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Lian Li PC-C30A Review

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A Closer Look

The PC-30A is all brushed aluminum, the front has two stealthed optical drive bays on the left and right. The top left corner has the Lian Li logo while the lower left side has your power button and reset as well as the HDD and power LEDs. The lower right side has a fold down door that covers the two USB ports, IEEE, and audio plugs this area also can be used for the optional media card reader. Lian-Li added one accent line across the front which makes it look more like two devices than one.

The left and right sides are both identical having rear areas with aluminum screen installed to aid in system cooling. The top is one piece of machined aluminum that fits securely with one thumb screw and is folded over both sides for rigidity. Lian Li did not vent the top panel over the CPU but with the added height for a media case there is ample room above the CPU to draw air from in side the case.

The bottom is vented under each drive bay as well as the area behind the power supply. The feet are heavy rubber padded to prevent vibration with silver bezels for accent. The bottom plate is thicker than the rest of the case and the stand off inserts are pressed in to prevent stripping etc. The back shows us two 80mm ball bearing fans for cooling as well as 7 expansion slots which make it possible to install a full ATX board into this enclosure. The power supply mounts on its side to add more space in the system. The area above the expansion slots is vented to aid in system cooling for graphics cards.
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