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Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Pictured by FCC

Razer is working on a new ambidextrous gaming mouse called Ouroboros. The mouse was pictured by FCC for its clearance inspection. It reveals a symmetric, edgy design, which is a breakaway from Razer's traditional curvy designs. With large main buttons and a restrained main body, the mouse appears to have been designed for both claw and palm grips. Apart from its main buttons and a scroll wheel, the mouse has six macro buttons that are symmetrically located. The thumb-rests on either sides of the mouse appear to be detachable, making the mouse ideal for claw grip. The mouse is pictured next to its detachable braided USB cable. More details are awaited.

Source: Engadget

Raspberry Pi Faces Another Hurdle: CE Mark Requirement

It looks like troubles have queued up for Raspberry Pi, the $25 credit card-sized wonder hobby-computer, which officially started shipping in late-February. After shipping delays and a manufacturing setback caused due to erroneous selection of RJ-45 Ethernet jacks, the hobby-kit faces a new problem. As a high-tech consumer-electronics product, it requires the CE (Conformité Européenne) mark, which denotes compliance with European standards. It is similar in function to the FCC mark that's mandatory for consumer electronics merchandise sold in the United States. The Raspberry Pi team was under the impression that it didn't need the CE mark to ship samples (read: small quantities) of its product, until its big product launch slated for later this year.

Source: The Telegraph

ISPs Should Do More to Safeguard the Web: FCC Chairman

US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman sought "smart, practical, voluntary solutions", without mandating his own, for internet service providers (ISPs) to fight online fraud and data theft. Chairman Julius Genachowski estimated that 8.4 million credit-card details are stolen online, each year. "If consumers lose trust in the Internet, this will suppress broadband adoption and online commerce and communication, and all the benefits that come with it," Genachowski said in a speech. The FCC feels ISPs can come up with solutions that prevent client PCs in the US from being forced into malicious botnets by hackers, without having to encroach upon users' privacy.

Genachowski urged ISPs to adopt DNSSEC, a system that ensures people accessing sensitive sites such as their banks' online transaction portals go to the right address, and not redirected to a fraudulent password phishing site. "To be effective, everyone who is a part of the Internet ecosystem must play a meaningful role in ensuring that private and government networks, and personal computers and devices are secured," said Comcast/NBCUniversal President Kyle McSlarrow in a blog posting. Comcast is one of America's biggest ISPs. This is an example of how threats to the sanctity of a productive internet can be defeated with highly-specific solutions that don't threaten privacy and freedoms, instead of broad-scoped legislations that potentially do.

Source: Reuters

KINGMAX Introduces UI-03 Paperclip Flash Drives

KINGMAX, a world renowned leading brand of DRAM and flash memory, announced the KINGMAX latest model UI-03 in the urban series. What would surprise you when you choose a USB drive? Whenever a new style of flash drives comes to the marketplace, of course we look for speed, capacity and the latest technology, but nowadays we also consider its added values, and where added value is concerned, for most people, it is a case of whether it is attachable or waterproof.

KINGMAX latest model UI-03 in the urban series, which really has got the “wow” factor! What is unique is its “paper-clip” design hook, making the UI-03 not simply a storage drive but also a handy USB drive that can also be used to attach pieces of paper together. It can even be attached to your collar as a discrete pendant.

Mach Xtreme Launches Low-Latency, High-Density 8 GB ArmorX DDR3 Memory Kits

Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top performance, high reliability and user-friendly designed PC components, today unveiled ARMORX Series DDR3 Dual-Channel 2000MHz high density memory 8GB (4GB x2) kits.

MX-Technology develops and manufactures a wide range of high quality memory modules, whether seeking maximum frames rates on the latest games, achieving the highest benchmarks through overclocking or demand ultimate, consistent stability.

Prime wireless real estate up for Grabs

January 24th, 2008 is the big auction day for our wireless world. The 700-megahertz Band is made up of 108 megahertz of spectrum from 698-806 MHz. For quite some time now the 700-Mhz frequencies have been licensed as Television channels 52 to 69. To keep with present times broadcasters are going digital, and whoever steps in will hold the biggest piece of the future wireless internet. The FCC will the upper 60MHz of spectrum in the 700MHz band. What is the big deal about the 700Mhz frequency spectrum you ask? It’s quite simple. The 700Mhz frequency spectrum will have much better reception for remote areas due to its characteristics. And the lower frequency waves have better penetrating qualities, making reception better inside buildings and down into basements. Due to its larger range than the current 1,800Mhz cell phone spectrum, it will take less than half as many wireless towers to cover the nation (30,000 down to less than 15,000). Each 700MHz tower can cover four times area as towers in higher bands, and the signals go through almost any obstacles trees, buildings, you name it.
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