Tuesday, August 25th 2009

ASUS Announces EeeTop PC ET20/22 Series

The new ASUS EeeTop PC ET20/22 Series is a range of touch-enabled, all-in-one PCs that provides users with the fundamentals of everyday computing and multimedia entertainment in an elegant space-saving design. Its forte lies in its ability to provide users with the ultimate home entertainment experience. The EeeTop PC ET22 and EeeTop PC ET20 feature a flushed 22-inch and 20-inch touch-enabled display respectively that provides high definition images through the use of state-of-the-art graphics processors. The resulting visual spectacle is complemented by a surround sound experience delivered by the Dual Hi-Fi speakers with SRS Premium Sound. The ASUS EeeTop ET20/22 Series also lets users communicate via the easy-to-use Eee Cam, while the Eee Bar gives them access to their commonly-used applications. Users can also organize their photographs with FotoFun, and leave notes for their family and friends with Eee Memo. Simply put, the new ASUS EeeTop PC ET20/22 Series is the ideal all-in-one communications and entertainment PC for the family.
The Absolute Pinnacle of High Definition Home Entertainment
The ASUS EeeTop ET20/22 Series delivers high definition multimedia entertainment at a touch. Users can choose between a 20-inch or 22-inch flushed high definition display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The ASUS EeeTop ET20/22 Series features a dedicated ATI Radeon HD4570 or NVIDIA ION graphics processor to deliver clear and vibrant true-to-life images, while a pair of embedded Hi-Fi speakers with SRS Premium Sound delivers an immersive virtual surround sound experience. Users can watch high definition movies on Blu-ray via a Blu-ray disc drive (Available only on selected models). The ASUS EeeTop ET20/22 Series can connect to external monitors, game consoles and other home entertainment devices via HDMI-in and SPDIF outputs (only for ET22 Series). The ASUS EeeTop ET20/22 Series also features the touch-enabled Total Media Center (only for ET22 Series)—a one-stop, intuitive interface which allows users to browse, view and organize multimedia files. These cutting-edge technologies come together to provide users with the best in home multimedia entertainment.

Discover the Power to Connect at Your Fingertips
As intuitive computing becomes ever more prevalent, the need for an instinctive user interface is more apparent. The high definition 20-inch or 22-inch touchscreen of the ASUS EeeTop PC ET20/22 Series gives users fingertip access to a suite of touch-enabled programs. Users can leave virtual 'sticky notes' for their family with Eee Memo, or video messages via the embedded Eee Cam which features Real-time Image Capture technology. This exclusive technology delivers superior image quality at 30 frames-per-second, as well as enhanced light sensitivity for low-light environments. Users can doodle or add special effects to snapshots of themselves and even create customized emoticons for use in web messaging applications such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AIM. FotoFun lets users organize their customized emoticons, photographs and pictures like they would in a photo album, or upload them onto their blogs. Finally, the Eee Bar provides speedy access to commonly used applications, as well as system management settings at a single touch.

Stylishly Designed with Space-savings in Mind
The ASUS EeeTop PC ET20/22 Series is the perfect blend of form and function. Its frameless screen and slim profile not only bring a touch of class to every home, but save space as well. Finally, an elegantly-designed stand on the rear bezel of the EeeTop PC ET20/22 Series completes the minimalist design, while providing an added touch of mobility.

Source: ASUS
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8 Comments on ASUS Announces EeeTop PC ET20/22 Series

I think Asus is on to a winner with these.

I feel that the iMac has always been Apple's strong point. Such a great, uncomplicated design. PCs had nothing to match. Now that these are coming along, undoubtedly at a better price-point than a Mac, Apple will finally have some competition.
I would consider these perfect for living-rooms and kids computers. Looks great. Hopefully cheap.

If I won lotto I would buy iMacs for all my family's households - so we can all be in touch (on different sides of the world). With products like these - I might actually be able to afford that dream without matching 5 numbers + 2 bonus. (once a few more hit the market and the prices drop at least)
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Semi-Retired Folder
Seems like it has a lot of cool features.

I like that it has an HDMI in, so you can connect a game console to it. I wish things like this were around when I was in college. I wonder what the panel resolution is though.

Kind of wish they offered a cheaper 22" version also with a Atom.
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Like many things in the news section, I wonder when they will come out with theses and at what price... ASUS is a great PC company too so this seems promising. My mom seriously needs an easier way to use the comp lol.
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Semi-Retired Folder
thebeephaha said:
Except it likely won't cost $1200+...
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the best configuration looks like a decent 600$ laptop one :D you could actually play games on it!
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n-ster said:
My mom seriously needs an easier way to use the comp lol.
Mine is the in-laws. They have a 10 year old PC that barely works cause of all the pron & viruses downloaded by the old man. Even then it's hampered by the dial-up internet they are still using. :shadedshu

What I want is something easy to use and small to put in the lounge/living room. Unfortunately their place is like it's out of a bloody interior decoration magazine, so any computer will have to be good looking too. This type of thing might just fit the bill. :toast:

Then all I'd need to do would be to convince them to get broadband. :ohwell:
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4570... nice. Can have some pretty decent gaming on this.
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