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Australian state bans YouTube from public schools

Australian state Victoria has decided to ban access to YouTube from public schools. The state made this decision in an attempt to slow "cyberbullying". Cyberbullying is the simple act of bullying someone using the internet. The main YouTube clip that triggered this was a very controversial one. The clip was recorded by a group of people a mentally-challenged girl met over the internet. The group harassed her, made her perform sexual activities, peed on her, and then set her hair on fire, all with the intent of recording it on camera for YouTube. Victoria has approximately 1,600 schools withing it's borders.Source: The Inquirer

Fox Entertainment Group gives YouTube subpoena

Fox Entertainment Group gave YouTube a very nice subpoena. This subpoena demands the full identity of mister "ECOtotal". Fox wants this information mainly because "ECOtotal" had posted a bunch of Simpsons and 24 episodes, some of which were posted before they were released on television. The VP of Fox Entertainment Group feels that "the uploaded material could cause Fox irreparable harm". Ecototal's YouTube account has been suspended.Source: The Register

YouTube clip leads to arrest in Canadian murder case

In a search for information relating to the murder case of Ryan Milner, Canadian authorities posted a clip of surveillance footage from the nightclub he was murdered just outside of onto YouTube. After over 34,000 views of the clip, police used the comments posted in response to the clip to help track down George Gallow for questioning. George Gallow then confessed to the murder. This is the first time that police have used YouTube as a tool for criminal investigation.Source: The Register

Television networks discussing starting YouTube rival

YouTube is both loved and hated in the corporate world. While some media companies threaten to sue YouTube for having pirated content hosted on it's site, others have struck deals with YouTube. Fox, Viacom, CBS and NBC Universal have decided to take a different route entirely. They will start their own website, and place on it all their various television shows. There is no mention whether the viewable content will be free to users or if these media companies will charge for the use of their website.Source: CNET
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