Sunday, August 16th 2009

ATI ''Evergreen'' Promises You Won't Believe Your Eyes

All bets are off, AMD's DirectX 11 compliant GPUs are on course to compliment the commercial launch of Microsoft Windows 7, with enough of a head-start to allow buyers to have DirectX 11 hardware by the time they have the new OS. Codenamed "Evergreen", AMD's new family of graphics processors are slated for September 10, that's 25 days from now.

The company further carried out demos of its upcoming hardware to sections of the media in private, at their suite in the same hotel in which Quakecon 2009 is being hosted at. Behind the covered side-panel of the Lian-Li is a working sample, which AMD refused to let being pictured. Legit Reviews sneaked around the case to take a shot of its panel nevertheless.

AMD further demonstrated over six new technology demonstrations including Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Detailed Tessellation, and High-Definition Ambient Occlusion, all of which will be some of the key ingredients of DirectX 11, and in all of which, AMD's hardware is churning out high frame-rates at 2560x1600 pixel resolution.

Sources: Legit Reviews, Techpulse360
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erocker said:
What you heard doesn't matter. Some of us are going against your word due to actual experience with DX10.1, so I guess the guy at AMD was either wrong, or the words didn't come out of his mouth right, or your both misunderstood him. Most likely he said one thing and meant another.
ok well ill look at the video still and ill take what you said into consideration
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The very facts go against this. DX10.1 is a ATI exclusive DX model, since nVidia hasnt adopted it.
I can understand that maybe what you heard confused you, but the links, usage of people here and other review sites show that DX10.1 offers from 10-30% increase in DX10.1 with compatable hardware.
Its shown in review after review. Maybe itd be good to hear that video again, keep what were saying in consideration, and then maybe youll figure out how whatever went wrong, went wrong
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momento, lets look at it this way.

Person A and B are saying: "and AMD guy told us DX10.1 is a slideshow in games like HAWX"

Person C, D, E, F,G and all the way through to Z if you google it, are showing a 30% speed boost over DX 10.

I trust my own tests with teh cards right in front of me, over a second hand report from someone without a card who cant even test for themselves.
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