Thursday, September 3rd 2009

PowerColor Design Contest Kicks Off Next-Gen Video Cards

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, announces the “Design and Choose the Best” online contest. Gamers and designers from around the globe can download design elements from the contest website and incorporate them into wallpaper, screensavers and IM chat icons. Artwork can be uploaded via the contest detail page and each category will be voted on by the public. Top vote getters from each category (3) will be some of the first to own a high end DirectX 11 next generation PowerColor graphics card!

Designers won’t be the only ones with a chance to win great prizes. Voters will have a chance to win 1 of 20 Go! Green HD4670’s. Voting will begin Sep. 21st and participates will automatically be entered into a random drawing for the video cards at the conclusion of the contest. For more details, please visit this page.

Source: PowerColor
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^what you'll pay for CypressXT / "HD 5870".
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Entering this, a bit rusty when it comes to making pretty things with computers but its not as if I loose and get an anti prize!
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Should Say: "Do Our Work For Us"

Instead of hiring a graphic designer/artist they ask the community to develop the logo and give away a HD4670? That is wrong on so many levels.
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Major_A said:
Instead of hiring a graphic designer/artist they ask the community to develop the logo and give away a HD4670? That is wrong on so many levels.
Actually, what you said is what's wrong on so many levels. If you read it right, it says that they will give away three DX11 cards (possibly HD5870)... one for each winner of the "Wallpaper", "Screen saver", and "IM chat icon" design contests.
The HD4670 is for the draw among the voters -> public that will vote for the best designs of each category.
- if you participate, you can win a brand new DX11 card
- if you only vote, you can win a HD4670

Sounds good to me...
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Just to ask you guys... i've read the contest propositions... And one thing bugs me, do we HAVE to use those PNG's they supplied or not?!

Will enter definately, but to tell you the truth... user voting is bad :(
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I'm looking to join this. Hope it works out...;)
@ miloshs: only the "background" graphic is optional, all else is a must.
Also, the "Powercolor" and "ATi" logos can only be resized, but proportion must remain the same and they must not be distorted in any way.
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Thanks on the info mate! :respect:
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Well this is my submission.

I think it was the only one that was actually based on the Leo Platform aspect of the HD5xxx graphics cards, or that used the Fusion for that matter.;)
The Lion is an entirely original design based on the Traditional Asian style of lion sculpture. I wanted to make a 3D render too, but time didn't allow.:(
Please vote for me! You can check my sig for details.
Thanks in advance for your support.:toast:
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Woot, I'm now on 68 votes.
It seems like some are cheating though, because they have half a 1000 votes after only a day and their designs a not even ones you could understand for having so many votes.
It sucks, especially working on this so long on this just to be pawned by cheaters... :shadedshu
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You must review the link in the sig if you want us to vote for you ;)
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That guy looks like Niko from GTA4.
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toyo said:
You must review the link in the sig if you want us to vote for you ;)
Woops, sorry about that, there was just a full stop at the end that made it not work.
Thanks guys, I'm sitting at about 160 votes now and climbing.:rockout:
From what I see I'm now in 3rd place I think!:roll:
Please keep the votes coming!

EDIT: Well thanx everyone. It's over now and I reached 750 votes, but others were cheating and PowerColor, despite being reported to many times, did nothing about the cheaters. It was very clear that quite a few people were cheating, some gaining over 1000 votes overnight.
Oh well, that ends business for me w/ PowerColor. Won't be dealing with them anymore coz of how they've sucked w/ controlling and making this a fair competition and my unhappiness with the PowerColor 4890 PCS+ performance (among other things).
I think it's Sapphire &/or XFX that are making the best ATi cards now, so I'm gonna stick w/ them.
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