Thursday, September 3rd 2009

Galaxy Packs 3D Vision Glasses with Select Graphics Accelerators

NVIDIA partner Galaxy announced that some of the newest batches of its GeForce GTS 250 accelerator will be bundling a company-branded pair of anachrome diopter glasses dubbed Galaxy 3D Vision Discover. The glasses are compatible with NVIDIA's stereoscopic GeForce 3D Vision technology, and lets you play 3D games with depth perception. Galaxy advertises these glasses as a "free" inclusion, so it shouldn't affect the price of the graphics accelerator. Considering durable anachrome glasses can cost anywhere over $20, and NVIDIA's 3D Vision kit over $150, this offer looks impressive. Sadly it's for a limited time period.

Source: Expreview
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7 Comments on Galaxy Packs 3D Vision Glasses with Select Graphics Accelerators

COOL ! free anachrome glasses :roll:

Who the hell wants to sit there playing games with them 1980's technology glasses on ! Ok will give a basic eye straining 3D effect but also totally mess up colors.

& as for them glasses costing $20 :eek: There was a time when they come free in kellogg's cereals.
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I'm the only one
From newegg-Cons: Nothing but a cheap pair of cardboard blue and red "glasses" and a trial to a video qame I didn't want.

Does this "3D" actually work then?

Both the links are to the same $60 3d glasses Btarunr
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Red and cyan glasses. $20 - really??

I got my red/cyan plastic framed (long lasting, better quality as what the plastic (or even cardboard?!?) nvidia ones included with this look like) for £3 inc shipping from ebay, so these glasses are hardly worth $20...
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makes me remember of the "ELSA 3D Revelator glasses" :rolleyes:

I know that trackmania has a 3D glasses icon thingy. Anyone tried it?
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Yep they work. Should install the 3d vision thing again, now that I have those glasses and they cost $1.25 (basic cyan red cardboard things). Though the cyan is not matching correctly, these might have a little bit different color.

Couldn't get green magenta glasses to match perfectly either no matter how much I tweaked the colors. If it was goos in some scene, it was of in other.

But look at that game list, it's massive.

Should try Mirros's Edge some day, to get some Vertigo going :D
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