Thursday, January 7th 2010

SteelSeries Announces Water And Stain Resistant Mousepad, New SteelSeries NP+

SteelSeries, the leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, today during the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, introduced the SteelSeries NP+ Mousepad. The new, large surface was designed for gamers and mouse users who prefer a thick and rough glide surface. The pressure compressed fibers allows for extreme durability making it water and most-stain resistant.

"We work with a number of professional gamers that have a wide assortment of preferences when it comes to the surface they're playing on or the level of glide and friction they prefer, said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. "The SteelSeries NP+ was designed for those that prefer a rough glide and large area surface. The water and stain resistant material makes this surface, our most unique textile mousepad."
Unlike any other surface that SteelSeries offers, the SteelSeries NP+ is specifically targeted for gamers that prefer a medium to rough glide and higher level of mouse to surface friction. Regardless of their preference, users can effectively operate an optical or laser mouse on the 17.7 x 15.7 surface. Its non-slip rubber base provides a firm grip and prevents the pad from sliding no matter what surface the SteelSeries NP+ is placed on.

SteelSeries NP+ Mousepad will be available at leading online retailers with an MSRP of EUR 24,99 beginning in March 2010.
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11 Comments on SteelSeries Announces Water And Stain Resistant Mousepad, New SteelSeries NP+

Stain resistant huh... I wonder what gave them the idea to that *cough cough*

Anyways, good idea for those eating and drinking in front of the PC (like me).
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but will it blend?... thats what i want to know
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hmm I think I'll buy one to try one, my QCK+ heavy has been in heavy use for a few years now and its quite dirty and a bit ragged at this point.
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for who eat and drink while watching 3dgameman
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~Technological Technocrat~
how many peoples mousemats actually soak up water these days?? I use a Razor Destructor mousemat.

mousemats today are made out of plastics, metal & in some extreme cases molded kevlar

but I suppose this is fine if you still have one of them soft spongey old IBM or Microsoft mouse mats like they had back in the 70-80's

a worthy upgrade for a 20-30year old mouse mat...

actually thats pretty desturbing - people that have mousemats older then me!!
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These ones look like cloth AND waterproof!
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Animalpak said:
for who eat and drink while watching 3dgameman
i do just that, im not kidding xD
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I cant watch at the second picture, i caaaanttt!!!! xD
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The Witcher
By saying that it's Waterproof I suppose that it's also semen-proof ?

A must have for a porn fan like me :D

No more using bleach to clean that thing off your keyboard xD
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Isn't there some hint of irony in this?

Like, the fact that your mouse is on TOP of the pad, which would take the brunt of whatever you spilled?

I swear some things really are novelties.

The Witcher said:
By saying that it's Waterproof I suppose that it's also semen-proof ?
Not entirely semen proof, but water proof for when you grab a soapy hand towel and try to clean it off.
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