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Patriot Memory Announces the Convoy 2.5'' Series Internal Drive Enclosures

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash and computer peripheral solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the Patriot Convoy 4x4 series of 5.25” bay enclosures for 2.5” Hard Disk Drives or Solid State Drives. The Patriot Convoy 425S and Convoy 425XL expand upon the award winning Convoy product line of 3.5” bay devices for two 2.5” drives.

Designed with storage density and performance in mind, each Patriot Convoy 425S and 425XL storage device provides a simple to install solution for up to four 2.5” HDD or SSD with the 425XL offering RAID functionality. Displayed during the 2010 Computex trade show as part of a technology showcase with high capacity SSD systems, the Convoy 425XL was a key component for the Patriot Artemis II technology demonstration. Paired with 56 Patriot Inferno 100GB SSDs in RAID 0 configuration, the storage and performance benefits of this enclosure were evident: maximum storage density in a small space with extreme performance. In the Artemis II system, the Patriot Inferno SSDs and the Convoy 425XL achieved breathtaking performance of over 240,000 IOPS.

Sharkoon Announces the SATA QuickPort Home HDD Dock

Hard drives have long ago found a way to bring a digital library into the living room. In order to transfer videos, pictures and music from PC data carriers to appropriately equipped televisions, digital receivers, gaming consoles or HD media players it needed an external hard drive enclosure. Unfortunately, these usually came in a functional PC component design.

An easy to use and suitable living room alternative is now introduced by Sharkoon. The accessory specialist has the pleasure of adding an elegant HiFi design to their QuickPort hard drive docking station. With its slim size, the Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Home assumes the look of a classic HiFi device due to its brushed aluminium front panel, which covers the entire display, and its black finish with round, silver foot stands.

ASUS Readies Slim, Stylish External DVD-Writer Drive

ASUS showed off a new compact external DVD-Writer drive, a yet to be named model that the company refers to as the "Extreme Slim External DVD-RW Drive." The drive is roughly the size of two CD cases, at 14 mm thickness. It is essentially a notebook/slim optical drive inside a sleek, gray brushed-metal enclosure that takes both power and connectivity from its USB 2.0 cable. The unit weighs 320 g. The drive writes DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW at 8x, DVD-RW, double-layer DVD-R/+R at 6x, and DVD-RAM at 5x. CD-R is written at 24x, CD-RW at 16x. ASUS did not give out pricing details, yet.

Source: TechRadar

Icy Dock MB668U3-1SB USB 3.0 Drive Enclosure Reaches Stores

Icy Dock's MB668U3-1SB drive enclosure has been released to the North American and European markets. The enclosure takes in 2.5" (9.5 mm thick) SATA hard drives or solid state drives, and makes for external hard drives with USB 3.0 connectivity for transfer rates nearly on par with internal storage controllers. The enclosure takes all its power from the USB port, while also optionally featuring a 5V DC input, just in case. The aluminum+plastic based enclosure is available in carbon black and silver variants, and measures 76.3 x 13 x 150 mm, weighing a little over 80 g (empty). It is priced at 41 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Spire Releases HandyBook USB 3.0 Drive Enclosure

Spire announced today that its HandyBook SSD/HDD Drive Enclosures are now available with USB3.0 compatibility. Keep your data safe and cool in the Spire all new HandyBook 2.5-inch SATA to USB3.0 Hard Drive enclosure. The HandyBook is a nifty little enclosure, great design in both appearance and functionality. Keep your data potable and stored safely inside the Spire HandyBook, allowing you to operate the hard drive plug and play at any time.

The HandyBook can be opened at the touch of one button. Simply place your drive into the enclosure, connect it to your computer and start transferring your data at blazing speeds. The HandyBook is made with a special dual-layer design that reduces noise and is lightweight for maximum portability.

Antec Launches New Sonata Proto Case for PC Enthusiasts

Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today announced the Sonata Proto, the newest addition to Antec’s critically acclaimed Sonata line of Quiet Computing enclosures. Based on the worldwide best-selling Sonata III 500, the Sonata Proto combines improved noise reduction and powerful cooling with a modernized aesthetic and affordable price.

In response to popular demand, the Sonata Proto sports a new matte black exterior for an extra stylish edge, as well as an interior 2.5” SSD mount for convenience. The standard Sonata combination of improved cooling performance, whisper-quiet operation and enhanced flexibility is retained, as the chassis features one rear 120mm TwoCool 2-speed exhaust fan, as well as seven expansion slots and ten drive bays (three 5.25” external drive bays, two 3.5” external drive bays, the 2.5” bay and four 3.5” HDD trays).

Quick Peek at Icy Dock - Internal and External Docks and Blu-Ray Enclosure

While not planned, we spontaneously stopped by the Icy Dock booth here at CeBIT and they have a few interesting products on display. First off, there is an external dock which allows you to use SATA, IDE or floppy drives. This is nothing new, but the shape of the device certainly is. Then there is an internal dual drive bay, which utilizes a single 5.25 inch bay and converts them into a single 3.5 and additional 2.5 inch hot-swappable bay. This is not only a space saver, but certainly useful as well. Last, but not least there is the external, dual 5.25 inch enclosure, which does not only look nice, but allows you to expand that ION based HTPC very nicely with additional storage an an optical drive of your choice.

New Cases, Coolers and 3D Displays From Zalman

Zalman is actually in a local hotel suite, showing off some very interesting products. They are showcasing their 3D monitor in the 21.5 inch variant with FullHD resolution. A 24 inch version can also be had, while a 27 inch LCD and a 32 inch 3D TV LCD are also in planning. We also got a good look at their upcoming VGA coolers for ATI and NVIDIA cards. Due to the different placement of GPU cores, there are now two different coolers with the same general structure. We were told, that the final NVIDIA version will be green, while the red variant is final and will be intended for ATI products.

RaidSonic Unveils Three USB 3.0 Drive Enclosures

RaidSonic is ready with three new external storage solutions that make use of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, in its Icy Box series. To begin with, the Icy Box IB-230StU3 is a compact enclosure that makes for a portable, pocketable solution that can house a single 2.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD. It gets a healthy dose of brushed metal and aluminum overalls that keep it light and sturdy. It uses USB 3.0, and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. It will ship next month for 27 EUR a piece.

Next up, is the Icy Box IB-330StU3 enclosure, which although portable, is fit for the desktop. It can house a single 3.5" HDD or SSD. It has silicone inserts for noise dampening. Again, it uses USB 3.0 for connectivity. This one is slated for an April 2010 release, and will be priced at 39 EUR.

Lastly, there's the Icy Box IB-RD4320StU3-B desktop enclosure. It can house two 3.5" SATA drives with RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and JBOD support, and USB 3.0 interface to let you make use of the transfer speeds. Its release date and price are not known at the moment.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Spire Introduces RFID Enclosure for SSDs and HDDs

The newest in tool-less technology, the EZvault RFID is the pinnacle of stylish design and functionality. Made with the highest quality materials combined with outstanding design, the EZvault is vibration proof and excellent at getting rid of and keeping out any heat that could damage your hard disc or solid state data drive. Unique is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) lock. This build in function enables you to lock and protect your data. The supplied RFID key is as small as a quarter and can be used as a key-ring. Your data is locked and save in the new EZVault RFID enclosure from Spire.
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