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Galaxy Designs Dual-Core GeForce GTS 250 Graphics Accelerator

Whereas NVIDIA is inching towards releasing its DirectX compliant GF100 GPU from which it has high expectations, some of its partners don't seem to give up on the two-generation old G92. Galaxy has almost finished designing a graphics card that uses two GeForce GTS 250 GPUs on one PCB, in an SLI on card setup. It refers to the card as "DualCore GTS250", and consists of a long blue PCB which holds two G92-426 GPUs (G92-426 GPUs are used on low-power variants of the GTS 250).

Each GPU is wired to 1 GB of GDDR3 memory across its 256-bit wide memory interface (total 2 GB on board). The two GPUs are connected to the system over an nForce 200 BR-03 bridge chip. The multi-GPU system is contained within the board, with no SLI fingers for expansion, even though G92 chips are Quad SLI capable.

ASUS Introduces Dark Knight series Graphics Cards

In order to cater to users who require excellent graphical performance boosts and exceptional cooling from their graphic cards, ASUS, world-leading producer of top quality graphic solutions, has today introduced a range of self-designed version graphics cards comprising the latest EAH4870 DK and EN9800GTX+ DK Series. These ASUS designed graphics cards will come equipped with the Dark Knight Fansink that delivers extreme cooling and low noise-levels—greatly enhancing gaming enjoyment. The inclusion of the EMI Shield, DIP Spring Chokes, LF PAK MOS, and Japan-made Solid Capacitors will allow users extreme performance and peace of mind at the same time; and furthermore, users will enjoy up to 9% performance improvements for gaming experiences with the ASUS EAH4870 DK TOP and EN9800GTX+ DK TOP.

ZOTAC Launches GeForce 9600GT and GeForce 9800GT Synergy Edition

ZOTAC International, a leading manufacturer of NVIDIA-based graphics cards, today unleashes its new GeForce Synergy Edition graphics card lineup. The new ZOTAC GeForce Synergy Editions deliver the phenomenal gaming experience of NVIDIA’s GeForce 9 graphics processors to budget-minded gamers and enthusiasts. Two new GeForce 9-based graphics cards kick off the ZOTAC GeForce Synergy Edition lineup – the GeForce 9800GT Synergy Edition and GeForce 9600GT Synergy Edition – delivering the power of NVIDIA’s Unified Architecture, PhysX and PureVideo HD technology to value price points.

GeForce 9800M, 9700M Offer Performance and Energy Savings in a Broad Range

NVIDIA has released two lines of high performance graphics processors (GPU) for the notebook PC market, the GeForce 9800M series and the 9700M series. These are sub-classified into GT and GTS for the 9700M and GT, GTS and GTX for the 9800M. These new GPUs provide a wide range of options for manufacturers to choose from and design high-performance gaming and multimedia notebooks.

These 9800M GTX GPU is based on the same G92 core, and will outperform its previous generation 8800M GTX that also happens to be based on the same core. The rest are based on the G94 and the newer G96 cores. These GPUs are CUDA compliant and will be able to accelerate game physics using the PhysX API. They support NVIDIA Hybrid Power technology. Simply put, on notebooks with integrated graphics processors (IGP) along with these GPUs, the system will be able to switch over to the IGP when not gaming, and switch over to the GPU when heavy graphics tasks are running (such as gaming, 3D rendering, HD Video acceleration, etc.). Speaking of video, these GPUs support Powervideo HD technology, includes VP2 acceleration. There's no information on these GPUs' fabrication technology yet. Specifications provided below.

Source: Notebook Italia

Presenting: Packard Bell ipower X2.0 Gaming Desktop

Packard Bell, one of Europe’s top consumer PC brands in Europe, will reveal the next generation of its ipower gaming desktop PC to the gaming community at the Electronic Sports World Cup, which is being held on 4-6 July 2008 in Paris. The new gaming PC is christened: ipower X2.0.

Selected as the official ESWC gaming system in 2007 and 2008, the ipower range had to be up to the task of meeting the demanding requirements of amateur and professional PC gamers. Packard Bell confirms its engagement to the PC gaming community by unveiling the ipower X2.0, a stunning combination of power, graphics performance, state-of-the-art cooling and ergonomics.

A sound mind in a sound body goes the saying. The magnificent chassis of the ipower X2.0 shows off its inner secrets including its components and build quality through a translucent siding with red LED trim lights. To satisfy the 30 per cent of PC gamers who say that design is one of the top selection criteria1, the Packard Bell design studio developed a sexy tower case that unites a black colour scheme with metal trim, transparent housing, gloss finish, bevelled angles and harmonious dimensions
(510 H x 217 l X 530 L).

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 Will be on Display at CeBIT 2008

The launch date of the elusive GeForce 9800 series, which will once again steal the thunder from AMD, remains up in smoke. However, NVIDIA did confirm one fact: they will be showing off their new hardware over at CeBIT this upcoming March. At this point, only Albatron is confirming their booth at CeBIT, but you should expect several more booths to pop up confirming their 9800-laden spot at CeBIT.Source: Nordic Hardware
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