Tuesday, September 1st 2009

EVGA Also Unveils X58 Classified 4-Way SLI Motherboard

Paired with the day's launch of the GeForce GTX 285 Classified, EVGA rolled out its newest motherboard monstrosity, the EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI (170-BL-E762-A1). This is one of the first motherboards based on the XL-ATX form-factor, with the board measuring 13.58 x 10.375 inches (L x W), which makes it as wide as an E-ATX motherboard, only longer. For use inside a chassis, the company recommends one with at least 10 expansion slots. It is based on the Intel X58 + ICH10R chipset supporting socket LGA-1366 processors, and might be making use of NVIDIA nForce 200 bridge chips to support its seven PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slots, with adequate spacing to support four of its newest GTX 285 Classified graphics cards.

It has every feature its predecessor the X58 Classified 3-way SLI does, including a 10-phase digital PWM power design for the CPU that can provide up to 600W of power to the CPU for extreme overclocking. The pins in the LGA-1366 socket have 300% more elemental gold for better conductivity. The power is further conditioned by low-ESR film capacitors. A much larger monolithic heatsink cools the chipset. The portion over the northbridge features a fan for active cooling. Other features include support for up to 24 GB of triple-channel DDR3 memory, 9 SATA 3 Gb/s connectors, 8 channel audio, dual gigabit Ethernet, and Firewire. The X58 Classified 4-Way SLI has been listed on the company store, placed on pre-order for US $449.99.
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49 Comments on EVGA Also Unveils X58 Classified 4-Way SLI Motherboard


£280 is alot though...

Tempting for an 'after-xmas' i7 upgrade :P
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OMG that thing is beast stuff 3 ways 4 ways are now the go :p
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eVGA is super cruel !!!

will that fit just great in my future Obsidian 800D??? oh santa claus!!!
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woah, looks awesome :D
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Throw in 4 Asus MARS and watch the pc melt literally.
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7 Single slot folders, or 7 ... Watercooled folders!!!!

Buck, you getting one? lol
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Bird of Prey
This board was heavily featured in CPU Mags dream pc round up of boutique builders. I am not sure how those builders got a sound card, etc in there with all those PCI 16 slots. Massive, sexy and ZOMG I want to die! :D
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Not a Potato
If you use all 7 PCI-E slots will they still work? Or will it disable some of the middle slots once you have 4 cards in?
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That's so much overkill that it's awesome :D I have absolutely no need for anything like that, but would look nice even on wall :) Nice job EVGA! (a little minus for the small fan there)
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I'm the only one
How many pci-e lanes does it have?
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i think there are only 4 sli way cards right now sadly

but it looks like a kickarse board, for to expensive but thats a premium for to tech i guess, when it starts be become a bit more common thats when stuff like this becomes affordable to anyone with a similar budget to mine lol
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this is totally a trap!!! another trap again ...
one word!!!
this is my experience, i own e759..
3 SLI or 4 SLI u won't see the diff with ur human eyes, when u already got GPUs like GTX295, unless u hv big theatre in ur room lol..

and that NB fan, it's total bullshit! they could hv released it earlier on e759!!!
i'm trapped! we're trapped!!!

anyway, eVGA rocks!!!
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!

Thats SUPER overkill. This seriously is for your extreme benchmarkers and enthusiasts.

I sure as hell am NOT getting one tho, the price is going to be through the roof and for me would be a HUGE waste of power.

But, the day games start using more then two cards fully(like everything else lags) and i have no Job, imma have to get a Console instead for my gaming pleasures, cause as tech grows, my pockets don't.:(
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Editor & Senior Moderator
I can totally understand people who bought X58 Classified 3-way SLI for $449 not liking this :p
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
I can totally understand people who bought X58 Classified 3-way SLI for $449 not liking this :p
Not me, if you can afford that, this should be nothing.

They only thing they should feel bad for is thinking 3 way SLi was going to be the high end for years, then s*** like this pops up. But considering there not your average user, im pretty sure they can afford this.
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Overkill indeed.

Just SLI/Crossfire a couple cards and use the remaining slots for PCIe SSDs!
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what a wicked board

atleast now we can do 4 way SLI AND 3 way Crossfire in the same rig :rockout:, it will be super duper totally awsome uber cool rig
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