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Silverstone Fortress FT04 Review

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Silverstone ships the Fortress FT04 in a fully colored cardboard box. The front holds an image of the case and some bulletin points. The rear has a picture of the interior along with several numbered lines pointing to unique features. Both side panels are covered in informative paragraphs and have holes to aid in carrying the package home from the post office or shop.

Two fairly compact Styrofoam spacers hold the FT04 in place within the package, while a plastic bag has been applied to protect the enclosure from fingerprints and scratches during the packing process.


You will get a fairly big bag of screws and two little connectors to bridge the fans; that is, if you don't want to use the FT04's fan controllers and a few cable ties. Silverstone also includes various plastic parts should you want to install smaller cooling units into the chassis, and there is a small support beam to hold up heavy expansion slot cards. A multilingual manual rounds up the extras within this latest generation of Fortress cases.
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