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Diamond Multimedia First to Launch All-in-wonder HD Series Cards

Being a niché product is never easy unless you pack what the public likes into a product. A graphics card, a sound card (HDMI output), a HD-DVR TV tuner, all rolled into one: ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder HD. This graphics card features ATI Theater 600 chip, a graphics core based on the RV635 (Radeon HD 3650).

Diamond Multimedia launched two products, the All-in-Wonder and the All-in-Wonder HD Premium, with the Premium featuring an expansion bracket with additional connectors. For more details, please visit the product page here.

Source: GPU Café

Radeon HD 3450, 3470 and 3650 Pictures and Specs

MADBOXPC.COM claims to have some pictures and specs for AMD’s upcoming Radeon HD 3450, 3470 and 3650 graphics cards. The HD 3450, pictured below on the left, uses the RV620 core manufactured using a 55nm process. It will have a core clock of 525MHz with 256MB of 64-bit DDR2 memory running at 800MHz DDR, and apparently it will also feature a DisplayPort output – the price is expected to be around $50. The HD 3470, shown in the middle, features the same RV620 core, although it is expected to run at above 600MHz and have 512MB of 64-bit GDDR3 memory running at 1000MHz DDR, with a price tag of around $60. Finally, the HD 3650, which is shown below on the right, is equipped with the RV635 core, which is also built using a 55nm process, and will run at 800MHz on the XT version and 600MHz on the Pro version. The card is expected to have 256-512MB of 128-bit GDDR3 memory running at 2GHz DDR, and will sell for about $100. Interestingly, there is no mention of DisplayPort despite earlier reports that it will feature on the card, so it may only be used on certain versions.


More RV635 Pictures Surface

HotHardware already posted some images earlier this month when it revealed that AMD’s upcoming RV635 cards would feature DisplayPort, and now Expreview has managed to find a couple more pictures of the card. It looks quite similar to the current HD 2600, although one major difference is that it doesn’t have a CrossFire connector as it will use software CrossFire instead. This card is expected to retail under the name HD 3650, although no firm release date is available yet.

Source: Expreview

AMD Announces R680, RV620, RV635 Graphics Cores

If everything goes by plan, in January next year AMD's R680 GPU which consists of two 55nm processor cores, can make its debut. Although not confirmed the R680 will consist of two RV670 GPU cores on the same board, at least according to the specs given. The company also made quick mention of the RV620 and RV635 GPU cores. These cores are nearly identical to the previous RV610 and RV630 processors, but will be produced on the 55nm node instead. As mentioned, all three of AMD's new GPUs are scheduled to launch next month.

Source: DailyTech

HKEPC Claims Honor of First HD 3600 Series Picture

Nothing confirms a graphics card's existence quite like pictures. HKEPC, along with some confirmed facts as to what we can expect to see from and when we can expect to see an HD 3600, published the first HD 3600 picture. Here are the confirmed facts:
  • The RV635 will be a 55nm part.
  • The RV635 will run DirectX10.1, have Shader Model 4.1, and be fully compatible with PCI Express 2.0.
  • The RV635 will have 24 Stream Processors, 120 Stream Processing Units (ALU), 16 Texture Address Units, eight Texture Filter Units and four ROPs.
  • The RV635 will be paired with an unknown quantity of 128-bit GDDR2/3/4 VRAM.
  • The RV635 will be split into two groups, the XT and PRO. The RV635XT will be dubbed the HD 3670, and will be clocked at 800/1600 core/memory, respectively. The RV635PRO will be dubbed the HD3650, and clocked at 650/1000 core/memory, respectively.
  • The RV635 will begin mass-production in mid-December, and begin shipping in January.

Source: Google-Translated HKEPC

RV635 Confirmed; More Details Surface

When AMD released the HD 3800 series of graphics cards, most people were expecting some lower end parts for those who could not afford the $170-$230 it would cost to get an HD 3800 on Newegg. AMD's response to this is the RV635 and RV620. As stated previously there will be an RV635 XT and an RV635 PRO. The RV635 XT will be officially named the HD 3670, and the RV635 PRO will be officially named the HD 3650. Much like the current HD 2600 series, the HD 3600 series will have 24 stream processors, 120 stream processing units, 16 Texture Address Units, 8 Texture Filter Units, 4 ROPs and a 128-bit memory interface. The current revision, A11, shows that the HD 3670 will run at clocks of 800MHz core and 1.6GHz memory. The HD 3650 will have core/memory clocks of 600/1000MHz, respectively. You can expect these cards to be sampled in December, and released in January, or early February at the latest. The main thing separating the HD 3600 series from the HD 2600 series is CrossFire X support, as well as all the main perks of an HD 3800: Avivo HD, DirectX10.1, UVD, and ATI PowerPlay.Source: VR-Zone

'Radeon HD 3600' Details Leaked

While the current RV670 chips are selling like hotcakes, AMD is working on putting out mid-range and low-end parts for those market segments. The successor to the HD 2600 series, according to graphics card manufacturers, will be called the HD 3600 series (big surprise). The 3600 series will come in two versions, an XT model and a Pro model. The XT will be clocked at 800MHz, and the Pro will be clocked at 600MHz. Both will be attached to 128-bit VRAM, which will run at an unknown clock speed. The Pro will have GDDR2, while the XT will have GDDR3. Both will support DirectX10.1, and the micro-architecture itself is codenamed "RV635". The RV635 should be launched with the RV620, the successor to the HD 2400 series. The RV620 should be dubbed the HD 3400 series.Source: Reg Hardware
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