Monday, January 11th 2010

EVGA Dual LGA-1366 Motherboard Pictured with Chipset Cooling

EVGA showed of its almost-ready dual LGA-1366 high-end workstation motherboard at the ongoing CES event. The motherboard pictured sports a component cooling covering all its vital areas except for one of the CPUs' VRM areas, it gives a fair idea about what the final product could look like. The board itself was detailed earlier.

The chipset cooler design borrows heavily from single-slot graphics cards. A monolithic baseplate covers the northbridge Intel 5500(?), ICH10-class southbridge, and the two NVIDIA BR-03 bridge chips. The heatsink becomes taller over one of the CPU sockets' VRM area. Air is drawn in from the round intake, and pushed out near the expansion slots. the gaps between the expansion slots will do their part in directing the hot air away.

Source: PC Games Hardware
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Resident Grammar Amender
Well according to NordicHardware it should be "in the next coming weeks." Which frankly could mean anything but the impress I get is that it'll be sooner rather than later. I say mid Feb launch.

UPDATE: Bit-Tech have got a preview on the board as well. They've stated a similar time-frame...

James Gorbold
... for any more info you'll have to wait a few more weeks/months until the first press samples are shipped out. In the meantime...
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Eleet Hardware Junkie

more testing to do before they can release it.

currently testing with 6core chips
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modder said:
EVGA 270-GT-W555 with 12 cores : 6GHz ( max screen) by Shammy from
the board
cpu-z (without validation )
3D mark score
IMO ,without any validation it's difficult to distinguish truth from false :confused:.
trust me its not fake

You can trust Shamino, he is THE MAN in the oc community
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