Tuesday, January 12th 2010

Face Time With the PowerColor Go! Green HD5750

Many of you have probably read the press release of the Radeon HD 5750 from Powercolor without the usually required PCI-E power connector. The card runs at the exact same specs as a reference card of the same model, but lacks both the additional power requirements and active cooling. Powercolor has placed a dual slot, passive cooling solution with copper heatpipes and aluminum heatsinks unto the graphic card. The DVI connectors are of black color and Powercolor has also kept the additional DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity we have seen on reference models of the graphic card. Here are some close-up pictures of the card:
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We have backup that runs to the main file server on Friday through sunday night. And yes some machines are buried, need to be all disconnected, brought out into daylaght so to speak, disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, put back in, rebooted, checked, tested, and then move on.

150PSI of wet dirty air is unacceptable to use, what happens when that one little piece of rust gets stuck in something? There goes a motherboard, and 300-700 dollars plus labor that I will eat. Can of compressed air? $2

No, no compressor, no dirty air, no quick and dirty. The more money I save on PC's and labor the more toys I can buy myself to use, liek the Adobe Photoshop I just bought. Or the UPS's I have been buying.
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