Friday, September 11th 2009

ATI Catalyst 9.9 WHQL Released

AMD released version 9.9 of its ATI Catalyst driver suite that provides drivers and related essential software for ATI Radeon graphics processors, AMD 7-series core-logic, and ATI Multimedia products. This release mainly intends to fix application-specific issues, and features related to Catalyst Control Center application. For more details, refer to the Release Notes document. Highlights include:
  • Anti-Aliasing support for Ghostbusters
  • ATI CrossFireX support for Resident Evil 5
  • Graphics corruption fix for Sims 3
  • Catalyst Control Center - Basic now responds properly after exiting Quick Adjust Video Settings
  • Edge enhancement and de-noise sliders in Catalyst Control Center no longer lags or appears out of sync with mouse movement
  • Launching Hotkeys Manager in Catalyst Control Center no longer causes an unhandled exception error
  • The "Desktop Rotation" page in Catalyst Control Center no longer shows additional information for the second display when the secondary adapter is connected
  • HDMI is now detected properly as DTV (HDMI) instead of DTV (DVI) when the HDMI display is hotplugged for the first time
  • Catalyst Control Center no longer displays error message when specific HDMI displays are hot unplugged and hotplugged back
  • Intermittent failures no longer occur with MediaShow Espresso once a transcoding process has been completed
DOWNLOAD: ATI Catalyst 9.9
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68 Comments on ATI Catalyst 9.9 WHQL Released

Ok I'm seeing Flashing Objects in Crysis when Running in DX10. DX9 works fine though.

Under CCC 9.9
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Zubasa said:
i know he deleted his post so its a little odd for me to reply to it...

that screen that claims its on HDMI in my screenshot is actually using a DVI cable. the ATI drivers have bugs about detecting screens as the wrong type for no real reason.

(i have one DVI and one HDMI connected atm, and it will detect them wrong, or detect both as HDMI for no reason)
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troyrae360 said:
Once again ATI hase done it again :) just installed 9.9 and run Crysis Benchmark @ 1920x1080 on Very high settings, FPS never dropped below 25 maxed at around 55 and scored an avarage of
35 FPS!!!!! thats a record for my comp and all done on my Stock settings (cpu+gpu)

Very impressed :toast:
Cant say the same for Core 2 duo, lost 3 fps there, 9,7 was the best for Crysis so far, but, i'm not playing this game anymore, just for testing.

Anyone noticed any glitches in ovedrive menu ? mine is blinking everytime, the entire CP when using overdrive tab blinks, I think is when temp readings are update, never saw that before.

Section 8 still not supporting CF or AA.

Redfaction runs flawless, 1680x1050 8xAA, Softshadows, AO and all the rest at maximum, the big deal is my C2D can handle to much phisics :( its time for a i7 upgrade :rockout:

Res 4 its now working too, CF enable, no shadows problems.
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theorw said:
I confirm.
1 of my radeons runs @160/250 right now while the other runs 625/993(3d core clocks of both are 800+)
So Powerplay works with 9.9
my bad, i just noticed mine always running @625/1000 when running JDownloader maximized, when minimized in tray, powerplay running normally...

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Dixxhead said:
Is it just me or did ATI really roll back the Catalyst Version on their download page? :wtf:

And I'm actually running CAT 9.9... Do I have to expect my laptop to explode any time soon now?
Yup, thats strange, wonder why they did that?
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What is this BS?

troyrae360 said:
Yup, thats strange, wonder why they did that?
I already downloaded 9.9 on some of my PCs and now all the sudden it is back to 9.8. Well, I guess I'll check the AMD forums and see what I dig up. I have never seen this before. Damn!! :mad:
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Senior Moderator
Only thing I found is they removed it due to bad performance from some and a bad review at tweaktown.
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Hmm, I got the best preformance ever on my card with 9.9, i guess ill just wait for the next 9.9 and give it a try, see whats better :)
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getting lower scores with 9.9 here about 4-500 lower on almost all 3dmarks
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9.9 is back already

erocker said:
Only thing I found is they removed it due to bad performance from some and a bad review at tweaktown.
WTF? Wierd...

Anyhow, I will bench these with Resident Evil 5 with a Phenom II 920 and Triple 1 gig Radeon 4850s and see what happens in DirectX 10.:banghead:
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overclocking101 said:
getting lower scores with 9.9 here about 4-500 lower on almost all 3dmarks
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Works for me, haven't tried Sims3 for the corruption issue on trees.
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All Seems Well With RE5

I got around 100 FPS in MAX Detail at 1920 *1200 with triple crossfire Radeon 4850 1 gig cards and a Phenom II 920 with 8 gigs of DDR2 800 RAM on a MSI K9A2 Platinum Motherboard in the variable test. The fixed results were in the 60s. The texture flickering is gone. I guess I can buy the game now. :)
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Oh... MY... GOD! Guys, this is like a nightmare, I think I haven't really realized it yet, but yeah, this is kind of fucked up...

Let me quote myself:
And I'm actually running CAT 9.9... Do I have to expect my laptop to explode any time soon now?
Obviously, this was meant as some kind of joke... But yesterday I got my first blue-screen thanks to an ati-related .dll... So yeah, figuers I should try and update my 9.9... So I did, redownload the 9.9 that was back on the AMD Homepage. Nothing seemed wrong, so I used my PC as usual.
The disaster happened while I was trying to run pcsx with the ZeroGS Plug-in... Strange lines all over windows and the obvious crash. Rebooting, I didn't think anything of it... Might have just been the faulty Plug-in, so I tried GSdx plug-in. after 2 secs (not overclocked 36°C GPU-Temp), another crash, this time I had lines all over the Blue-Screen aswell :wtf:

Ok, so after reboot no more picture... After next reboot this greeted me (obviously not booting anymore):

So yeah, I really don't think this is the work of the Cat 9.9, but it sure is what you would call irony, fate or whatever :laugh:

So what I suppose is that the vram "blew up", or, if I'm lucky, it's just the solder of latter chips that has broken and reflowing (think 360 RROD) should fix it... I'll be trying that tomorrow.

Now give me some condolences :roll:
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