Date: Feb 4th 2007
Author: Frederik S
In: Keyboards
Razer Tarantula Keyboard

With the Tarantula Razer has created a keyboard that is designed to suit the needs of gamers. The keyboard offers programmable macro keys and lets you also reorganize your keyboard layout by swapping keys. As always, Razer's software is intuitive to use and offers a lot of features. Unfortunately with a $129.99 price tag the keyboard is fairly expensive.

Date: Nov 5th 2006
Author: Darksaber
In: Keyboards
Ultron G1-Clawpad

The Ultron G1-Clawpad has an interesting look to it. As soon as you see it, you will notice what it is for: having all the needed keys for a game within reach of the left hand. It does not only look good, but feels great as well. The buttons are responsive and comfortable. Gaming with the G1-Clawpad is very nice once the hand has gotten used to its new weapon of choice.

Date: Nov 3rd 2006
Author: Darksaber
In: Keyboards
Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three

Art.Lebedev Optimus Mini Three is a very innovative little keyboard product. While the large price tag will make it appealing only to a limited number of customers, the price reflects a designer product. It offers a lot of functionality, but nothing you couldn't do without. The Optimus Mini Three is the ultimate gadget for the computer enthusiast, so the price will not be as important as the fun factor of the device.

Date: Aug 29th 2006
Author: Darksaber
In: Keyboards
Zboard MERC Gaming Keyboard

The Ideazon MERC Gaming Keyboard is the one thing the gamer can use, but may have never thought of. Many of us buy expensive mice, large and specially made mouse pads but continue playing on ordinary keyboards. The MERC gaming keyboard changes all that and gives gamers the one thing they actually use the most - a butterfly. We take a look at the keyboard and its software, to see if it really makes our gaming lives easier and more efficient.

Date: Jul 9th 2006
Author: Darksaber
In: Keyboards
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech has produced something every gamer needs. A keyboard with backlighting, usable in the dark. It will make the use of your World of Warcraft or Counterstrike key binds easy to use and out of the way. Even the LCD is useful, with sheer endless possibilities. Once again the quality and details of this input device is just what we have come to expect and love from Logitech - perfect in every aspect.