gaming offering. Warco, short for "war correspondent", is a game that's a first person shooter, but without a gun. Instead, you play journalist Jesse DeMarco thrust into the middle of battle, armed only with your wits and your trusty video camera, who is tasked with documenting the horrors of war. You then have to edit your footage into a compelling news story, ranging from all-action shootouts to quiet moments, as you discuss the events of the day with your fellow journalists. This appears to be more a trainer for how to be a war correspondent than a game, as it's the brainchild of Tony Maniaty, an Australian journalist who has reported from regions like East Timor and post-Soviet Eastern Europe.

QNAP Expands Exclusive QPKG Application Offerings for Turbo NAS Customers

QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of world class NAS servers announced today 4 new QPKG add-on applications and 3 updates to the original QPKGs for its NAS customers. These QPKGs give users a versatile NAS covering their need from web applications such as Gallery, to media servers and download utilities consisting of PS3 Media Server, pyLoad, and Transmission. These applications improve a QNAP NAS by enabling it not only as a pure storage server, but also a powerful yet energy-efficient downloading machine, multimedia sharing center to game consoles with transcoding capability, IP TV streaming, online photo sharing server, and an all purposed web server with advanced manageability.

QNAP's QPKG applications are free to download and convenient for end users to install. "The QPKG platform is a great feature for users to explore unlimited possibilities of what a QNAP NAS is capable of," said James Wu, Product Manager of QNAP. "With over 20 QPKG apps now available to help create and manage databases, run websites, implement ecommerce, enjoy multimedia files, and much more". QNAP strives to stay ahead of consumer needs by providing innovated add-ons to make today's data-heavy society a more user friendly world.

Gateway Debuts New NV Series Notebooks with Latest AMD Processors

Gateway today unveils new models in its Gateway NV Series line of notebook PCs with the latest AMD processors, including new models in AMD's Vision Technology line, which deliver enhanced performance capabilities for mobile computing.

The flagship model of the new line is the Gateway NV51B05u, which features an AMD E-Series processor E-350 with Vision Technology and ATI Radeon HD 6310 graphics to deliver heightened performance in a value-based notebook.

New Roxio Game Capture Products from Rovi Let You Share Your A-Game

Rovi Corporation today unveiled Roxio Game Capture and Roxio PC Game Capture, two affordably priced products that offer a straightforward way for gamers to quickly and easily capture and share PC and console game play videos.

In-product tutorials help everyone get set up quickly and immediately begin to capture and showcase their latest campaigns, adventures, ball skills, and race sequences. Gamers may use the products to post their high scores, tips & tricks, game reviews, or even a feature-length movie, or Machinima, based on game play footage. See the products in action here.

AMD Announces Beginning of Fusion APU Era

Today at the Consumer Electronics Show, AMD launched a new class of accelerated processor that combines more compute capabilities than any processor in the history of computing. The AMD Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) incorporate – in a single die design – multi-core CPU (x86) technology, a powerful DirectX 11-capable discrete-level graphics and parallel processing engine, a dedicated high-definition video acceleration block, and a high-speed bus that speeds data across the differing types of processor cores within the design. New generations of desktop, notebook and HD netbooks are now available based on AMD Fusion APUs at affordable price points. Tablets and embedded designs based on AMD Fusion APUs are expected be available later in Q1 2011. The new range of products features include stutter-free HD video playback, breakthroughs in computational horsepower to handle the most demanding applications, DirectX 11-capable graphics and all-day battery life.

Lenovo Skylight Lights Up The Web with Industry's First ARM-Based, Qualcomm Smartbook

Lenovo today announced the Lenovo Skylight, the first ARM-based smartbook based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset platform. Skylight harnesses the best of smartphones and netbooks to create a new mobile consumer device. With a stunningly sleek and slim design, all day battery life, robust wireless connectivity and custom interface with live web gadgets, Skylight is designed to transform the mobile Internet experience. The Skylight smartbook connects with AT&T 3G mobile broadband service in the U.S.

"The web has become the window to the world for more and more people, helping them connect with friends and family across town or thousands of miles away," said Peter Gaucher, executive director, Mobile Internet Product Management, Lenovo. "Skylight combines the long battery life and connectivity of a smartphone with the full web browsing and multimedia experience of a netbook to create one of the first devices in this developing smartbook category. Consumers want choices. They can now choose from a full portfolio of Lenovo mobile consumer devices including netbooks, smartbooks and laptops."

New NVIDIA-Powered DELL Laptop Features Killer HD Video And Gaming To Go

Today's students and young professionals need a versatile notebook that can serve as their workhorse by day and entertainment center at night. The new Dell Studio 14z powered by the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor provides a perfect blend of performance and portability with graphics support for gaming, HD video, and creative self-expression.

The GeForce 9400M in the Dell Studio 14z delivers up to five times faster graphics performance than Centrino 2 notebooks to accelerate image editing, video playback, and video conversion. With vReveal, the Studio 14z can fix grainy, shaky video twice as fast as comparable notebooks, and then let you upload the video to YouTube in minutes.

NVIDIA Enables The World's First $99 HD Mobile Internet Device

Today’s users want an always-connected device for social media applications such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as great multimedia performance for recording and watching HD movies and videos on the go.

NVIDIA Corporation, the inventor of the graphics processor, today introduced a new platform, based on the NVIDIA Tegra 600 Series computer-on-a-chip that enables a $99, always-on, always-connected HD mobile internet device (MID) that can go days between battery charges.

This platform will enable OEMs to quickly build and bring to market devices that carriers can offer for as low as $99 —bringing broadband connectivity and all of the Web’s HD content to the masses.

Google Launches the Internet Bus in India

Google has launched what is essentially a mobile internet cafe called the Internet Bus, to go around India providing poorer people, experience and education in using the internet. Using a high speed connection via what appears to be satellite, the vehicle has the words "Explore the World of the Internet" along the sides, it has not been cheaply done either. The whole vehicle appears to be a custom build, with large flat screen monitors, custom stands and lots of pretty lights. It has been said by the source, that the amount of people in India who are officially below the poverty line, is nearly as much as the total population of the USA. A video advertisement has also surfaced on YouTube, which you can find here.

Source: Alien Babel Tech

YouTube Goes Widescreen

YouTube, the site that's everywhere around us for one reason or another, is finally widescreen ready. The first thing you'll notice when you enter YouTube today will be the new widescreen look of all uploaded videos and the slightly bigger aspect of the site. This highly anticipated widescreen update comes to replace the older 4:3 look of all videos. Now viewers can enjoy playing 16:9 videos in fullscreen. The site's width is also expanded to 960 pixels to better reflect the quality of the videos. The YouTube team also claims that all 4:3 videos will play just fine regardless of the new aspect ratio.Source:, YouTube Blog

Thermaltake Showcases BigTyp14 Pro on YouTube

Thermaltake uploaded today a video on YouTube showcasing its upcoming BigTyp14 Pro CPU cooler, which is due out next month. The cooler, successor to the popular BigTyp 120VX, features six copper heatpipes and 69 aluminium fins on each side as cooling surface. There's also a top mounted VR controlled blue LED 140mm fan with a low noise output of 16dBA. BigTyp14 Pro uses a universal clip that supports most of current sockets. Thermaltake expects the BigTyp14 Pro to arrive sometime next month, but pricing is yet to be confirmed. Take a look at the teaser clip here.


Pakistan Blocks YouTube

It seems that America and the United Kingdom aren't the only countries caught in a sudden desire to become authoritarian. Pakistan is blocking websites that they feel either will pervert their citizens culturally or politically. YouTube recently made the list for both reasons. There's plenty of sketchy X-rated material on the website, and it's cousin, X-tube. However, it's more likely than not that YouTube was blocked in Pakistan due to political footage. To be precise, someone managed to sneak proof of election fraud, in video form, onto YouTube. Pakistan obviously doesn't want anybody to see this, so they bury the video. When it comes bouncing back later, Pakistan got mad and completely blocked out the site.Source: All Things Pakistan

High Quality YouTube Videos Coming

Anyone who has ever uploaded a video to YouTube, or watched a video on YouTube, knows that the quality isn't exactly something to write home about. To keep bandwidth costs and service speed up, YouTube administrators have, up until recently, limited uploaders to 100MB file size, and cropped all files to the paltry 320x240 resolution. YouTube already announced plans to increase the storage space, and now they are planning on doing something about the resolution. All files uploaded to YouTube are of a much higher quality, and some are even high-definition (1280x720 or better). YouTube representatives recently confirmed that YouTube does store the original versions, and only makes the compressed/shrunken version available to the average viewer. YouTube is currently testing a new version of the YouTube player, which determines your bandwidth, and adjusts your video quality accordingly. If all goes well, you can expect high-definition YouTube videos within three months.Source: WebWare

YouTube Intros Multi-File and 1GB Uploads

YouTube has upped the upload limit of YouTube videos to 10 minutes in length and up to 1GB in size, yes no more compressing to 100MB. You can also now upload multiple videos on YouTube at the same time with the YouTube Uploader. Right now the software is only available for Windows PCs but there will be a Mac version too. To get started, just go to the installer webpage and download the software. Then you'll be able to access the Multifile Upload page and start uploading. These videos will be available in My Videos after they have finished processing.Source: TrustedReviews,YouTube Blog

YouTube Gets Piracy Filter

Google Inc. has unveiled test version of a new Video Identification system on YouTube that should identify pirated videos as they get uploaded.
YouTube Video Identification will help copyright holders identify their works on YouTube. We have worked with Google to develop one-of-a-kind technology that can recognize videos based on a variety of factors. As its Beta status indicates, our Video Identification is brand-new, cutting-edge stuff, so we will be constantly refining and improving it. Early tests with content companies have shown very promising results. As we scale and refine our system, YouTube Video Identification will be available to all kinds of copyright holders all over the world, whether they want their content to appear on YouTube or not.
More information about the YouTube Video Identification can be found here.Source: YouTube

Spammers Use YouTube’s 'Invite a Friend' Service to Send Out Spam E-mails

There has been reports on spammers using YouTube's "Invite a friend" service to send out spam E-mails. According to the security experts at Sophos, the spam bypasses traditional E-mail filters because the messages originate from YouTube’s servers from the source address of So far, only dating websites and gaming accessories have been advertised through the comments section of the E-mail service.Source: TG Daily

University of California Berkeley Uploads Free Lectures to YouTube

Recently, UC Berkeley started uploading videos of their lectures to YouTube for the masses to view, free of charge. YouTube now is a host to over 300 hours of lectures on bioengineering, peace and conflict studies, and physics, according to the UC Berkeley. As time goes on, UC Berkeley hopes to upload more lectures to YouTube, and on more topics. "UC Berkeley on YouTube will provide a public window into university life - academics, events and athletics - which will build on our rich tradition of open educational content for the larger community," according to Christina Maslach, the vice provost for undergraduate education.Source: Neowin

Adobe Launches Media Player

With the three main firms currently competing in the media playback industry being Microsoft, Apple and Real, Adobe has decided to launch its very own media player in an attempt to gain a foothold. Adobe Media Player (AMP for short), which is backed by several companies including CBS, PBS and Yahoo (as well as a few other online companies), is designed to work with files based on the same .FLV format used by YouTube and several other video sharing sites, with Adobe saying:
Adobe is driving the next generation of internet video delivery with the Adobe Media Player, the Flash Media Server, content protection technologies, and a broad and powerful ecosystem of partners providing key solutions from content creation through delivery and monetization. AMP brings the best of both the broadcast television and web video worlds to your desktop—providing high-quality content both online and offline, with a wide range of business model possibilities.
AMP is still only a BETA at the moment, with a final release scheduled for March 2008, but if you want to take a look at it you can download it for free from here.Source: TG Daily

YouTube to Check for Illegal Videos Using Digital Fingerprints

Google will begin massive copyright filtering on Youtube, the company it now owns, in September.

Google lawyer Philip S. Beck described the system as a recognition technology that would rely on digital fingerprints that copyright holders would provide to YouTube to help filter out illegal uploads. Once the fingerprint is in the system, YouTube’s software would be able to recognize and remove it within a minute or two.

Google says that it hopes that its new software would end the complaints – and litigation – from companies such as Viacom.Source: DailyTech

EMI Music, Google and YouTube Strike Milestone Partnership

EMI Music – one of the world’s leading global music companies, Google and YouTube, the leader in online video – today announced a landmark agreement which will give YouTube users unprecedented access to authorized videos and recordings from EMI Music artists, including those featured in user generated content.

“With this deal, all four of the world’s major music companies are now official YouTube partners,” said Chad Hurley, CEO and Co-founder of YouTube. “EMI is a proven leader in the emerging digital music landscape and one of the world’s largest and most respected music companies. We’re excited to add EMI Music’s stellar roster of artists’ content to our site and make it available to our community.”

YouTube Coming to Apple TV

Apple today announced that it’s bringing the Internet’s most popular originally-created content from YouTube to the living room with Apple TV. Beginning in mid-June, Apple TV will wirelessly stream videos directly from YouTube and play them on a user’s widescreen TV. Using Apple TV’s elegant interface and simple Apple Remote, viewers can easily browse, find and watch free videos from YouTube in the comfort of their living room. Thousands of the most current and popular YouTube videos will be available on Apple TV at launch in mid-June, with YouTube adding thousands more each week until the full YouTube catalog is available this fall. Apple today also announced that it is offering a new Apple TV build-to-order option with a 160GB hard drive. Apple TV with a 160GB hard drive will be available tomorrow for a suggested retail price of $399 (US), while the older 40GB version will still sell for $299 (US).Source: Apple

YouTube Getting Competition from News Corp. and NBC

Popular video distribution site YouTube could soon find itself facing fierce competition from a new site dubbed the “YouTube killer”. The site will be the result of a new partnership between News Corp and NBC, with other big name companies including Yahoo!, Microsoft and Time Warner/ AOL being involved in supplying and distributing content. TV shows that will be available when the service launches this summer include Heroes, 24, House, My Name Is Earl, Saturday Night Live, Friday Night Lights, The Riches, 30 Rock, The Simpsons, The Tonight Show, Prison Break, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, and Top Chef, along with movies including Borat, Little Miss Sunshine, Devil Wears Prada, The Bourne Identity, and Bourne Supremacy. The new service will be free to consumers using ad-supported videos, and there are plans to syndicate the content via other web channels such as MySpace, MSN, and Yahoo!Source: ars technica

Viacom sues YouTube for $1 billion dollars USD

Some people claimed it was bound to happen. Some people hoped it never would. Pirates didn't care one way or another, and continued uploading illegally-obtained clips to YouTube. There have been tons of rumors regarding YouTube getting sued, and Viacom can proudly claim that they are the first company to actually do it. Viacom was unable to reach a licensing agreement with YouTube, and ordered their clips off YouTube. YouTube attempted to comply, but piracy appeared to prevail. The lawsuit details 160,000 clips still on the site, and wants $1 billion USD in damages. Viacom claims that YouTube's business model, which is "based on building traffic and selling advertising off of unlicensed content, is clearly illegal and is in obvious conflict with copyright laws". YouTube claims that they have done everything in their power to remove Viacom's content from their website, and is almost certain the courts will agree.Source: MSN Money

YouTube Gains Support from the BBC

YouTube, the video sharing service now owned by Google, has often come under pressure from broadcasting companies about their material being shown without permission on the site after users upload it illegally. However, the BBC (a major TV and radio broadcaster in the UK) has reached an agreement which should see three channels being shown on YouTube, with each showcasing short clips of the BBC’s content. One of these channels will be used for news, whilst the other two will host entertainment. The BBC's director general, Mark Thompson, called the deal a "ground-breaking partnership" that would "engage new audiences in the UK and abroad", but the deal has been criticised by other media companies which claim the BBC is straying from its licence-fee funded public service.Source: BBC News
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