Tuesday, August 18th 2009

Xigmatek Designs LGA-1156 Bracket Kit Too

Air cooling specialist Xigmatek is readying a socket LGA-1156 compatibility upgrade in the form of a bracket kit. The kit lets most of Xigmatek's existing coolers to work on upcoming socket LGA-1156 motherboards. The kit consists of two curved brackets with two holes each, a back-plate, bolts, and coils. With a hole spacing of 75 mm, LGA-1156 is somewhere along the way between LGA-775 with a spacing of 72 mm, and LGA-1366 with that of 80 mm. The LGA-1156 compatibility bracket kit from Xigmatek should be out by the time LGA-1156 processors and motherboards hit the scene. Unlike Noctua, which got generous with existing users of its coolers, Xigmatek's kit may go for a nominal price, while it is expected of newer batches of its coolers to come ready for the socket out of the box.

Source: Expreview
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3 Comments on Xigmatek Designs LGA-1156 Bracket Kit Too

Semi-Retired Folder
Now all they need is a suitable AM2 mounting system...
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lol... My V1 came with a bracket for 1156 and 1366. ;-p
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