Huntkey X-MAN 90 W

Huntkey X-MAN 90 W

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The X-MAN comes in a plain plastic, transparent, box which doesn't offer much protection. On the front the adapter along with its power-tips are visible and a small badge informs that a tip for Dell notebooks is included. Also the small height (of 1.7cm) along with the USB charging port are highlighted.

On the one of two sides we are informed that the X-MAN was made in mainland China and more specific at Huntkey's Shenzhen factory. The other side includes a small table showing the suitable power-tips for every popular notebook brand.

The rear side offers some basic information about the input voltage range, the output Watts and the max power each of the two rails can output.


The bundle includes ten power-tips, a small leaflet and the two-pin AC power cord. Also Huntkey was kind enough to provide a storage bag for the adapter, an accessory that will come in handy for future buyers.


The adapter has nice looks thanks to its compact dimensions. On its front side the AC receptacle is installed and as you can see due to the limited height it is a two pin one, contrary to the three pin AC receptacles we find in normal sized power bricks. The USB charging port resides on the side of the adapter and also there is a blue indicator LED on the top side, near the DC output cable.
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