Wednesday, October 14th 2009

Mushkin Prepares the Mulholland USB Flash Drive

Mushkin is preparing a new lineup of flash drives under the banner of Mulholland Drive. These generic-looking USB flash drives come with a black main-unit and transparent cap. It comes in five variants based on capacity: 2 GB (MKNUFDMH2GB), 4 GB (MKNUFDMH4GB), 8 GB (MKNUFDMH8GB), 16 GB (MKNUFDMH16GB), and 32 GB (MKNUFDMH32GB). Beyond this, the company hasn't given out any more information, except for boasting of "incredible read/write speeds" on offer.
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Xtreme Refugee
:shadedshu mushkin is starting to scare me with all this branching out they are doing :(
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Oh, ha ha, Mushkin -- that movie sucked.

Aside from the lesbians.
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Phxprovost said:
:shadedshu mushkin is starting to scare me with all this branching out they are doing :(
i havnt heard of muskin until around a year ago, intel and nvidia are more branching/branding freaks
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Yes, indeed one will generally find little credibility in claims without substantiation...

This taken into account it would be hard to argue that these drives do NOT offer speeds that are incredible.
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Bad decision on the brand association with the movie. Not only does it affect this USB product, it affects the whole brand. I wont be buying mushkin again.
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haha, the "Mulholland Drive" , The cool part is we all see the reference. So we all have watched the move :) I actually like David Lynch's insane movies!
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Movie didnt suck... Well, it kinda did, except some, erm, hot parts... :D
Was a bit strange to see product named like this.
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Kind of strange choice of naming but I don't think it's after the movie so much as just the famous road itself which is "home to some of the most exclusive, expensive homes in the world" (wikipedia quote).
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Oh cool, is it usable by Windows 7? :laugh:
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Jack Building Box
Nothing Slow about the Mulholland

I got one of these drives from them a couple weeks ago (I know someone there). If it weren't a VERY fast drive, I wouldn't say so. It is a VERY fast drive. I deal with a lot of big Photoshop files and this is my go-to USB key for such uses.

My buddy there said their marketing guy is from Los Angeles, so I think the drive is indeed named after the street, and not David Lynch's (very entertaining) film.
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