Tuesday, December 8th 2009

PowerColor Adds Own Design to the HD 5770 with HD 5770 PCS+

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, introduced an upgraded addition into the HD5700 series: the PCS+ HD5770. Part of the award-winning PCS series, the PCS+ HD5770 features outstanding factory overclocked ability with core and memory clocks at 875 MHz and 1225MHz respectively and GDDR5 onboard memory. Memory data transmission rates are enhanced up to 4.9Gbps, easily boosting gaming performance.

The PCS+ HD5770 also features an ultra quite 92mm cooling fan which is made of a low-noise impeller, easily dissipating heat from the copper base that fully covers the GPU at lower fan speed and efficiently cools down the temperature up to 10°C compared to that of reference board design. This allows more headroom for overclocking giving gamers maximum performance of their rig.
DiRT2 Game Bundle: Unleash DirectX 11 gaming power
To maximize the DirectX 11 technology, PowerColor includes the latest DiRT2 into PCS+ HD5770. DiRT2 is a world tour of adrenaline-fuelled extreme off-road events in stunning real-world locations. With the support of DirectX 11 technology, this latest game delivers the most realistic, immersive and exhilarating racing experience to gamers.

“The PCS+ series is designed to fulfill the toughest gamers’ need,” said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. “With factory overclocking and superb cooling ability, the PCS+ HD5770 will surprise all gamers—you’ll know that quiet, cool and gaming performance can co-exist without compromise.”

The PowerColor PCS+ HD5770 is compatible with the latest technology. Gamers can take advantage of ATI Eyefinity and DirectX 11 technology, experiences the unbelievable HD gaming performance through up to three displays and easily gets lost in the game; with support of ATI stream technology, the PCS+ HD5770 brings the best productivity through accelerating the daily application, enhance the working and entertaining efficiency.

The PowerColor PCS+ HD5770 will be available on Dec. 18th.
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27 Comments on PowerColor Adds Own Design to the HD 5770 with HD 5770 PCS+

~Technological Technocrat~
DirectorC said:
Uh then go for a beastly single-card dual-GPU solution? We need to make TRUE progress and move away from dual GPU setups anyway.
uhhh that was what I was planning to do before people started telling me what to do


well....given the 5980's current pricing. id say maybe at a later date!!!
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eidairaman1 said:
Same cooler that HIS used, its from Arctic Cooling.

eidairaman1 said:
Cry all you want dude, it is an effective cooling design, another point to make cooling doesnt need to be an exhaust type to keep stuff cool, its the matter of cool air coming into the case that counts.
You didn't miss that note about how this is just OEM version of Accelero L2 Pro cooler but you did miss thing that no three slot cooling on stock card cant be called effective not even must to have nowadays dual-slot solutions. What i call an effective cooler is that single slots that last came on X1950Pro they were slim and provide excellent cooling not as plastic cheap crap that was resurrected on HD3850/HD4850 single slot cards. And X1950Pro and HD3850 were both 90W class GPU.

This Accelero L2 is just as crap as TwinTurbo that goes on many Powercolor/VTX3D HD4870/4890 and other fancy solutions ... cause they effectively take three useful slots, instead just two like Sapphire aftermarket coolers does and Toxic brand also. And these cards still have active cooling on them. One good cooling on budget card was that on first GDDR4 HD4670 from sapphire that take Scythe slim 100 or 120mm Slip Stream fan for cooling and not these poor mans buggers like AC solutions.
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