Friday, August 14th 2009

Scythe Releases Kama Bay AMP Kro, and Kro Craft Speakers

Scythe Group is officially announcing the release of the first 2.0 stereo speakers set and the improved version of the Class D amplifier. With the goal to develop a Hi-Fi solution with a very affordable price tag, Scythe engineered a set of plain and classy speakers by the name Kro Craft. By this Scythe is taking another step towards enriching the audio market even more by simultaneously releasing the improved Kama Bay Amp Kro.

New Kama Bay Amp Kro is coming with various innovations in inside as well as outside of the unit. Core of the new unit is the former known Yamaha YDA138(D-3) IC which was now placed on an overworked PCB which results in higher sound precision. Outside of the Kama Bay Amp Kro has been turned black to further match it to average home theatre environments and Kro Craft Speaker. On the underground new isolated feet were placed which are making the unit more stable and solid.
Kro Craft Speakers are targeting music-loving users who are not willing to pay too much money for good sound quality. Well aligned aluminum concave bass / mid-range speaker together with a soft dome tweeter are perfectly matched and cover a frequency range between 58 Hz and 20 kHz with up to 2*20 W input. To especially cover the low frequency range Scythe developed the "Flow Guided Bass Reflex Structure" which allows a more authentic reproduction of low notes. Gold plated connecters are improving the signal quality and it is furthermore possible to use "Banana Connectors". This set was tuned to provide high musical enjoyment for a low budget.

Estimate shipments of these new products are scheduled for 19th August 2009. Kro Craft Speaker (SCBKS-1000) will be available MSRP of 42.0 EUR (excluding VAT) or US$ 54.80 (excluding TAX). Same MSRP is expected for the Bay Amp Kro (SDA-1100). Furthermore there will be a set of both which is called Kro Craft Speaker PLUS (SCBKS-1000P) and will be available at MSRP of 79.00 EUR (excluding VAT) or US$ 99.80 (excluding TAX).
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5 Comments on Scythe Releases Kama Bay AMP Kro, and Kro Craft Speakers

I like the idea behind the speakers, if they sound failry good and really only cost $55 or below; I will consider getting them when my current 2.0 speakers die out, as my desk only has space for 2 speakers, and there are not many decent 2.0 setups on the cheap out there.
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Thjose look classy, I might consider them and put my old Labtecs to rest.
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Eleet Hardware Junkie

like pro with a k i guess.

well hopefully they sound better than a crow.


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Interesting, definately something that looks nice, hopefully they sound damn good as that is an attractive price...though I wonder of the headphones output is amplified or not...that would be a huge plus if it was imo. It sounds promising, now we just gotta wait to hear it. Definately an area that I've seen get more and more competetive these days, I still run my Logitech X-230's though I rarely use them in my appt, so I'm generally using my headphones (which kick ass btw!). Cool product, I hope it holds up on the performance end.

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TPU addict
Look Nice, don't like plastic tweeters though they can be a little on the high end and a little thin for my liking.
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