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Apple dispels fears of iPhone slowing down AT&T mobile internet

If the iPhone became a must-have gadget, like the iPod did, AT&T's network would have quite a time dealing with all the internet bandwidth being used by iPhones. Fortunately for AT&T, Steve Jobs said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the iPhone will use an available WiFi network for internet capability before using AT&T's "Edge". The iPhone is even programmed to use WiFi as a VoIP medium if AT&T service is not available, another innovation in the iPhone.

Steve Jobs and AT&T talked a lot about the iPhone in a Wall Street Journal interview, if you're interested in this kind of stuff, please click here.Source: Wall Street Journal

Richard Garriott Speaks about MMOs

Lord British himself gave an interview regarding his current, Tabula Rasa, MMOs in terms of subscribing players and their future. Garriott of course speaks about projected life-time sales of Ultima Online and how this demand projection had been missed (in a positive way of course).
[GI]: So every new MMO game that comes out merely adds players, doesn't necessarily take away previous generations of players?
[Garriott]: I completely believe that is true.
It's a two parted interview, right now there's the first part online and the second part will be due sometime in next week.Source:

NVIDIA's Keita Iida at IGN PC

Bennett Ring and Patch Kolan from IGN Australia had Keita Iida, Director of Content Management at NVIDIA, as their guest yesterday and he answered a couple of interesting questions. Iida is not a sales person and was quite communicative during the whole interview. The subjects discussed vary from DirectX 10 and rough performance expectations for Crysis and Microsofts Flight Simulator X over crippled Vista drivers to game development for the PS3 and PC from the performance perspective.

Get to the interview right here.

Team Fortress 2 Interview at IGN PC

IGN PC got the opportunity to play a few rounds of Team Fortress 2 in between two interviews with Valve's Engineer Robin Walker, Project Lead Charlie Brown, and Marketing Director Doug Lombardi. While the the interviews start with why they made substantial changes to the classes and map designs, the more interesting answers follow later. Technical things like why they used Phong Shading and the PS3 and Xbox network interaction and of course the debate about the release date (which is probably in September).
IGN: So you're actually playing now on Xbox 360s connected to PCs?
Doug Lombardi: Technically it's done.
Chances are the PS3 version will only play other PS3s. There's zero chance of them talking to 360s.

Source: IGN PC

R600 family compatible to AGP - Full PCGH interview

At the CeBIT the guys from the PC Games magazin interviewed ATIs Vijay Sharma and because of their tight schedule just focused on a single story first. Sharma said the R600 will be compatible to the AGP to PCIe bridge called Rialto, which means that Add-In-Board (AIB) Partners could manufacture AGP cards based on the R600 family (R600/RV610/RV630).
Now the complete interview was released to the public which is none the less a very informativ read. Head over here if you want to know more about the upcoming R600 family, DX10 and drivers, new Antialiasing modes, memory interfaces and stuff like that.

Todd Hollenshead, id Software CEO, talks about Piracy

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC '07), Todd Hollenshead was talking about the piracy problem the game industry is facing today. In his speach "The Videogame Piracy Problem: Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest" he was paying particular attention to the impact Internet piracy has on the PC game industry. Todd's experiences battling pirates and hackers over the past 10 years are quite extreme. Not only got parts or even the full sourcecode stolen of Quake, Quake II, Quake III Arena and the Doom 3 Alpha in the past but he's currently dealing with someone who has an unauthorized copy of Enemy Territory Quake Wars. As you might remember the whole Half Life 2 source code was stolen, compiled by the thieves and released to the public some time ago in 2003. The whole situation changed the minds of many game developers who are now focusing on console games to the disadvantage of the PC.Source: DailyTech and NextGeneration

Sony comments on the PAL-compatible version of their console

As we reported on Friday, The version of the PS3 that will ship to PAL territories has lost some PS2 hardware, which will drastically reduce the amount of PS2 titles compatible with the PS3. However, in an unofficial blog, Sony has said that this reduction in backwards-compatibility isn't all a bad thing. They removed the PS2 processor that is found in the American/Japanese PS3 only to meet the strict PAL standards, and the models that are PAL-compatible will have a PAL sticker on the front. Sony will also work hard to update firmware to allow more and more backwards-compatibility with PS2 games. On March 23rd, Sony will maintain a site with a nice long list of compatible PS2 games. You can visit this site when it goes online here.Source: 1Up
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