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Newegg Extends Reach Into the United Kingdom and Australia

Newegg is building on its e-commerce leadership in the United States with a pilot program that makes a limited selection of its products available to customers in the United Kingdom and Australia. The move is an important first step in the company's international expansion plans. "We're extending the Newegg customer experience beyond North America, selectively addressing English-speaking countries overseas to begin that process," said Soren Mills, Chief Marketing Officer for Newegg North America. "This is an important step forward for our company and we're taking a very deliberate approach to our international growth."

Customers in the United Kingdom and Australia are now able to visit and purchase select products for shipment to their respective countries. Several thousand products are currently available in these new markets with the product line expanding dramatically throughout the year.
Scaling an e-commerce business to new international markets poses significant logistical challenges in the areas of order fulfillment, customer support, returns, regional product compatibility and country-specific regulations. To ensure a smooth expansion, Newegg plans to closely monitor all operational functions as it scales international product availability.

Australian R18+ Game Rating System Ends Mature Game Embargos

Australian legislators voted in a new game rating system that expands choice for gamers, allowing them to play ESRB-Mature games, which often get restricted or banned in the Australian market. Called R18+, the new rating marks games restricted to consumption by people aged 18 and above. Before it, the highest game rating marker for the Australian market was M15+ ("mature", above the age of 15), which let through titles with depiction of violence, but blocked out quite a few that in the eyes of the powers that be, were "too violent" (eg: Mortal Kombat, with its gory critical hit animations). Like with every other government, in every part of the world, it took a lobby to move the Australian House and Senate (Parliament) and make R18+ a reality. Go ahead and score fatalities in style, mates.

Source: GameInformer

Diablo 3 Launch Overloads Servers

Shacknews is reporting Diablo III is pretty popular. So popular, in fact, that the servers have been overloaded by the flood of clickmaniacs trying to play when it launched at midnight. As Diablo III requires players be online to play, even by themselves, there are a lot of sullen faces around this morning, staring glumly at 'Error 37' messages. Still, some are able to play. There's a little good D3 news in that Blizzard is helping out Australian fans who pre-ordered from GAME, after the failing retailer said it wouldn't honour their orders but would keep their money.

"Due to high concurrency the login servers are currently at full capacity. This may cause delays in the login process, account pages and web services," a Blizzard representative said of Error 37. "We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience while this is being resolved." A message on the login screen notes, "We're also aware of issues affecting character creation and are working to resolve them at this time." Hang in there, then. As for the land down under, after GAME entered administration earlier this week, it told Diablo III pre-orders that they wouldn't receive their game, but nor could they get a refund. Blizzard kindly stepped in to save them, explaining that those with proof of preordering can buy a digital copy through then submit their GAME receipt for a refund. You'll need to buy before May 21, and send your receipt in by June 30, though.

Source: Shacknews

Ivy Bridge-powered Sony VAIO E Series 14P Spotted in the Wild

Sony's VAIO E Series 14P notebooks went Ivy Bridge with model#SVE14A16FGH. This 14-incher (1600x900 pixels) is powered by an Intel Core i7-3612QM quad-core processor (2.10 GHz with 3.10 GHz boost), 4 GB of dual-channel DDR3 memory, and AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics. A 750 GB HDD and DVD writer are at the helm of storage. USB 3.0, HDMI and D-Sub, wireless b/g/n, 1.3 MP webcam, and gigabit Ethernet make for the rest of it. It retains the E series 14P chassis that's already launched. The leak occurred at Sony Australia, SVE14A16FGH goes for AU $1,499 (US $1,554) Down Under.

Source: LaptopReviews

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hits $1 Billion Milestone in Just 16 Days

Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), announced today that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 crossed the $1 billion mark in sales since its launch on November 8, 2011, according to Charttrack and retail customer sell-through information. Highlighting the trend of interactive entertainment gaining a greater hold of audiences worldwide, the game achieved this milestone in just 16 days, eclipsing the record set in 2009 by the feature film "Avatar," which reached the $1 billion milestone in 17 days.

While 2011 box office revenue is on the decline — down 4 percent this year at $9.4 billion, compared with $9.8 billion in 2010 -- the number of people purchasing and participating in gaming is on the rise, with no sign of slowing.(1) With more than 30 million gamers, the Call of Duty community now exceeds the combined populations of the cities of New York, London, Tokyo, Paris and Madrid.

Silent Hill: Homecoming banned in Australia

Konami has confirmed that its upcoming survival-horror game "Silent Hill: Homecoming" has been refused classification in Australia, so selling it there is illegal. According to a Atari spokesman (Atari is the local distributor for Konami) Australia's Classification Board found issue with the high impact of Silent Hill's violence.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is just one more victim in a series of banned games in Australia this year. Dark Sector, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, and Fallout 3 were all banned in 2008, though both Dark Sector and Fallout 3 were eventually allowed back into the country after some modifications were made.

The game is currently being developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. The PC version will be distributed exclusively through Valve's Steam digital content delivery service.


ZOTAC Extends Warranty of Graphics Cards Sold in Australia to 5 Years

ZOTAC has one more announcement to make. As of today, the comapny extends the warranty for Australian customers. The new warranty provides customers with an additional 3 years of warranty, for a total 5-year warranty on ZOTAC graphics cards. “Our new extended warranty in Australia shows our dedication and confidence in our products,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International. The extended warranty insures all ZOTAC graphics cards sold in Australia are free of defects or operational failure within the first 5-years of ownership. The ZOTAC extended warranty applies to all ZOTAC graphics cards purchased after June 11, 2008 and require users to register the product to validate the warranty.Source: ZOTAC
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