Monday, April 17th 2006

OLED Keyboard Optimus Mini Three delayed

The Mini Three, designed by Studio Lebedev, is a 3 button panel which acts like a keyboard. Each button is an OLED screen, which adapts to what the user requires. For example, you can program the keyboard to have buttons for Load, Save and Exit while playing HL2, you can have it show PC performance - basically anything your heart desires.

This marvel has been postponed - initially, it was meant to be shipped May 15th, 2006, the date is now changed to June 15th, 2006.

The studio is also developing a "full-blown" keyboard with OLED screens. Studio Lebedev hopes to have a “hands on a sample before year-end”.Source: X-bit labs
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I hate OLED technology (at least from what the zen micro photo shows us), but this seems like a cool idea. I bet you can get those 3 cool buttons for about $200 ($600 so you don't have to think about it lol) a button though. The keyboard sounds AWESOME though, not only a themed desktop but a themed keyboard?! SWEET!
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