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Zalman Displays CNPS12X, Massive CPU Cooler

Here are the first pictures of CNPS12X, Zalman's new top-tier CPU cooler. Zalman is popular for its omega-shaped aluminum fin ring coolers that were counted among the best in the business for the better part of last decade, before tower-type coolers took over. Tower-type coolers offer the best cooling efficiency to the weight. The only way so far to better tower-type air-coolers in their category is double-tower type, where heat pipes pass through two aluminum fin towers, with two or three fans nested in between, in coolers such as the Noctua NH-D14 and Coolink Corator DS. Zalman made its first tower-type cooler with CNPS10X, and later implemented the design a number of times over, on CNPS11X, CNPS5X, and CNPS7X.

The CNPS12X is a faint tribute to the round fin-ring design heatsink, except that it's not. It is a double-tower type heatsink, with ring-like aluminum fin stacks. Unlike with true ring-type heatsinks where fins would propagate along the main heat pipes, on CNPS12X, they pass straight upwards from the base. The heat pipes pass through the first fin stack, through a base where they make direct contact with the CPU, and then on through the second fin stack. The cooler comes with three fans pre-installed, one at the intake, one between the two fin stacks, and one at the exhaust. The heatsink is large, at 151 (L) x 132 x 153 mm, weighing in at 1.00 kg.

Zalman Intros Revised VF3000F VGA Cooler, Supports GTX 570, GTX 580

Zalman is making changes to its VF3000F GPU fan-heatsink, to give it compatibility with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 and GTX 580. The heatsink is largely unchanged from the Fermi-ready one introduced back in September 2010, with only a few minor compatibility tweaks. The new variant still measures 239 (L) x 98 (W) x 51 (H) mm, weighing 430 g. It uses two green LED-illuminated 92 mm fans that spin at 1400-3000 RPM, featuring EBR bearing.

The VF300F is essentially a large aluminum fin array to which heat is conveyed by five 6 mm thick copper heat pipes. The heat pipes converge at a large copper base. The heatsink is ventilated by the two 92 mm fans, and is topped off with a green chrome cooler shroud. A syringe of ZM-STG2 TIM is bundled. The new VF3000F is expected to be priced on par with the older model, €40 - €45.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Zalman Announces CNPS11X Extreme CPU Cooler

A new CPU Cooler lineup has just been released to bring up the Zalman to the next stage. Unlike its predecessors, CNPS11X Extreme comes with the unique V-shape heatsink from any other manufacturers. With a highly optimized thermal designed heatsink will be certainly outperforming than any other heatsink in the market.

On top, with its stylish Black pearl plating with Blue LED will add more visuals for the Case modders. In addition, by Zalman’s unique Composite Heatpipe Solution, CNPS11X Extreme will have more than enough to cool any hottest CPUs in the market as well. (Up to 350W TDP). Included ZM-STG2 will also boost up to the maximum cooling performance of CNPS11X.

Zalman Announces Trio of USB 3.0 HDD Enclosures

Zalman is pleased to introduce its brand new USB3.0 External H.D.D. enclosure series. New ZM-HE250 U3, ZM-HE350 U3 and ZM-HE350 U3E will make even largest files transfer possible with Ultra fast speed of 5Gbps. As long as Motherboard supports USB3.0, then you can enjoy the cutting edge USB3.0 Speed with these new External H.D.D. Enclosures. In addition, elegant design looks would differentiate them from existing products in the market. Apart from these new models, we will also release ZM-PC302 U3 PCI-e card to sever many users without USB3.0 port on their system. Regardless of any system you have, once it has PCI-e 1X slot, you just install our ZM-PC302 U3 on to your system to boost up your file transfer rate with ZM-HE250 U3/ HE350 U3/ HE350 U3E.

Zalman Intros ZM-F4 135 mm Fan with 120 mm Frame

Zalman rolled out the ZM-F4, a 135 mm case fan that features a 120 mm compatible frame that lets it fit into most 120 mm case fan mounts and CPU heatsinks. Capable of 900 to 1,300 RPM rotational speeds, the ZM-F4 has rated noise levels of 18 to 26 dBA. The advanced sleeve bearing is said to ensure a life-span of 50,000 hours. The fan uses standard 3-pin power input, a bundled resistor cable keeps the fan down to its minimum speed ensuring low noise output. Zalman also opted for rubber pins instead of metal screws to bundle with its fan. Pricing and availability is not known.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Zalman Announces HDD Enclosure with Virtual Drive Feature

Zalman announced its first external HDD enclosure. Unlike any other External HDD enclosures, we have spiced it up with world’s first virtual drive function on ZM-VE200. Now, end users do not need to carry around uncomfortable CD/DVDs. All they need to do is simply extract ISO image from the CD/DVDs and store them in the ZM-VE200. ZM-VE200 comes with the LCD that displays the list of the ISO files that have been loaded. Then they can install various OS / software by user’s choice with faster USB connection. Also with its stylish slim design will definitely attract customers to take anywhere they go.

Zalman's CPU Cooler Pack Led by CNPS11X Extreme

Zalman's pack of new CPU coolers is led by the CNPS11X Extreme. The 11K is positioned to be a premium air-cooler that's a notch above even the CNPS10X. Overall retaining the trapezoid shape of the CNPS7X, the CNPS11X Extreme actually uses what appears to be L-shaped (right-angled) aluminum fins packed into a very dense fin array. It is cooled by a high-flow 130 mm LED-lit fan. It is capable of handling thermal loads of up to 350W, supporting all modern socket types, including AM3(+)/AM2(+), LGA1366, LGA1155/LGA1156.

Zalman Unveils CNPS7X LED CPU Cooler

Zalman showed off its latest mid-range CPU cooler, the CNPS7X LED. The CNPS7X sits between the value CNPS5X and the high-performance CNPS10X. It uses an aluminum fin tower design, making use of trapezoid aluminum fins to which heat is conveyed by three 8 mm thick copper heat pipes. It makes use of an LED-lit 130 mm high-flow fan. The CNPS7X is suited for all modern socket types, including AM3+/AM3/AM2+, LGA1366, LGA1155/LGA1156, and LGA775.

Zalman Releases GS1200 ATX Full-Tower Chassis

Zalman pleased to inform that the GS1200 is now available for order. Its mesh design with two large 200mm fan provided delivers powerful cooling and excellent air flow at once. On top, to maximize user’s convenience and faster data transfer, front USB3.0 port is adopted. Top cover HDD Docking deck which makes convenient addition of the HDDs possible is another ideal feature of this new generation case to satisfy enthusiast’s requirement.

Zalman Intros CNPS5X CPU Cooler

Zalman announced its latest CPU cooler, the CNPS5X. Its design is a fusion between traditional tower-type and Zalman's own nested fan design heatsink. The CNPS5X is designed for medium-thru-heavy thermal loads, more like highly overclocked dual-core or mildly overclocked quad-core chips. The company excluded support for LGA1366 for this reason, but added support for Intel's upcoming LGA1155 socket. Other sockets supported include LGA1156, LGA775, and AM3/AM2+/AM2.

Its design consists of Y-shaped aluminum fins, to which heat is conveyed evenly by three 8 mm thick copper heat pipes. The heat pipes converge at a copper CPU base. The 92 mm fan is nested inside the aluminum fins. It spins at 1400~2800 rpm, with a rated noise level of 20~32 dBA. Together, the CNPS5X measures 127(L) x 62(W) x 134(H) mm, weighing 320 g. Installation is made easy by push-pins for Intel sockets, and a fixed clip for AMD sockets, requiring no access to the back of the motherboard. Slated for market release in December, the CNPS5X from Zalman is priced at €26.90.

Zalman Announces 80 Plus Silver Certified ZM1000-HP PLUS and ZM850HP PLUS PSUs

Zalman is pleased to inform that the new revolutionary 80 Plus Silver certified High End Power supply is now available. From its predecessor, the power efficiency has been increased up to 87% for the excellent performance (80 Plus SILVER certified) without any additional price increase.

The newly designed heatpipe block enhances cooling efficiency and minimize noise level by utilizing Zalman’s unique noise prevention technologies. Furthermore all new PCB Layout provides users with highly effective energy usage with least energy loss. So, enjoy all benefits provided by Zalman with maximized performance in minimized noise.

Zalman Kick Starts its SSD Lineup

Zalman made its entry into the solid state drive (SSD) business by unveiling two lines of SATA SSDs in the 2.5 inch form factor. It includes the value-oriented S-series, and the performance-oriented N-series. Available in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB, the S-series models make use of a JMicron controller with up to 260 MB/s of read speeds, and 60 MB/s writes for the 32 GB model, 120 MB/s writes for the 64 GB one, and 210 MB/s for the 128 GB one. The Zalman S-series 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB SSDs are expected to be priced at US $99, $149, and $249, respectively. These drives do support the TRIM function.

The N-series SSDs make use of a SandForce SF-12xx controller, with sequential read speeds of up to 280 MB/s and 270 MB/s writes, consistent for both the 64 GB and 128 GB models. The N-series 64 GB model is priced at $169, and 128 GB model at $289.

Source: Tom's Hardware

ColorFire Designs Custom Radeon HD 6850 with Zalman VF-3000 GPU Cooler

Chinese graphics card manufacturer ColorFire designed a new non-reference design AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card that that uses a stronger VRM and a Zalman VF-3000 GPU cooler. The PCB sets the red color-scheme, and the cooler keeps up with it, using a hot rod looking shroud. The card uses a 7+1 phase VRM that draws power from two 6-pin power connectors, facilitating high clock speeds. The PCB also holds two CFBI fingers, indicating the card to support 3-way and 4-way CrossFireX. Low-latency (0.5 ns) GDDR5 memory chips by Hynix are used.

The VF-3000 has some hefty credentials, it can handle very high thermal loads. The cooler makes use of a dense aluminum fin array that is ventilated by two 90 mm fans. The exact clock speeds are not known. Display connectivity includes one each of DVI, D-Sub, HDMI 1.4, and DisplayPort 1.2. Like every other HD 6850, this one packs 960 stream processors, and supports the latest graphics APIs such as DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.x. It's not known if ColorFire will market this card outside China.


Zalman Announces the CNPS9900 MAX CPU Cooler

Zalman announced the CNPS 9900 Max. The new CNPS 9900 Max comes with Zalman’s outstanding heat transfer solution by utilizing ‘composite heatpipe’(Q Max 300W), along with switching noise eliminated 135mm quiet LED fan for ultra quiet operation and broad compatibility for both Intel 1156/1366/775 & AMD AM3/AM2+/AM2. This new awesome CPU cooler should be more than enough to satisfy overclockers and users who want to look for ultra powerful cooling performance in silent operation.

Zalman Intros ZM-Fx-FDB Series Case Fans

Zalman has started shipping its newest low-noise case fans, the ZM-Fx-FDB series (where "x" is 1,2,3, representing 80 mm, 92 mm, 120 mm, respectively). The fan uses three means to lower noise output: a PWM-based speed control, silicone pins that attach it to the case instead of metal screws, and fluid-dynamic bearing (FDB) that has a long life and makes low noise. The FDB ensures the fan has a service life of 150,000 hours. The impeller is made of translucent (frost) plastic, though it isn't LED-lit. A low-noise speed mode can be selected by placing the provided resistor.

The ZM-F1-FDB spins at 1,400~2,000 rpm with 18~23 dBA noise output, ZM-F2-FDB at 1,300~2,000 rpm with the same 18~23 dBA noise, and ZM-F3-FDB at 1,000~1,500 with 18~23 dBA noise as well. With the ZM-RC56 resistor in place, the fans spin at a lower speed, with a constant noise output of 18 dBA. While the ZM-F2-FDB is due for market release on the 25th of September, the ZM-F1-FDB is priced at 7.9 EUR, and ZM-F3-FDB at 9.5 EUR.

Zalman Announces the VF3000F VGA Cooler

Zalman released the VF3000F for the end users who wants to cool their latest VGA card from nVidia. The company's first Dual Fan VGA cooler promises you for the maximum performance with less noise. On top, VF3000F is specially designed for the Fermi Series from nVidia (GTX480/470/465) and comes with the dedicated RAM/FET Heatsinks to maximize the cooling performance on the GPU as well as FET/RAM with lower noise. ZM-STG2 will help the heat transfer from the heat source to the heatsink for efficient cooling.

Fanmate 2 will enable variable fan speed so users can choose either silent operation or performance setting. Please note that VF3000F comes in 2 different models: a model for GTX 480 and one for GTX 470 and GTX 465 graphics cards.

Zalman Announces ZM-MH200 Series HDD Docking Stations

Zalman is proudly introducing a Dual HDD Docking Station series, MH200 U3 / MH200 Hub which support up to 2 SATA HDDS simultaneously with 2.5” & 3.5” SATA Ⅰ/Ⅱ (Up to 3TB) and Port-Multiplier function, not to mention our Dual HDD Docking Station series comes with Hot Swap and Plug & Play, Blue LED indicator for HDD access, it has beautiful and sleek appearance to be perfectly matched for any working places. If anyone who looking for a Dual HDD Docking Station with state of the art technologies and great features, the MH200 series will be a perfect choice.

Zalman Intros ZM-SF3 Case Fans with ''Shark's Fin Blade'' Design

Zalman today announced the ZM-SF3 fans in Europe, which feature what it calls "Shark’s fin Blade" design. The ridges and protrusions on each fan-blade reduce turbulence, resulting in a better airflow to rotational speed ratio, and more importantly, reduced noise. This fan blade design is backed by a motor that makes use of what Zalman calls "Everlasting Quiet" (ELQ) bearing that makes use of a nano-composite material that results in a lifespan of over 150,000 hours with minimum noise.

The fan's frame uses blocks of silicone at its corners that dampen vibration, and silicone pins are provided instead of metal screws that bring down vibration transfer to the chassis even further. This results in a rated noise level of under 25 dBA. The fan measures 120 x 120 x 26.4 mm, weighing 118 g. It spins at speeds between 900 and 1,500 rpm. It takes its power from a 3-pin power connector. Zalman, however, did not announce pricing.

Zalman Displays CNPS9900 MAX CPU Cooler

One of Zalman's latest creations is a refresh on its CNPS9900 CPU cooler, the CNPS9900 MAX. While identical to the CNPS9900 base model (copper) in many ways, the MAX sports a black+graphite look, making use of nickel-plated copper. The design involved two loops of copper fins to which heat is conducted by heat pipes, while air is circulated by a 120 mm FDB bearing fan that spins between 800~1200 rpm, with a noise output of 18~43 dBA. The cooler measures 94 (L) x 131 (W) x 152 (H) mm, weighing 730 g. It supports all current CPU sockets out of the box, including LGA-1366, LGA-1156, AM3, and LGA-775. A tube of ZM-STG2 thermal compound is bundled with it. There's no word on the pricing yet.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Zotac Readies GeForce GTX 480 Amp! Edition Graphics Card

Zotac is ready with one of the first non-reference design GeForce GTX 480 graphics card, the Zotac GTX 480 amp! Edition. At the center of its design is the Zalman VF3000 GPU cooler sitting atop an NVIDIA reference design PCB. Overclocked out of the box, the amp! Edition card has clock speeds of 750 MHz (core), 1512 MHz (shader), and 950 MHz / 3800 MHz effective (memory), against reference speeds of 700/1401/924(3700) MHz.

The gigantic VF3000 cooler makes the card require three expansion slots. As with every other GTX 480, the GTX 480 Amp! Edition packs 480 CUDA cores, is DirectX 11 compliant, and has 1536 MB of GDDR5 memory across a 384-bit wide interface. Zotac has not let out any more information, particularly pricing and availability.

Source: DonanimHaber

Zalman Readies Trimon 24-inch Full HD 3D Monitor

Zalman is readying a new 24-inch 3D LCD monitor, the Trimon ZM-M240W, which is a design upscale of the 21.5-inch ZM-M215W. The display is bundled with a pair of stereoscopic glasses, and lets users switch between 3D and 2D display modes. The TN-panel used has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (full HD), with a response time of 5 ms. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1, and input connectivity which includes DVI and D-Sub. Expected to launch sometime in May, the Trimon ZM-M240W will cost around 380 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

New Cases, Coolers and 3D Displays From Zalman

Zalman is actually in a local hotel suite, showing off some very interesting products. They are showcasing their 3D monitor in the 21.5 inch variant with FullHD resolution. A 24 inch version can also be had, while a 27 inch LCD and a 32 inch 3D TV LCD are also in planning. We also got a good look at their upcoming VGA coolers for ATI and NVIDIA cards. Due to the different placement of GPU cores, there are now two different coolers with the same general structure. We were told, that the final NVIDIA version will be green, while the red variant is final and will be intended for ATI products.

Zalman Unveils Upcoming Products

Zalman unveiled three new products which it plans to release very soon. The three include CNPS10X Performa CPU cooler, VF3000 series VGA coolers, and Z7 PLUS case. To begin with, the CNPS10X Performa is a tweaked version of the other two CNPS10X series coolers. It sheds away some cosmetic features for those that matter. It retains the tower design structure with five copper heatpipes making their way through an aluminum fin block. Thanks to its cost cutting, the CNPS10X Performa may strike a price-point below $40, where all the action is with coolers from the likes of Arctic Cooling, OCZ, Xigmatek, etc.

The VF3000 series VGA coolers seem to pack quite some cooling power into its racy design. It boasts of being a universal VGA cooler, supporting most of current GPUs, including ATI HD 5000, HD 4000, HD 3000, and NVIDIA 9 series, and 200 series. It comes in two liveries - black and red. The design is similar to many coolers in its league: two copper heatpipes pass through a GPU contact base, leading to two aluminum fin blocks which are cooled by LED-lit fans. Lastly, there's the Z7 PLUS case. This ATX mid-tower packs features essential to today's mid-range gamer PCs, with a perforated metal front bezel, all its drive bays can be converted to external bays. Zalman's new products should be out in the weeks to come. More pictures at the source.

Source: HardwareCanucks

Zalman Readies MFC1 Combo Fan Controller

Zalman is readying a new multi-channel fan controller, the MFC1 Combo. This fan controller occupies one 5.25-inch drive bay, and comes with a brushed aluminum bezel. Out of the five independent channels the controller provides, four work on the conventional voltage-control principle, while one provides PWM (pulse-width modulation) control. Each channel delivers up to 7W / 0.6 A. The PWM-controlled channel also comes with a PWM-mode with three speed presets a fourth one can be user-defined. The Zalman MFC1 Combo should be priced at around 40 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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