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Zotac Readies Five New ZBOX Series Nettops

Zotac is working on five new MAG nettops under its ZBOX series. Each of these "anywhere PCs" measure 18.8 (L) x 18.8 (W) x 4.4 (D) cm, and offer enough power for basic computing. The five new models are based on a variety of nettop platforms. As standard features, these have 160 GB HDDs, SDHC card reader, USB 2.0 and eSATA, Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi. Zotac's new nettops will debut next month. Specifications and expected price of each of these are as follows:
  • HD-ID11 model - 1.66 GHz Atom 510 dual-core CPU / 1GB of RAM / Next-gen ION (GT218 GPU with 512MB dedicated memory) / $255
  • HD-ND21 model - 1.3 GHz Processor SU4100 dual-core CPU /2GB of RAM / ION (first-gen) / $300
  • HD-ND02 model - 1.6 GHz Atom 330 dual-core CPU / 2GB of RAM (DDR3) / ION (first-gen) / $217
  • HD-AD01 model - 1.5 GHz Athlon X2 Neo L325 dual-core CPU / 2GB of RAM / ATI Radeon HD 3200 / $242.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

MSI Announces Wind Box DE200 & DC200 Nettops

With continuous innovation, msi Wind NetTop received many excellent reviews last year. Not satisfied with numerous awards, msi continues to make break though this year by launching smaller and more powerful Wind Box DE200 and DC200 mini computers.

The Wind Box offers the high resolution and multi-media HDMI function, so you can choose to enjoy the widescreen experience at anytime. The accuracy of colors and images will leave any viewer totally speechless. (for DE200)

Lenovo Unveils New IdeaCentre Home Server and Nettops

Lenovo for the first time, unveiled three of its upcoming products on Twitter. The three were presented in two twits. Slated for a formal announcement soon, are the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q100 and Q110 nettops, which LenovoPress (company PR staff) finds to be some of the thinnest nettops in the market. It packs just about enough power for everyday computing such as internet browsing, office and productivity. The two model number could denote different processors. The usual suspects are Atom N270 1.60 GHz single-core, and Z520 dual-core.

Next up is the IdeaCentre D400 home server. With its cubical design, the D400 looks big, but we don't expect it to be much larger than a 6-bay cubical NAS server. Expected to be under the hood are fairly mainstream components, and possibly a Windows Home Sever license, but we expect more details to emerge upon a formal announcement.

Sources: Twitter 1, 2

Intel Launches New Motherboards to Fuel Growth of Nettops and SFF Computing

At Intel’s largest annual channel customer event today, the company launched two new motherboards designed to fuel the growth of nettops and small form factor computing. The Intel Desktop Board D945GSEJT with the Intel Atom Processor is designed for building into stylish and affordable nettops that push the traditional imagination of what an all-in-one or an enhanced thin client should be. Another new small form factor motherboard, the Intel Desktop Board DG41MJ supporting low power (65W) Intel Core 2 Quad processors and Intel Core 2 Duo processors, offers users a space saving desktop solution that meets their everyday multimedia needs.

Intel Desktop Board D945GSEJT comes fully integrated with the 45nm Intel Atom Processor N270 and the Mobile Intel 945GSE Express Chipset making this affordable, thin form factor, low-power nettop platform ideal for building into all-in-one PCs or enhanced thin client PCs. For all-in-one PCs, this versatile motherboard can be customised into entry-level or secondary home entertainment PCs, education PCs, or internet-centric PCs for businesses. For commercial usage models, this motherboard can be customised into industrial designs such as such as internet kiosks and home surveillance units.

Shuttle Releases Power-saving Nettop with OpenSUSE Linux Operating System

Shuttle Inc., the market leader in the Mini-PC sector and manufacturer of Multi-Form-Factor solutions, is now expanding its portfolio of Mini-PCs with Open Source operating systems. The latest offshoot is the X270V complete system based on the Shuttle Barebone X27D.

As with earlier Shuttle Mini-PCs with pre-installed Linux operating system, the X270V uses OpenSUSE – now in version 11. All PC functions are configured after the first start-up in only a few steps and can then be used immediately. Expansion with program packages is possible at any time by a 1-Click-Installation from the openSUSE website to meet individual requirements.

MSI Debuts U-Force, Dual-Core Atom Nettops, Briefs CES Plans

In the CES 2009, to be held in Las Vegas from January 8, MSI will once again capture the world’s eyes with its prolific R&D and designs. In addition to introducing the whole new U-series models, MSI will launch the new All-In-One Wind NetOn models and MSI’s first dual-core Atom All-In-One models. G-series notebooks, the first series surmounting 10000 points on 3Dmark, will also be exhibited. With such a strong cast, MSI will successfully become the focus on the international stage once again.

Following the popular MSI Wind Netbooks, U100 and U90, MSI will introduce some more portable netbook in CES, including MSI U115 Hybrid, and will also announce that MSI U120 is “WiMAX Ready”. Moreover the first netbook capable of running SSD/HDD simultaneously, and MSI X-Slim Series X320, the 13” super portable notebook of just about 1.3 kg.

Acer Considering non-Atom Options for Upcoming Nettops

The Intel Atom processor saw the company create a new niche, that of netbooks (sub-notebooks) and nettops. It has become the de-facto choice of OEM builders who are themselves teething in this new market. Intel Atom finds direct competition in VIA Nano, which offers the same x86 embedded options, at nearly the same thermal footprints, although AMD has some catching up to do in this segment.

Industry observer, DigiTimes, notes that Acer could be eying non-Atom options for its upcoming nettop SKUs. These products could feature VIA Nano, or AMD Athlon low-power processors. The company is basing it on the issue, that it plans to sell around 12~13 million nettop units, and given the situation, sourcing all the processors from Intel doesn't seem feasible. The silicon giant is already dealing with massive back-orders, backlog and stock shortages for the amount of demand the Atom has created. Acer also has three OEM sources in mind to make the nettop: Quanta Computer, Wistron and Micro-Star International (MSI). The company is expected to reach a decision in December.Source: DigiTimes

Intel Unveils Desktop Motherboard for Nettops

Offering more choice to entry-level desktop PC users, Intel Corporation today showcased a new desktop motherboard that packs a powerful price-performance value proposition. Running on the newly released 45nm dual-core Intel Atom Processor 330, the Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2 Essential Series is the second generation of Intel’s most affordable and differentiated motherboard that integrates a single unit of compute with a microprocessor, chipset, motherboard and heat sink.

Designed to specifically build nettops – a family of affordable desktops purpose built for Internet-centric usage models – the Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2 targets entry-level computer users in the emerging markets, as second or basic home PCs for mature markets, or customized for unique vertical usage models such as Internet kiosks, thin clients or POS (point-of-sale) systems.
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